Spurs Player Ratings vs West Brom


Brad Friedel – 6 – A few decent saves, for example the one to deny Fortune, but should have claimed more crosses towards the end of the match.

Kyle Walker – 7 – A decent game attacking-wise, not that busy at the back but looked short of options with the ball.

William Gallas – 5 – With Gallas’ slowness he should not be playing in this kind of system and this was plainly demonstrated today.

Jan Vertonghen – 7 – A steady debut but nothing special in defence. Showed how good he is with the ball and going forward.

Benoit Assou-Ekotto – 7 – Another good game from the left back, potent attacking threat capped off with his goal.

Aaron Lennon – 6 – Largely ineffective going forward but did offer a few decent chances which weren’t taken.

Sandro – 6 – An average game by his standards before he was subbed off. His substitution did open us up to more attack though.

Jake Livermore – 6 – Looked short of ideas with the ball at his feet but was again adept at bringing the ball from defence into the midfield.

Rafa Van Der Vaart – 6 – Looked busy on the pitch and worked hard but ultimately nothing really fell for him.

Gareth Bale – 7 – Offered himself as a great outlet sprinting down the left wing and created a couple of decent chances which weren’t taken.

Jermain Defoe – 6 – Worked hard but didn’t really achieve much. With his height it is impossible for him to play as a lone striker but he tried his best.

Adebayor, Sigurdsson, Jenas did nothing when they came on.

By Alex Beck

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  1. To my mind, accurate ratings except I would have rated Assou-Ekotto a bit higher. Also, would rather let Gallas go and keep Dawson.

  2. Livermore made a few decent passes in the final third. Especially for jds disallowed goal. Would like to see caulker given the chance. He showed at swansea how comfortable he is with da ball and they played a similar defensive shape as we are now. Badly need creativity in da midfield and an upgrade on lennon.

  3. Gallas can not play in that team. When Lukaku was running past him, it was plain to see his principal shortcoming.
    Livermore, I don't think should be starting. In a year or two, he might be up to it, but at the minute I just don't think he's at the races.
    Need a keeper. Just a bit worried about Brad. He should've caught that ball yesterday before the goal.

    Not even going to mention the striker situation as I'm sure I'd be preaching to the converted.

    Also for the record, in my opinion this website has become the best Spurs fans go-to site for opinion. Streets ahead of HH and T'riffic. Keep it up.

  4. For god sake what the hell is jenas still doing at the club and he came onto the pitch Christ what a mess our subsitutions were awful and our midfield lacking in pace and creativity compared to swansea who played fantastic one pass football and everton who played fast dynamic football were looked miles behind the last 15 mins was like watching rabbits in a cars headlight our players had no leader on the park could not hold onto the ball and looked clueless

  5. You obviously watched motd because if you watched the whole game, vert was an 8, BA, apart from a lucky gol, he was average, livermore made great tackles and forward passes, 7, defoe SUCKED, getting the ball and constantly shooting directly AT the GK is not what we need, sell him now, 5. P.S. Sandro tackled like a boss and contributed enough gol hes role. 7 should not have come off

  6. why do we need to start with 2 defensive mid-fielders at home to w.brom???

    the game was crying out for huddlestone to be in one of those positions???

  7. BAE’s defensive skills, or lack thereof, we’re painfully exposed again yesterday. But people forget how be was constantly out of position, hoofed it when he should have passed and vice versa because he scored a goal. Granted he headed one of the line but that was the sun total of his defensive performance yesterday.

    Gallas was also appalling and seemingly can’t cut it at this level any more.

    Vertonghen had a very good debut and JD worked very hard. bale played well and Lennon was ineffectual barring one good love in the 1st half.

    Faith must be placed in AVB though. He needs that support and time.

  8. gallas right but also the dutchman looked pretty ordinary at the back, crap in the last minutes and we are selling dawson, crazy

  9. Looked good in first half when we kept our shape and had some discipline (just needed extra bodies in the box to finish it off). Lennon needs to do what Bale does and get in the box when ball is on other wing – leave it to the full backs to go wide. Second half was a shambles – Bale too much time in the middle with Lennon on the wrong wing = no shape. Was this AVB tactics or lack of player discipline? Despite this – should have seen game out but whole defence and midfield switched off to give WBA a soft late goal.

  10. Jenas was resuming his role as the "headless chicken" in the middle of the park again. What on earth does AVB see in him??? Jenas came on too soon after the goal. Wud have rather brought in Caulker to help the defense.

  11. See what happens after the deadline, it is clear that there will be a few comings and goings, there are a lot of you panicking, calm down we have two days to sort something out I think Levy has half negotiated a few deals both ways that will have an outcome.

  12. It’s obvious to see bale shooting into the box but what’s important is sporting the striker , and goals coming from every effort, it’s important bale monitors the positions of the strikers


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