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1.Heurelho Gomes – 2/10.

 As a goalkeeper for us last season he was exceptional, but this season he seems to have gone back to his old ways of when he first came to the club. After today’s performance it will leave Harry scratching his head. How Wolves third goal did not count is beyond me? One it was a goal and two, Gomes should have been sent off. My hopes for the future are that a top goalkeeper is signed in the summer, preferably Paul Robinson.

2.Alan Hutton – 4/10.

 Harry’s hand was forced because of injuries with Hutton, if what read is true they both had a bust-up at half time in our 4-0 defeat to Fulham. Defensively suspect at times today with conceding the penalty to Kevin Doyle. It just makes the case for Kyle Walker next season to be our right-back even stronger.

 3. Benou-Assou-Ekotto – 5/10

 It was until Aaron Lennon came on that we really had any width on the left, when Bale or Lennon is out there. Not his best game, but consistent at left back, hope for better come Wednesday night at the Lane.

 4. Michael Dawson – 5/10

 Pride and commitment for the armband as usual from Michael. He fully deserves to be out club captain even when and if Ledley comes back into the team. Could of done better with the first and last goal, but I am not doubting he will lead from the back against AC Milan in 3 days time.

 5. William Gallas 4/10

 We will need his experience against the Serie A giants come Wednesday night. His performance was lacklustre and gave the ball away in crucial areas of the field. It was only Wolves today; we cannot have a repeat performance or the likes of Ibrahimovic, Pato and Robinho.

 6. Sandro- 7/10

 Even though it has taken almost half season to adapt to the Premier League, but with every game now he seems to get better and better. Looked comfortable on the ball today and would be a shame if he was left out of the starting XI come Wednesday night, but I think Palacios will come in to replace him.

 7. Jermaine Jenas 5/10

Lacked match fitness it seemed in the centre of the park today, I would not be surprised if he was surplus to requirements in the summer as Sandro begins to progress in the team.

8. Steven Pienaar – 5/10

I cannot understand to why we signed Pienaar, you cannot question his work-rate, but he will now be a bench warmer now that Gareth Bale begins to come back from his back injury. Modestly average on the left flank for us today.

 9. Roman Pavlyuchenko – 5/10

Except for the goal, what did he do for us today? I will let you answer that?!

 10. Jermain Defoe – 7/10

Starting to come back to form with the brace today, but will miss out to Van Der Vaart, hopefully he can now go on a run of games and get more goals for us and fire us on to Champions League qualification again next season.

11. Luka Modric – 8/10 STAR PLAYER

I am running out of words to describe Luka Modric.  The Wolves players could not get near him, like many teams have not been able this season. If we are to progress to the quarter-finals I feel that he is the key to unlocking the AC Milan defence at WHL.


Player Ratings by Andrew Green


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  1. Thought Gomes did ok, didn’t do much wrong and made a good save on to the post. Thought Modric was actually quite ineffective really, and below par for him. Jenas was sideways, backwards and nothing else. Sandro was excellent. Dawson out of position so many times it wasn’t true, Gallas was the better of the two.

  2. U r a right pratt, Pav run his guts out, he put ball in all over the place, he helped Defoe all the time and was unselfish, his reward is a wanker like u …. get a life or learn to watch the game with an objective mind and also try using a brain … your the sort of guy who does not understand the offside rule !!! tosser

    • There's running your guts out and there's closing down. He ran about without effect. With players like Pav and Jenas your expecting too much to sit on the bench all season and come in and be match ready. Pav has looked our best striker until today. Playing 4-4-2 is always going to be difficult against 4-5-1 especially when the other team are so hard working. I no we have Milan on Wednesday but to play modric on the left pienaaar right was a little strange, you must play your best players in there right positions. I hope i'm wrong but progressing in Champions League could mean we end up fifth.

      • BigSpursFan is spot on. He held the ball for Defoe's first. Assist. He scored what could have been the winner. He played for large periods with his back to goal against rough and tumble defenders. He won headers and held the play up well. As a football journalist myself it is clear to see that the authour of this article has not got a clue about football. Modric was nowhere near star man, he was well below par.

        Do some home work before you write this rubbish. I bet you didnt even watch the game.

    • Bigspursfan and jb the auther the man is just saying what he thinks so there is no need to be such p r i c k s with your responses, i happen to agree with a lot of what he says but also i think Pav done ok ish!
      The world is a bad enough place without people people like you and your bumchum giving it the large over such a thing and the best of it is o bet you are both 10 or your boyfriends are???


