Spurs make first signing of the summer


Harry Redknapp

It is being reported that Tottenham Hotspur have signed Barcelona youngster Cristian Ceballos.

The 16-year-old had been training with Chelsea on a two-week trial with both the youth side and first-team – but it appears as if Spurs have stolen a march on their rivals and landed the attacking midfielder on a three-year deal.

Barca released the player after an apparent falling out.

Sources close to the player said: “The boy captained Barca’s Under-17’s and here we have a proper player, potentially one of the greats if he develops as people think he might.

“He went to Chelsea for two weeks and trained for three days with the first-team before a Champions League game such was the impression he made, but for some strange reason no one seemed to make a decision about him.

“Now, he has signed a three-year contract with Spurs and Harry Redknapp has a player who will be in his first-team within a year.”

Ceballos became an internet sensation four years ago when he appeared in a video with Ronaldinho.

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  1. ive heard this before the next big thing from barcelona coming and signing for us rember giovani dos santos look where he is now

  2. Great, what hasn’t been mentioned is his drop in form which came about because of a broken leg sustained whilst performing a trick during a match.

  3. Ive been lucky enough to see him training on 2 occasions. Didnt realise he was only 16, could be a very good signing, very talented kid !

  4. When I open this webpage my Symantec EndPoint tells me there is the follwoing threat:

    “Web Attack: Exploit Kit variant activity 3 detected”

    Need to sort it out chaps!!!

  5. I follow spanish football this player is very highly rated and i think he is attacking midfielder forget dos santos look what fabregas done with the arsenal scums he could be one of does player so im hoping it is true

  6. He is 18 and if he was that great, there is no way we would have him. Then again, if he truly is a potential great, then excellent. Mixed feelings on this one boys…

  7. Our first 'big' signing should be a new manager, with Harry in charge we failed and will fail again, so let him fail at another club. He goes around saying this was our best season yet … the man is a fool and anybody who is sucked in by this trash is just as big a fool. He said it was the best we could expect, CR*P, the best is winning PERIOD. We have the players but we don't have the manager. He is second rate with a second rate mentality. We need winners in charge i.e. Carlo, here is a guy who won the PL in 2009/10 what has harry done in all his years?? oh won the FA cup… gee wiz. Well as long as he is in charge he will always have a reason for not being the best never making us the best because he does not know how. To many of you are willing to listen to a second rate manger and take second best, well I like many other have had enough, we are the silent 'MAJORITY', we are the one's who said MJ could not do the job and were proved RIGHT … after all, where is MJ now??? MJ and HR are cast the same, 2nd best and will always be 2nd BEST … HARRY OUT NOW BEFORE IT's TO LATE

    • You're an idiot. An armchair fan who's just looking for glory. Go support man united and do us all a favour. Before Harry came along, we were fighting relegation but he got us into champions league for the first time where we beat last seasons champions Inter Milan as well as Serie A leaders AC Milan which is an awesome achievement considering our position a few seasons ago. Even finishing fifth this season is an achievement seeing as we've been playing more games than most others in the league. Take a look around mate, all the teams above us have what seems unlimited funds which is only gonna backfire when the fair play rules come in. Stop being a cock and get behind your team, or go find your glory elsewhere.

      • Well said!

        There's no doubting what HR has done for us….I just wish he was 10 years younger.

        The squad rules coupled with the UEFA fair play rules make youth development critical to the club's future, so it's worth taking a punt on players like this.

  8. Why are you saying let’s hope he don’t turn out like Dos Santos???

    Your all thick as s**t if you think Dos Santos is crap!

    He just like every other young talent that enters White hart lane don’t get the chance he deserves! you telling me this season when Bale got injured you was happy with Pieneer taking his place then Dos Santos???

    The bloke plays well everywhere else and has shown us some top performances too yet Harry like always is to “scared” to play youth! If we had that balance this year and didn’t play our starting 11 for nearly every single match we would most certainly have 4th spot if not higher!!!!

    Look at RB back Hutton and Corluka Went through a bad patch and we let Villa have one of the best RB in the country!!!! Fed up with the same old tactic and the same old bulls**t from fans saying he ain’t good enough that one ain’t good enough when they clearly ain’t had a chance!!!! TTID

      • Why are you calling him a 'muppet'?

        We did let Kyle Walker leave, albeit on loan. The point he was making is that Walker would have made a good stand in earlier this year, not next season.

        Why are there so many abusive people on the internet?

  9. peter4spurs is not anything to do with spurs or football , hes like one of the scum infiltrating our forum like that other tosser from essex. arry is obviously our manager and we stick by him, its not his fault that we are crap and some wankers think fifth place is something to be proud of
    .its not something to be proud of because it5s something to be alarmed at, we could easily have broken the scums hold over us this year but we got too many tosser fans who didnt go to san siro for both games or madrid and in fact dont go to any fuckin games but comment fucking here or as arry said on the radio, arry was totally right when he said what kinda fuckin idiot makes tosser comments on the radio for the sake of listening to their own rambling groaning mastabational proccess. even elton john is more of aman than them

  10. we are a big club thats been put in the shit by a succession of no hoper directors starting with irving scholar, we’re not a fifth place club morally, we think its good because we’ve been mediocre for so long. Think how long we’ve had shit players, shit managers and shit owners who actually give these stubblebums the jobs in the first fuckin place.Arry’s alright and he has to stay.

    • After a few mistakes the board is doing pretty well. We've invested more than most without leaving ourselves in debt or saddling ourselves with too many expensive contracts (as far as I understand a lot of West Ham players are paid more than our top performers).

      Our biggest challenge is to build a bigger stadium, then we can compete with the other top clubs on a level playing field. Until then 5th is respectable, 4th is great, but we need the new stadium before we can consistently challenge for major honours.

      That said, Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal are all in transition so we've got a chance to do better next season.

  11. I read some of these posts and sit aghast, some of these morons are not Tottenham Fans, you just like to moan and groan about anything, and expect us to win every game, you give the proper football supporter of Spurs a bad rep.
    Im not saying I don't want sucess, of course not but success is relative, we would all love to be finishing top of the prem every year… but we dont and haven't for 40 years, so deal with it as a Spurs fan. Finishing 5th and CL IS a successful season.
    IF we beat wolves, IF we beat Wigan, IF we beat West Ham, IF we beat a host of drawn games we would have finished top.. mmm if you had tits you'd be a woman, IF you won the lottery you'd be a millionnaire.

  12. REALITY CHECK FOR SOME OF YOU…. Tottenham are one of the better clubs in England, and with the right players and motivation can challenge for major tropheys and win the odd one, that's our niche and we should be proud of that and support our club through thick and thin.
    Football is now all about the Billions – those with them can buy their way to silverware and high league positions, those without have to wheel and deal and play above their place to succeed. We are not a poor club by any means but we DO NOT have the buying power or wage structure to compete for the top 3 in the league, so 4th or indeed 5th is a good result. But you have a host of clubs very similar to us competing just below those top 3 or 4 so every season will be a struggle. So forget about giving Harry or any Spurs player stick and cheer the goals going in and support the boys when they need it most, when things don't go well and they need a lift.

    COYS – Forever


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