Spurs register interest in Olympic Stadium move


Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed that they have registered an interest in moving to the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 games.

Despite the fact we have had our planning application for the new stadium at White Hart Lane approved by Haringey Council on Thursday night, we have still expressed our interest in moving to East London.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy said in a statement: “I can also confirm we have registered an interest in the Olympic Stadium site within the deadline of September 30, in conjunction with AEG (Europe), the world’s largest entertainment and facilities management company.

“It is only prudent and good management that we ensure that we investigate all possible options for the club. We were informed by the Olympic Park Legacy Company that were we not to register an interest at this time, there would not be an opportunity at any future date.

“We have always maintained that we wouldn’t undertake any project that could undermine the overall financial stability and future success of the club and this shall remain our guiding principle going forward and in determining our best option in the interests of the club and all its fans and stakeholders.”

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  1. so if you don’t say you might want it now you can’t have it later. smells of corruption to me. Why can’t you change your mind later.

    Most of the clubs building new stadiums dont even need them. just put the tickets up, theres plenty of mugs out there who will pay any price for a ticket. think of the prices now,I mean is it logical to pay 3o odd quid for a game like Spurs v Wigan.I went down the ticket office as I was back in the Smoke from abroad and was told it was a sell out. To be honezt I was glad because I would have boiught the tickets (me and my son , his first at WHL) but its gone mad. Back to my theory that if you want more money at the gate then just double the tickets, mugs will still pay especially supporters of the scum. With that in mind theres no need to build new stadiums if you want more gate money. I was one of the Spurs supporters who was at the Lane when it wasn’t that popular so understand where im coming from.

    By theway really saddened to see big bobby gone. i saw one of his last matches for tottenham at the lane in the reserves when i was a little kid.great player, a real spur not like these mercenaries we have now.

    • In fact why don't we demolish White Hart Lane and build a shopping centre instead? We could then move into a tiny stadium with a capacity of 500 but sell the tickets at really high prices. We'd save loads of money on stewards and wotnot!

      It might be a long shot but perhaps they are building a bigger stadium so that more people can attend the games.

      I'm an architect…..I'm trained in this sort of thing!


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