Spurs Supporters’ Trust co-chair: New stadium like nothing I’ve ever seen

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur held a familiarisation event at the new stadium for 6,000 fans on Sunday. The delay in the opening of the new stadium has caused much frustration among the Tottenham faithful but by the looks of it, the new 62,062 capacity stadium is almost ready.

After the familiarisation event, a flurry of pictures and videos of the stadium flooded the internet with several fans reporting that the stadium had surpassed even their wildest expectation. ESPN FC’s Ben Pearce spoke to Katrina Law, co-chair of Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust and what she said will be music to the ears of Spurs fans.

Law who was at the familiarisation event talked about being blown away by Tottenham’s new home. She said, “I’ve never been to a stadium like it, and I’ve been to a lot of football stadiums!. I was absolutely blown away. It was sensational, honestly, right from the minute you get there. ”

She also talked about how despite being humongous and having state of the art facilities, the stadium still feels like White Hart Lane. She added, “The most brilliant thing is that when you leave, you feel like you’re leaving White Hart Lane. That’s quite a feat because they’ve changed it completely. They’ve done things like putting bricks from the old stadium in one of the bars and they’ve got the center-spot from White Hart Lane marked, so there’s all of those nods. But it’s obviously a vastly different stadium and yet it still feels like home, which is really quite incredible, to have done that.”

The lucky few who got the opportunity to go to the familiarisation event on Sunday can certainly attest to Law’s words. Spurs fans will be hoping their move back home is just around the corner so that they can finally experience what the stadium looks and sounds like when it is full.

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