Spurs on the verge of Bellamy deal?


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Tottenham are on the verge of the £6m capture of Manchester City forward Craig Bellamy.

According to the Daily Mail, Spurs have stolen a march on Everton who are also keen on the Welsh international but are struggling to match the offer from Harry Redknapp.

Bellamy’s future at Eastlands looks to be over, with City being linked with Mario Balotelli and Edin Dzeko.

City boss Roberto Mancini said: ‘If Inter sell Balotelli, we’ll be there. In Dzeko, City have more than a ‘simple’ interest. Dzeko and Balotelli together to Manchester City? It is a good idea!’


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    • Keanoson…agree with what you say but not Forlan, too old and failed once already..and too similar to what we already have, swap him in your list for Gyan from Ghana and we have the right mix because Gyan will give us raw strength and pace (plus skill) and these things as a combination we dont have in any of the forwards we have now…

      • You'd rather have Asamoah Gyan than Forlan? We need a clinical striker – not someone that can only score from the penalty spot.

        • We need a different kind of striker, "clinical" strikers aviable are very rare, almost non existant. I note you did not list any of the said who are available? Gyan would be a great option for us….Read this morning Jenas wants to stay and fight for his place…oh xxxx, can anyone persuade him not to?

    • What a nightmarish thought signing Heskey oh god please no even on a free transfer surely Harry would,nt be interested.Sometimes even the things said in jest on these blog sites frighten the shit out of me

  1. I think we've lacked an attitude like Belamy's for far too long. The man's a total bastard and thats what our side needs at this level. An out and out cunt.

  2. Great news….the lad has a bit of baggage and apparantly not that liked. He reminds me of Roy Keane in a strange way, a bit of perfectionist and throws it out of the pram if he doesn't get the right pass. Baggage worth having nonetheless.

    I am sure any of the top six would take him in an instant. The major advantage we have is that he will be playing for HR again. Bring it on !!!

  3. I can see Bellamy doing really well for us maybe even having one of his best seasons ever if he comes to the lane. AGREE 100% with TOPHPBUNTY we should be banging on the door for Asamoah Gyan, i know we should not judge a player just because he had a good few games in the WC, but for 7m we should just go for it. That guy is every defenders worst nightmare hence why he almost had his shirt ripped off in Ghana's last game, he would be great for the EPL and well him and Bellamy together would just be a head ache for anyone. I mean think of those games last season against wolves stoke etc im sure those guys will get the team motivated and they add that bit of roughness we have lacked over the years, at 6"1 Gyan will hold up the ball very well for us as crouch and pav fail to do this at all. As for cole i think his just going to upset the balance of the team but at the same time with all the games we are going to play this year he will be needed, just think its going to rock the boat abit and someone will be unhappy i just hope it isnt Modders or Kranj!

  4. I can’t deny Bellamy is a very capable footballer but as a person I think he is disgusting human being of a dubious moral code.

  5. Neither need him or want him. he's an injury prone geriatric who has been a disruptive argumentative git at every club he's been with.

  6. i like the way city are going for dzenko etc..why are we not going for them instead of going for citys outcasts. We are the team with champions league, if we go through of course. Sell some of our deadwood, bentley, keane, pav jenas etc and put it towards a decent strikes!

  7. I can't actually remember when Forlan failed?With Man Utd,ok he took some while before he scored but they never really liked him.What i admire in Diego Forlan is his hunger to play the game and score goals.Also his vision as a striker is top class.He scores from everywhere including freeckicks.He would be a top transfer even at 31.

    I think we should look to buy someone else even with Richards,as we need good cover this season.Regarding Cole,if he is gonna take ages to decide,go for Arda Turan who is only 25 yrs and of the same mould as JC.Bellamy would be good enough at this stage,we can't yet get the Dzekos .We need to keep hold of our talent and give the youngsters a chance,not always on loan.

    • Ledd, I guess the answer is did he stay at United or did they get a huge fee for him? Neither, he was a bit of a laughing stock for a period. I too admire what you admire in him, but at 33 I just don't fancy us buying him and i think he wouldnt fancy Bolton or Blackburn away anytime soon.

  8. Falcao,Richards,Arda Turan, yes please thats my Xmas presents a bit early and Gyan,Cole and another quality defender still thinking about this one but that would be acceptable for a birtday present along with the starting to build date of the new stadium

  9. Cole and Bellamy would be an excellent outcome for this window.

    Lets get cracking though Spurs.

    Season is almost here already.

  10. Jake, what like Tarrabt, Rose, Bostok and Dos Santas…plus a few others? We have stacks of youngsters with question marks over them, Bellamy is proven quality time and time again at the highest level. Love him or loathe him he is proven and VERY good. It's all about impoving the squad and its balance.


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