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Tottenham Hotspur look set to offload Jamie O’Hara in the summer and have put him up for sale at £8million.

Harry Redknapp is keen to hold on to the likes of Luka Modric and Gareth Bale, but O’Hara has been deemed surplus to requirements.

O’Hara spent the season on-loan at Portsmouth, where he impressed in midfield and has recently stated his need to play regular first-team football.

West Ham are heavily linked, with expected in-coming manager Avram Grant a fan from their time together at Fratton park.

However, a Soccernet inside source has claimed that West Ham feel that, “The price being quoted for O’Hara is crazy.”

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  1. the price is crazy but they'll get him for about £6m which is a good deal. They'll be happy thinking they've knocked us down by £2m and we'll be happy knowing we've sold them a Millwall fan.

  2. Will be sorry to see him go but we should not sell him to West Ham.
    He does not deserve that, we must be able to find him a better club than that, he has just come through one year of religation battles I'm sure he wont want another season the same.

  3. Proper wideboy with dillusions of grandeur. Is definitely a decent option to have around the squad as he gets stuck in and has enjoyed a good season at Portsmouth. However he wouldn't have appeared half as good if he was playing in a decent side. If we get £6m+ for him then let him go, as cant see him getting in the team ahead of Sandro, Wilson, Huddlestone, Modric in the centre or Kranjcar or Bale (and possibly Turan/Cole/Bellamy) on the left.

  4. Not sure if this is true? Where has this report come from? O'hara is a very good player with a sweet left foot.
    I personally think he should stay at Spurs. JJ should be the one put up for sale.

  5. JJ will be sold, along with O'Hara and probably Keane, we already have the players mentioned above along with Livermore and Bostock coming through, although the latter hasn't made great progress since he joined. Plus we already know he doesnt want to warm the bench and will end up disrupting the team spirit that Harry has developed over the past 18months.

  6. I guess its likely he will go- its a shame because he would make great squad player- I am torn with O'hara I like the lad & his honesty, but he's not been the wisest. He hasn't endeared himself to the fans: especially saying hope we lose vs Pompey- and then making noises about guarantees in playing. I think he has grown too big for his boots: there is only one Boss & he has to perform for us- HIGHER than Modders, Hudds & Pal for him to want guarantees. We have 4 competitions to go for so the Squad as seen last season is so important & not just the 11 who play.

  7. Pony player deserves to go to a pony club.Good riddance o'hara you and wet spam deserve each other.The reason neither of you are any good.

  8. He’s a tit so he’d be a perfect addition to that eastend tit farm. They both have ideas above their station. He can get relegated with them next season.

  9. Use O'Hara and perhaps even Jenas as bait, to get Parker at Spurs, one of the best midfielder in the Prem, and a Spurs man to boot. Now that would make us a better outfit entirely especially with the worrying form of Palacios lately.

  10. Average player and bit of a div. Not good enough to break in to our first team and not of sufficient standard to help us stay in the Top 4 or push on further.

    If we can get £5 mil for him, I’d be delighted.

  11. Dunno Tom. Bale and Hudd and Ekotto also looked average 2 seasons ago just like O’Hara. That first major season out of the way and bam, quality emerges. You never know. I would prefer to keep him in the squad, but if he really wants first team football over the chance (probably his only chance) of Champions League football, then he can go. Good luck to him, because I like him – Yes, he does speak too candidly. We’ll replace him, although the price sounds a bit like ‘hands off’ to me.

  12. I believe 5 EPL teams are in for him so I wouldn't be surprised if we got 8M for him though I expect 2M or so to be in the form of a sell-on. Newcastle are the most recent, but truth be told, most lower table teams could use him and he'd get the playing time. COYS

  13. Good player, has been in some fantastic games for us, lets not forget this,we should never have loaned him out when we had the likes of jenas in the team.I think his grievences were with Harry and the board, not us fans, and he is a spurs fan who gives his all, what ever his fate I wish him the best.


  15. Grant him his wish I say let him go. If he was a true spurs man as he claims to be then he would realise that the game isn’t about any one individual sure he puts in a good shift when he is on the park but there are games where your not going to figure in the manager’s mind or maybe another player is in great form and its hard to drop them, decent enough player mind you but if he wants to go then we should let him and try to get Scott Parker as part of any deal. Come on Jamie see the bigger picture here Champions League qualifier possibly more Carling cup FA cup plus our ding dong battles with Arsenal Chelsea and Manchester United now why wouldn’t you want to be part of that and make yourself legend at the same time? Wherever you end up mate best of luck to ya and good luck with your family. Lillywhitetilidie.

  16. i think that hes not a bad player but we need great players at r club now?if we get 7mil for him 9mil for jj and 12mil keane we could buy better players

  17. he's a good young player,maybe he should think of CL next season, stay with us till next summer, see how he feels then, if he's a spurs fan then whats to lose. he still be young at that point with a carrer ahead of him, hmmmm lets see what happens aye…

    think its time to make way of JJ and keano, think were get some decent cash for the pair…. i know harry will make the right decision whatever he does… 2010-2011 is gonna be a great season for us yids. COME ON U SPURS


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