      • And I am expressing my opinon, YIDARMY. he clearly played a good part in two out of three goals. I also said in my opinion that Luka Modric was nowhere near star man. Sentiments that were echoed around the UK in the following day's papers.

        Oh yes I am the one who is 10…."or your boyfriends are". Brilliant. It took you a fair while to think that one up.

        Use your brain, thats a gamble, and try to read around the subject a little. Not a clue mate.

        Get back to Jeremy Kyle.

  3. Gomes 6 Hutton 4 Daws 6 Gallas 5 Benny 7 Pienaar 5 Jenas 6 Sandro 7 LUKA 8 Defoe 8 Pav 7……
    You are obviously a pessimist. And too harsh… Hutton was poor and lucky to stay on EVERYONE had their mind on Wednesday noght it's only natural… Great to see JD scoring again….. And I'd forgotten how good Bale actually was….. CAMYID67

  4. I watched Liverpool beat Utd buy getting three gifts scored by a red gaunt Looking four lungs Kuyt and is energised tem mates. Liverpool watered the end they would be attacking yet left Utds dry they scored a third through Van Der Sar spilling a free kick with wet gloves. We got mugged buy four lungs lone ranger Doyle and is energised team mates and a shocking bare sandy pitch. Harry could have saved money by taking the lads to Blackpool, we could have trained on Blackpool’s pitch marginally worse than Wolves this could have helped our defending because our defence was stuck in the mud for three of the goals. Gomes needs to look at where he is standing when the last goal is scored by Fletcher also when Doyle heads past him and when he should have punched and could have got sent off with the Stearman disallowed goal. Lets hope he sits down with Parker and get back to why i liked him when no one was safe when he came for the ball has Corluka can testify or Cudicini will need to play.Its ironic our strikers where blamed for the Blackpool defeat and they came good then our defence let us down. The puzzling thing is we have conceded three and Four Goals to Bolton Fulham Blackpool Wolves

  5. Blacpool 3 Spurs 1 Bolton 4 Spurs 2 Fulhan 4 Spurs 0 Wolves 3 Spurs 3 all these games had the same things in common all away all had penalty's all had red faced gaunt players energised and so did these Games Newcastle 4 Arsenal 4 Liverpool 3 Man Utd 1 West Ham 3 Liverpool 1 Birmingham 2 West Brom 3 any other sport with so many shocks would be investigated like horse racing for betting scams and drugs . Well who needs betting scams i no who will win and its easy just back the most desperate team add energy and times it by the betting price and the shock value and place your money on the worse team on paper and you will win the bookmakers have just look at the long relagation battle should tell you Kolo Toure did not use his wife's slimming pills to sit on the bench i no that so does Ukad the FA and himself . I have had to stop watching Spurs because i no the teams we are playing will be glowing red like Doyle and Fletcher have a look at there interview's on Sky sport if you think Toure is another loan wolf like Paddy Kenny then your are being fooled. You see even if we was taking energy supplements we could not take any because we are tested by Ufa and they are looking for it and caught two players last year. Wolves no this so did Blackpool and other teams. We are facing eleven Toures and the subs red faced and pumped if they ban Toure for two years this will send a message to all the cheats and may just save a few life's but if they dont then expect more shocks and sudden deaths unexplained.

  6. Ridiculous ratings. Pav has done his job and gave us a match winning goal advantage and you give him the same rating as to our defense. Also, Pienaar and Pav have the same rating?

  7. The Penalty and third goal were primarily Huttons fault why doesnt he close players down before they reach the area he draws them onto him and then intothe area rather than sorting the problem out beforethey cross the line…CLOSE ATTACKERS DOWN HUTTON!!!

  8. Tim, Bale was on the right because Alan Hutton really needed some help down the wing Bale being a defender Harry thought Bale being a defender might help stop the Wolves charge down that wing..

  9. Modric did not look that interested I am sorry to say and was quite ineffective in the 2nd half.
    Sandro was by far our best player but all of the back four had the "wobblies" for some reason although with Jarvis beating Hutton every time I guess that might have been the cause.

    If anyone else finds a Bale type LW we are in effuent creek and without a paddle so poor are all our FBs defensively and especially Hutton.

