Spurs ready to call contract rebel Alderweireld’s bluff

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Mauricio Pochettino has given the biggest hint yet that the club are ready to call Toby Alderweireld’s bluff as he continues to stall on contract negotiations.

The Belgian is again a doubt for Sunday’s trip to Crystal Palace having pulled out of training on Thursday and missing Friday’s session as the result of an injury to a slightly different area of his same problem right leg.

Toby is looking for one final payday of around three-times his current deal but the club are refusing to be held to ransom all the time that Jan Vertonghen, 30, continues to develop a sound partnership with 21-year-old Davinson Sanchez.

And according to The Daily Express it is one that Pochettino sees lasting up to another decade.

“They have a fantastic partnership,” said Pochettino . “Davinson has pace and energy, he is so fast, but he still needs to improve in different aspects and Jan is the perfect partner to help him to achieve all that we believe he can achieve.

He added: “And he is an athlete – he could play until he is 40 because his physical condition comes very naturally to him. He is like my new dog, a Rhodesian ridgeback.”

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  1. I get that the purpose of headlines is to draw readers to the story, but why does this one justify the false headline “Contract Rebel”? The guy (or his representatives) is doing nothing other than negotiating for what he believes he’s worth, and in all likelihood what the market is prepared to pay. Tottenham – my club for 50 years – have done a great job over the past 3 seasons on a (relative) shoestring. But if they’re serious about delivering their stated aim of consistent Champions League football, they’re going to have to pay their players (and manager) the going rate. Not a new topic I know, but one that’s not going to go away unless the club is prepared to lapse back into mid table obscurity.

    • That is such a good comment and I quite agree with you. Unfortutely the game is now about money and although the players need to make the most of their relatively short careers, the reality is Spurs are not one of the big moneybags Clubs like Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd etc. For me the Manager is so important, earns the trust and respect of his players, brings out the best in his team. Daniel Levy cannot begin to compete with the likes the Chelsea or Man City owners but surely pride in your team and job satisfaction gives a long way to a successful career. Mind you what do I know, supported Spurs all my life, first live game when I was five now 72! COYS!

  2. I think Spurs have a surprisingly strong hand in this. Nobody is talking about the fact that when this £25 million release clause activates Toby will be 30. At that point we are going to have to seriously think about finding his long term successor anyway even if he does sign a new contract. I would hate to lose Toby now but losing a 30 year old defender for £25 million isn’t as bad as everyone seems to make out.

  3. As my club for 51 yrs, I have witnessed the great times and the great players come and go, I remember buying Martin peters for £200,000 back then it was not about money but pride, what would jimmy greaves, and Martin peters/chivers be worth now if we’re talking as business assets,and wage structures it’s all about pride and passion no player should hold our club to ransom just be thankful you have played for a great team with a brand new stadium and many tales to tell your children amen

  4. I love Toby, and he deserves his due, but he will be 30 yrs of age when his release claws kicks in. We should then bite the bullet and find a younger player using that 25 million to fund a deal. No one is bigger than the club. When the new stadium is completed I’m sure salaries will rise with the availability of extra revenue. The players must realise this and hang on a bit longer and not be swayed by outside influences especially the media trying to destabilise the club. The club is being run, handled and built in such away I’m proud to be a fan. People who keep bleating on about you can’t be a successful club until you win trophies will always find an argument to throw at us. It so easy to hate, and as my son says, “Dad haters will always hate” you can’t change the fact. Not to worry though we will get there because a clear plan is in place. COYS


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