Spurs table £22m for Juan Mata


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Tottenham have tabled a bid of around £22m (nearly €25m) for Arsenal target Juan Mata according to the Daily Mirror.

The Valencia winger is open to a move to the Premier League and Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is a fan of the 23-year-old but he is yet to make a formal offer.

According to the report Mata’s preference is to join Arsenal but his contract allows him to depart Valencia for €21m before 1 August.

Mata is said to be open to a move to the Premier League and speaks a little English.

Valencia sporting director, Braulio Vázquez, said: “We are ready if [Mata] does depart.”


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  1. Look…this is meaningless conjecture. I can do the maths!

    £13.5m triggers his release clause – Valencia either have to sell or raise his wages by €700k a year (which they can’t afford to do) – rendering any bid of over £13.5m unable to influence the direction of sale at all. Marry the maths to lack of CL football and it’s unlikely that Spurs are signing Mata. I find it a bit embarrassing that 2 days after Arsenal are linked to player, Spurs are then linked and paying £5m more…does Harry lack his own scouts or imagination?

  2. A more effective on the field (and cheaper) replacement for Modric while using the surplus money to the purpose of buying a regularly scoring striker.

    • Replacement for Modric? What the hell are you talking about? Not only is modric not for sale, he is a completely different type of player!

  3. Whats embarrassing blue moon is that you give credence to an obviously fictional article in the Mirror and then use that to criticise spurs AND Redknapp. Firstly it is inconcievable that spurs would spend this kind of money for a position that patently doesn’t need filling. Either his agent is telling porkies to force arsenals hand or more likely the paper made the whole thing up. Secondly to criticise spurs scouting network is bizaare. Lennon, bale, sandro, rose, huddlestone, modric – no club has a better record of bringing in young players for comparatively little money and turning them into stars. Lastly blaming redkapp is laughable. He isn’t responsible for scouting, nor does he sign the players.

  4. I can’t get my head around why we would pay a penny above the release clause? Any excess should surely be used to bait the player and offset our lack of CL football? I’m reading figures of at least 5M over the release clause which could mean an extra £25k/week over 4 years, or a nice upfront carrot of a couple of mil? someone explain please???

    • Yes, let me explain. Everything you say is correct. The story simply isn’t true. It’s been made up by a journalist who knows less about the facts tan random blokes on the Internet. And he’ll be getting paid for this kind of bilge. That’s modern day journalism for you!

      Speaking of daft made up stories, how is Taraabt’s £13m (!!!) transfer going? Or Bendtners £9m move to Sporting (we’re really expected to believe that firstly sporting have £9m to spend – that’s more than their entire spending in any other year, and that even if they did, they’d value that fking carthorse at 9m!. Given his wages arsenal will genuinely be lucky to give him away). Bizarrely there always seem to be suckers whobelieve this absolute crap.

  5. Paul f – actually, my first statement removes any doubt that I don't the article has any credibility – then I explain why. Don't let your blinkered anger hide you from the truth, clownshoes! As for Redknapp – it's my understanding that he identifies the targets he actually wants to offer money for?! Lennon – star at Leeds, Bale – it's like saying Arsenal are responsible for Walcott, Sandro – good point there, Huddlestone – c'mon, really?! A star?! U21 internation when we signed him – Modric, let's face it, is our best signing for 30 years. Think Man Utd and the scum have a better record of picking up UNKNOWN young players and turning them in to stars…remove the blinkers, Desert Orchid, and you'll gain a lot more credibility…

  6. I think Arsenal should play the 2012 transfer window as follows.

    Bid on every single player in the world bar the 3 we want.

    All other clubs will immediately start humping our deals with more vigour and much more expensive condoms.

    We buy those 3 players when all other players have been impregnated and bought.


  7. It doesn’t matter what bid we put in, even if it was £35m it wouldn’t matter, all Arsenal need to do is trigger the release clause. In the end if Arseanl put in a bid, which I’m sure they will, then Spurs won’t sign him, in fact I’m 100% sure we won’t and this is only a tactic to drive up the price and maybe Valencia trying to entice other bidders other than Spurs or Arsenal. Whatever happens, Spurs are being used as part of negotiations, but everyone knows he won’t join us.

  8. So Redknapp comes out and openly states that he is after Juan Mata!

    Isn't that the same thing he was moaning about Chelsea for doing as he thought it was disrespectful. The silly old flabby face used car salesman ought to know better.

    Of course Mata will go to one of the big 5 not a one season wonder like Spurs. You're out of your depth boys and I'm not even an Arsenal fan!


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