  10. Hutton:- I have always said he is a accident waiting to happen. Well he has proved me right,it is happening every time he plays.
    Pav. I wish people would get off his back.He is there to score goals and if played regularly he would score more.
    Sandro:- I watched him in Brasil,spoke about him when he arrived at Spurs….he is improving with every game,i thought he the best Spurs player on Sunday….BRILLIANT.

  11. We struggled for the total duration of the time against Wolves, luckily with 11 men & not 10. We have a number of reckless players that need to rectify their beviour in this regard.

    The other important point that need to be highlighted is to groom another goalkeeper immediately.


  13. How can you say Dawson should be captain. Dawson very commitment and hard working but just not as talented as king woodgate gallas. Dawson s y we concede so many goals, hes not leader he doesn’t organise the team and he’s to quite on the pitch. kevin doyle dominated Dawson all game. Should of done better for first and the third goal. He also gets caught out of position to much. If We spurs want to push on Dawsons a major weakness. We need to sign better strong centre back. Right back, centre midfield 60 yard passer and a big strong mobile centre forward that can add some pace and power to are front line

    • Totally agree he has let us down on numerous occassions and gets bullied out of it by Doyle every time we play against him. A player like Doyle should be meat and drink to a Centre Half like Dawson!
      He is like Hutton an accident waiting to happen and is too likely to make mistakes for the level we want.
      When King is fit it will be Gallas and King at Centre Half and Dawson will be on the bench!!!

    • Hutton, Gomes and I’m sorry to say Dawson are not good enough for where we need/ought to be, if we had better players in their positions we would be strongly challenging for the title!!

      Dawson was awful yesterday, he saw Fletcher coming in but for a second went to the man on the near post who Gallas was marking he then backtracked when he saw the cross coming in and couldn’t reach it, if he had of stayed where he was he would have won that header and this was not the only time he did this in the match but we got away with it on the other occassions.

  14. PAUL ROBINSON is a top keeper????? Are you insane ??? jesus, how short our memories are. He dives brilliantly i’ll give you that but he never gets near anything. He’s worse than Gomes !!!

  15. This is why other fans hate us… we are so bloody critical of our team- it was a cracking 3-3 thriller- do you lot remember that this was a game in memory of Dean Richards- this is what he deserved- to see two of his teams come out and play exciting football…we didn’t loose and mistakes were made but we play in the Premier League and considering wolves got a double over us last season taking 4pts from them is good! We are spurs- we do things the hard way which is why we all support them- if you wanted a team that loose 3-4 games a season- look at the top of the league and go support them! Harry is the manager he made the decision- i think that he wanted Bale and Lennon to cut in and shoot which was why they swapped positions- they did that against Stoke earlier in the season and look at the result! We as fans need to appreciate what our players and manager do and stop giving them stupid and insulting ratings. R.I.P Dean Richards and COYS!

  16. Gomez is a liability – brilliant one minute then making silly mistakes – need of a more reliable keeper perhaps Robinson, Nike C would be my preference to Pinar. Definitely Sandro must be in 1st eleven.

  17. Paul robinson, f*ck off. Do people not remember? He is atrocious under pressure. Cost us 4th in lasagne gate. Howlers at OT and many other grounds. Talk sense. We do need a new keeper but robbo is not the solution.

  18. The biggest mistake Redknapp made is he didn't bring on Palacios in the last 5 minutes of the game. Palacios (for all his faults) is great at closing people down and breaking up play. I reckon he would have stopped Jarvis getting past Hutton to get his cross onto Fletcher's head. Poor subs from Redschnapps…

    Ratings: Gomes 6 Hutton 4 Dawson 5 Gallas 6 Benny 6 Pienaar 5 Jenas 6 Sandro 7 Luka 7 DEFOE 8 Pav 7

  19. Dawson not a leader?! He is the epitome of a leader. He shouts, he organises… The only problem I have with him is that he has lapses in concentration like the rest of the defense. I would have gone 5 in midfield as they overran us there with their hard work. Good to see Lennon and Bale both looking sharp and the strikers as well. Sandro was our best player on the pitch although I would have liked to have seen Palacios in with him again and Modric on the left for the subdued Pienaar.

