Spurs set to tie up deal for Brazilian starlet Sandro


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Tottenham Hotspur are set to complete a deal for Sandro, according to his club Internacional.

The Brazilian midfielder has been linked with a move to White Hart Lane for over a year and now looks set to complete a move.

Spurs would need special dispensation from the Premier League to apply for a work permit for the 21-year-old, who has one cap for Brazil, though they are confident that can easily be secured.

“It has been possible since last year and now we are set to realise it,” Inter president Vitorio Piffero confirmed to Radio Guaiba.

“We are concluding the contracts now, but nothing it signed yet and we have to wait.”


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  1. I am probably in a minority with these sentiments but I must to having reservations about this signing. I’m sure he is very adept plying his skills in the beautiful hot country that is his homeland but what about over here when our summer months have gone (if they come at all) and the pitches can look like Wigans do currently that sap your strength and the home sickness and the short honeymoon period you get with English fans (especially ours). Don’t get me wrong I really want the boy to be a big hit for us just worried that the amount of hype surrounding this transfer which has been mooted for quite some time now may do more harm than good. Expectations are high. Slightly off from this topic does anyone remember Stephan Dalmat? What happened to him? I gotta say when he was at the lane I did like the player my pal from Leeds did say however that he was a bit of a disruptive element in the dressing room it has been known to kick off proper. Shame did like him. Am I alone on this? Finally the talking point of the moment for all Spurs fans everywhere fourth spot. Dare to dream my friends dare to dream sure we have some key players missing and sure the run in to the end of the season doesn’t look good on paper but that’s the point its on paper make no mistake those other teams won’t be looking forward to playing us either. We aren’t the easy touch we used to be for these teams. I remember years ago when Dennis not so Wise commented that he didn’t wish us to go down (95 season I think) because it was six easy points for Chelsea every year (disliked the man ever since) but that’s not who we are anymore, other teams are well aware of what we can when we play our natural game so let’s not be having none of this negative talk we have just as much right as any of the teams around us but no one is going to just hand it to us. In boxing trainers often tell their fighters that the man standing in front of them is just a man so be more man than him. If we go into games thinking that the best we can hope for then we deserve just that, I bet Wolves never dreamed they would do the double on us this year. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. Lillywhitetilidie.

  2. Lillywhite,
    I can’t believe you’re so negative about Sandro’s chances, and in the same breath so upbeat about our push for fourth. Sandro is playing for one of the biggest clubs in Brazil (a country with over 300 million people, where football is a religion, by the way), in their centenary year while they are pushing for the Copa Libertadores. I don’t mean to slag you off, but we must not be so myopic about English football. There is a world outside of North London, and it is not just the Midlands (or even Europe). The Copa Lib is even more desired to South American fans than the Champions League is to European fans (I know that is a sweeping generalization, but until you see a match in person, you can’t comprehend the passion and hysteria). Sandro is the midfield lynchpin for Inter, so he knows what pressure is. Oh, and the pitches he plays on make Wigan look like playing on silk. The lad will be great for us, but let him bed in before we declare him a flop after two poor performances.

  3. i think this is a very risky buy and i think harry should go with someone with more experience and pedigree this player hasnt set the world alight. scott parker joe cole michael johnson or stephen ireland james milner would be more able to improve our squad straight away with no risks

  4. F*ckingBrillian,
    You must understand that all other leagues are inferior to the PL for a multitude of reasons and lillywhitetilidie’s concerns are valid. I have been puzzled for some time as to why so many people have been jumoing up and down with frustration at our previous failed attempts to sign a very young player that has no experience playing in the our league. How many visitors of this forum can honestly say they’ve seen him play enough to have been able to formulate they’re own assessment of his abilities. Not many i would suggest.
    That said I obviously hope that if we do sign him i’m proved wrong and he becamoes an instant hit. Only prob then will be keeping Man-Ure’s mitts off of him!

  5. That’s another concern I totally forgot to consider, the horse dung factor. We find these players who are available to buy for any team they showcase their talent at the lane then once the juggernaut that is Man U come sniffing all of a sudden its the players lifelong dream to play for them one rat faced Bulgarian git springs to mind. We shall see how this one pans out I really want this Sandra deal to work for us if he is as good as he’s been touted to be. Oh and F***Brilliant no really wasn’t being negative about the lad just that they are genuine concerns read somewhere this week that for every Pele there are a dozen Verons and Gilberto now to be fair I have never seen or heard of the lad but our Arry’s no mug when it comes to spotting talent. And as for being upbeat about our present performances don’t you think we all should be? Its been a long time coming but I know a change gonna come to quote the song we are still in the FA cup yes we have a tricky replay against Fulham and some players are missing but the players we have in the squad have stepped up admirably (Gareth Bale Pav) and our destiny is in our hands for fourth spot. We got the filth next month they’re always passionate affairs we got Citeh and horse dung Chelski ( not in that order ) so yeah we have some tough games coming up so what I love my team as I’m sure you do to and just like how we love a player who would go thru brick walls for his team same way I love Spurs and all fans who give it up for the lilly whites even when its been bad and we all know how bad its been down the years now we have much to shout about so let’s av it. Lillywhitetilidie.

  6. I think Sandro could be a great signing, but our youth policy is vexing. We buy young talent from near and far, yet don’t give them a chance with the first team (Rose and Bostock recently), but pay over market value for players to replace the young signings (Bentley for Lennon). Sandro was the Brazil U-21 captain, and isn’t yet at the Lane b/c he was to pivotal to Inter’s plans. Brazilian players have a reputation for being like Robinho, when they are more like Lucio. Trust me, he will do a job. Also, if we don’t sign players for fear they will only sign for “bigger” clubs, then why don’t we just give up. Besides, we do the same (West Ham is our feeder club). We need a settled side and a settled manager and back room staff. Hopefully we have that now, and can blood in some young talent that will help take us to the next level. Lastly, I am sick of hearing the debate about going for fourth or the FA Cup. Why is it either? It can and should be both, and that was my point. Supporters should get behind the team, and demand we win all we can. I hope we do, and expect we will. I will raise a pint with all of you on our bus parade after the Cup final. COYS!


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