Spurs star admits he feared being injured by aggressive opposition in recent match

Image: SpursWeb

North and South Korea have had a chequered history which has been at the forefront of the world stage with both nations technically still at war.

This week, both nations took to the field in a qualifier for the 2022 World Cup which was held in the North’s capital Pyongyang on Tuesday in a stadium with no fans from either country present.

The match finished as a 0-0 draw and was only the second time South Korea’s men’s team had played a fixture in Pyongyang.

Tottenham Hotspur forward Heung-min Son captained the South and admitted after the match that he was surprised by the opposition’s rough tactics.

Son also claimed that there was a lot of aggression and swearing aimed towards himself and his team-mates during the draw.

Thankfully Son came through the match unscathed and missed yesterday’s training session with his Tottenham team mates due to his commute back to London.

“The opponents were very rough, and there were moments when very abusive language was exchanged,” Son told Associated Press.

“It was hard to concentrate on the match because you were thinking about avoiding injury first.

“It’s an accomplishment that we returned from a game like that without injury.

“North Korean players were sensitive and aggressive…there was a lot of severe swearing [from them].”

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