  20. Fullbacks cost Spurs again. Hutton a waste of space as a defender and Ekotto has an inability to jump/challenge/do anything other than stare at the ball when defending the back post. Gallas terrible in this game. Another typical Samantha Janus performance in central midfield…

    Thought Pav did well. All season people have been criticising his lack of effort/workrate etc. Thought he put a shift in AND played well with his back to goal (my biggest criticism of him this year).

    Gomes a modern-day Grobelaar…he was always going to be like this from day one.

    Still a point here might be fairly valuable come mid-May.

  21. The errors made by Spurs players were amature. They have the more skilled players, but, with the exception of Sandro and Benny, none of the defensive players got stuck in. Defoe was second to every ball in the second half and pav was worth his place, he contributed to the overall performance. It was a good game and we should remember the fact that Wednesday night was in everybody’s mind.

  22. I love these comments, really making me laugh today. We go on a class run, then two freak results happen, and everyone says we need a pile of new players. Just remember Man Utd have just lost 2 games in a row, one of them being against Wolves. The whole variety of comments is unreal. There's some mugs up top claiming loads of teams are taking drugs, Davspurs is on every Spurs fan site saying the same thing. If we didn't concede the late goal, the ratings would have been higher I bet.

    People moaning about right footed players on the left, and left footed players on the right. Yeah, this is a shocking way of playing…. Messi is left footed, and he is shit for Barcelona, because they play him on the right. They also play Pedro, a right footer, on the left. I don't know how they're doing so well, or how Messi and Pedro score so many goals. Maybe they're on drugs like half the other teams that pull of shock results aye Davspurs and Tempotopup? Ronaldo (right footed) occasionally goes left for Madrid, Robben (left footed) plays right for Bayern Munich, Duff (left footed) when he was good, played on the right for Chelsea under Mourinho, and these have all been very successful. Kranjcar is right footed, but cant play on the right, he plays on the left. van der Vaart is left footed, but only plays on the right. The reason being, that when you only play one up top, having wide players capable of cutting infield and striking on goal, helps the goals flow more. The players I just named score a lot of goals, and thats the reason why.

    Man, and people say Spurs fans are fickle… I wonder where they get that idea from?

  23. please god can somone explain why Jenas has kept his place over the last month….. I have never seen a player give the ball away so many times game after game. He is really starting to freak me out. And Harry lets Jamie O’Hara go out on loan again. I cant work it out.

  24. please god can someone explain how Jenas keeps getting a game every week.?????? i have never seen a player give the ball away so many times in one game. its like playing with ten men against 12. why did harry let Jamie O'Hara out on loan again????? at least he can tackle and scores a few too…… this is wrecking my head…..

  25. We should get Pat Jennings back send him to Toures Wife he will run all day and save Wolves three Goals easy and i am not joking. Hutton got mugged by the pitch any other pitch it would have gone in row eight. The reason jermain scored because he new the area was shite so he just leathered it having said that he did place is shots superbly. When Gomes saved the headers against Milan he was on his line he jumped one and a half feet to tip them over yesterday he was off is line and it sailed over his head. He is starting to get Robbos problem not commanding is area and drifting away from is line more deadly than any energy supplement

  26. When i saw you mention paul robinson i couldnt take you seriously. Spurs web where do ye pull yer writers from? defoe 7 & and pav 5 ? serioulsy or you a related of Harry or sumit? Pav was tremendous yesterday, if torres scored that goal there would be ranting and raving everywhere. did ye see harrys face after Pav scored? he celebrated for a small while then realised it was Pav and went all sour,

  27. What is wrong with keepers it always makes me laugh lets look at all the goals and one thing glaringly obvious is the keepers are of there line what i call the mine field of uncertainty, The Wolves Keeper Hennessey is 6ft5 but when Defoe beat him he may as well have bean 5ft9. With both goals he was in this mine field and the ball sailed over his head, this was the same for Gomes hame for the ball and Doyle hit it over his head he was to late to go for the ball and if he stayed on his line he would have saved it. The Penalty was unlucky and caused by the dead pitch that ball on a proper pitch would have sailed over the dead line the last goal was down to Gomes . The goals are 8ft high by 8ft long stay on your line and hree things help you you can tip the ball out of danger also the ball is slowing down the longer it travels this was Robinsns downfall at Spurs and players would score from 25 yards plus Robbo was left with a ball travelling faster and clutching fresh air i thin its time for a Video of Pat Jennings saves the trouble is Gomes has long arms Jennings had two hands like a navies shovel oh for a new Jennings.


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