Spurs threaten to ban fans


Spurs will ban any fan found guilty of offensive chanting during the win over Arsenal.

In line with the club’s zero-tolerance policy on abusive chanting, they have promised to ban any guilty party for life.

“It is club policy to ban fans that are found guilty of abusive chanting,” a club spokeswoman said.

“We evicted several fans at the time during the match. The way we deal with large numbers is we take out one or two of the ring-leaders who are initiating the chants.”

Spurs have taken steps to stamp out abusive chanting in recent times.

The club have extensive CCTV coverage of all stands and have displayed posters and stickers at White Hart Lane urging fans to report any offensive chanting.

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  1. if they banned guilty parties for life theyd have no fucking fans apart from a few queers who have suddenly become spurs fans. Sammy of the Park Lane was black and never got called anything in his life. Fuck the new Spurs and their legacy thayt is nothing to do with the old Spurs fans , its to do with the new queers we got in now.

  2. Big G assumes that anyone who doesn't shout foul and abusive language is a queer. What about the old guys in the stands who have supported the mighty Lilywhites through thick and thin, paid for their season tickets time and time again and now don't wish to bring their grandkids to the Lane anymore, for fear of listening to his sad expletive laden drivel? Wake up and enjoy the recent successes, instead of bitching. I don't fucking like Arsenal, Chelsea or West Ham for that matter either. However, their players are talented professionals (just like ours are) and there's no justification for jealous bigotry no matter which team you follow.
    And calling Clive Allen a cunt beggars belief!!!
    Very Sad


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