Spurs officially announce Gallas transfer


William Gallas

Former Arsenal defender William Gallas has joined Tottenham on a one-year deal.

There has been a lot of debate among Spurs fans about Gallas moving to White Hart Lane considering his past at Chelsea and Arsenal. However, now the 33-year-old has signed, it’s important that all Spurs fans get behind the player. A lot of players wouldn’t have had the bottle to move across north London and he wants to be part of Harry Redknapp’s squad.

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  1. We need his experience, we're light in defence. Harry says he could have earnt more staying with the scum. Get behind him and the rest of the squad. We've all got our part to play in this seasons campaign. I cant wait!

  2. As with all Spurs players he will be welcomed, he just needs to get his head down work hard and prove the opposing fans wrong about his tempermant, dont think his ability is in question !!!!
    Come on you SPURS.

  3. Gallas will be great to have no matter who he played for quality defender with CL experiance soon forget where he played when he is making those all important tackles where they count

    • Plus MU offered i think it was 10m ponds in the January transfer window and he pledged his loyalty to Spurs so the deal was turned down.

    • Not really mate. Sol Campbell was atthe top of his game when he fucked us over. He had declared his loyalty to us then pissed off to the scum when we needed him. Arsenal dont ant Gallas and furthermore Gallas has never really been loyal to antone seeing as we are his third london club.

    • What are you talking about? How is Gallas coming to Spurs the same as Judas Campbell leaving to join Arsenal? Just to clear it up just so ya know, what Judas Campbell did was to pledge his allegiance to his boyhood club claim he wanted to stay not sign a new contract ran his contract out leave so we got nothing for him( and at the time he was one of the best defenders in the country if not Europe) and to rub everyone up the wrong way he joins Arsenal. Now personally I don’t have a problem where a player plys his trade its the way of the footballing world contracts don’t stand for what they used to and players for the most part are a bit mercenary and you can hardly blame them as their careers are short relatively speaking. But don’t for one moment try to kid yourself that what Campbell did and how he did it was in any way admirable because it wasn’t it was sneaky, underhanded and gutless. He knew long before he moved what he was going to do and so did Arsenal football club so don’t come the innocent. He would probably have had the respect of the club and the fans had he said he wanted to realise his ambitions to win things and if we’re being honest he wasn’t gonna do that with us (bit like Shearer but at least he was loyal). So now do you understand why he is not loved at the lane? Have you not noticed that since the time of Jesus no parent has ever named their kid Judas! Now why do you think that is? If Mr Campbell had any children is this the kind of example he would want them to follow? To be a gutless, two faced, liar? I think not but its what he is. So putting it into perspective how is Gallas moving to Spurs the same again? Lillywhitetilidie.

  4. Another step in the right direction. Maybe just Diarra now, and we’ll be nearly there for a complete team. Well done Harry, a great signing.

  5. Mmm, think Sol C**tbell was a slightly different circumstance to this. He said all along he was staying, said he`d never join the scum and then went and done exactly the opposite. I welcome Gallas, dont like his temperament but he improves the squad and we`re gonna need the entire squad this season. COYS!!!!

  6. We are behind you Gallas, it does't matter where you played before .You are Spurs and we are right behind you 100% . Welcome to Tottenhan Mr Gallas you will make us proud, Come on you Spurs!

    • We don't really know anything about Gallas that hasn't been filtered through the media. I say 'Welcome' and let's see what he's like.

  7. Arsenal snubbed Gallas. Campbell snubbed Spurs. Different case here. Why do all these Arsenal fans come here and read Spurs news? All Arsenal fans have a love fest with Spurs.

  8. My head says NO………..But my heart says WE NEED HIS EXPERIENCE TO GO FURTHER THAN LAST SEASON. That means…..welcome Gallas to the lane.

  9. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    The guy that said he would score an own goal for Chelsea, was part of the French team that threw their toys out the pram…. and famously sat on his own in the centre circle crying…..

    and you signed him for experience…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    or for a stable dressing room? ha ha ha ha ha ha

    or was it because he can stay fit for a whole season – just like Leadknee and Woodlate? ha ha ha ha ha ha

    With the Spuds now going for Hleb and any other ex goon they can find in the market – it appears trhe spuddies are trying their best to sign anythign Arsenal.

    For ever in our Shadows

  10. Jake – eh? Gallas snubbed Arsenal – they offered him a new one-year deal, and now he's chosen Spurs at the same or on even lesser terms. Something tells me he couldn't wait to get out of that place quick enough :)


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