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Harry’s team today smacked of giving players a game or a rest, as the case may be, because he felt they were due one. In doing so he underestimated Norwich who in the end, fairly comfortably won a game of mediocre quality.

At Chelsea we discovered a formation that appeared to be the way forward, here we started with the system that struggled at Stevenage and has done so on every occasion it’s been tried again since. I started writing ‘Saha was poor and Bale anonymous’ but it’s unfair to pick those two out as everyone from King forward was disappointing. Ledley had real problems with the physicality and even the relative speed of Holt and played a lot like a man with dodgy knees who barely trains. Writing in the immediate aftermath of a disappointing showing like this is with raw emotion but I suspect it’s time to stop sending Ledley to the well. Playing him next Sunday would be a gamble; Kaboul’s injury might mean we have no choice.

Bad as things were today, they could’ve been worse. They might have had a penalty just before Defoe’s goal and Kaboul appeared to kick out at Holt (he’s obviously a lovely bloke) at the start of the second half. Taking Livermore off for Van der Vaart was a huge gamble in terms of possession and we only have Norwich’s ineptness to thank for them not scoring again once we’d handed over the midfield.

Modric sent people away with a few stylish passes, Defoe took his goal with great aplomb and if Benny or Bale had made the most of their chances at 1-1 it might’ve been different. That was it though.

We were poorly laid out and didn’t play to our strengths. Indeed by weakening the midfield and not fielding our best players we played to theirs. We were open, outnumbered, rushed and uncomfortable. Five games to go and we need to win all those. Two wins in ten though doesn’t bode well. Now would be a good time to rediscover some consistency and a cutting edge.

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  1. Amusing report. All about how bad you were, nothing much about how well we played and how our approach stopped you from playing your normal game.

    Get the blinkers off chap.

    • Well Simon, (unless my eyes are playing tricks on me) this is the "Spurs-Web"! So forgive us for not spending time heaping praise on the likes of Norwich!

      That said, you did play well and have done all season, I for one am truly amazed at your position in the league. At the start of the season I had you down as being in the bottom three by the end. You've proved me wrong.

      There, happy now? Right, jog on chav…

    • I agree you did everything better , but as a fan you gauge your teams performance on their ability & as such we did not play to our full ability. I think where you finish at the end of the season is a good gauge of your abilities.

  2. Great report, Spurs were poor so Norwich won. Not Norwich out thought you tactially, out fought you physically and were well worth the 3 pts.

    Get a grip and take the blinkers off.

    • If you want a report discussing your team, get to a Norwich fan site. If you want a report with a balanced focus on each team, go to national news outlet.

      What do you expect from here? Are you just trolling or do you have no brains?

  3. Since Harry's name crop for the England Job, The team playing without passion to win. Harry is the one of the best manager Tottenham had, but buying Saha and selling Steven Pienaar was a very big mistake

  4. The shit hiot the fan when arry didnt say no to the England job, the job sucks but arrys ego means he must do it. wanker, hes the cause of the problem but we are super shite and have been for 25 years since hoddle and co. write shite with a capital S. I got in yesterday after nearly getting sick bout the scum winning then the ol man says your team done well dint they? That was nice, fucking sick. Lets get Arry out now and bring in someone 100 per cent spurs. Arry after all is west ham.

  5. Our players didn't look interested. Bale, Ade, Saha looked like they rather be somewhere else. I hope Bale and Ade start on the bench in FA Cup semis. I know its suicidal but they have to know that if you don't give 100%, u get benched no matter how much your value is.

  6. Few learnings and changes
    1) The person we missed most…Scott Parker! Once he is around, everyone has more enthusiasm
    2) We need to know the strike-force. I think still best with Ade and Defoe
    3) So what about vdv? I think he is good in the creative mid role as well similar to Modric

    We still have games, do not despair! Chelsea, Arsenal and Newcastle still have to play one another and Man City. COYS!

    • With the exception of the newcastle and liverpool games right at the start of the year, before season had taken its toll, 442 has been an unmitigated disaster!

      If we'd have had control of the ball/middle of the park in the Arsenal and NORWICH games, we may have had more control of the game, and guess what? Perhaps not lost.


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