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As part of Portsmouth’s massive debt problems, it has emerged that Tottenham are owed £1million for Asmir Begovic.

During the deal to bring Younes Kaboul to the Lane, Spurs had negotiated a double deal which would also see Begovic join the club.

However, the Serbian stopper rejected Spurs in favour of a move to Stoke, but the £1million sell-on clause in the deal remained, despite the fact that Begovic has had no connection with Tottenham.

Spurs are also owed part of the £17.3million that Portsmouth owe in transfer fees.

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  1. Levy is a brilliant chairman, he can make money everywhere. I bet we've made some money on Ronaldo transfer! ;-) And when Messi decide to change a club we will make some money too! ;-)

  2. You don’t really know what is going on at the top European clubs when we talk about transfers…. I think the corruption is greater than you can imagine. Unites signed not legal player – Tevez , Liverpool – Mascherano , but the rules in the football are not for them obviously.
    Anyway .

  3. Pompeyfan. If Spurs paid you for a [layer they never signed, It would appear that Pompey are the parasites
    Living of other clubs money..Thats why you are in administration. I feel gutted for the fans

  4. I cannot say that I like Mr.Levy.His actions with regard to Jol and Ramos left a nasty taste in my mouth.Not all of his actions have been profitable.Aggreed,He made a good profit on Berbatov,but I think he could have done better.His actions as far as Keane were concerned might seem very profitable,but Keane is a player of declining value and we have not sold him yet.As to the1,000,000,will Spurs ever be able to collect it.Perhaps they will,but is Mr.Levy willing to go down in history as the last straw that broke the back of "Pompey".The bible says:"Can the Ethiopean change his skin or the leopard his spots."

    • redknapp runs the football team
      levy runs the business
      we're not a charity looking to have sympathy on any club foolish enough to fall into such dire condition. personally i think levy is brilliant….sly and sneaky…..but thats EXACTLY what you need to run a football club if you wanna be competitive….now if you wanna be running 8th each season….different story.


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