Spurs to bid £4m for Bellamy?


Tottenham are looking to tempt Manchester City with a £4m bid for striker Craig Bellamy.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry Redknapp wants the Welsh striker as an addition to his attacking options.

Man City need to sell players to meet the new Premier League 25-man rules.

‘It is clear some of the players we have will have to be left off,’ said boss Roberto Mancini.

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  1. This is unlikely- I feel Levy has instructed Arry to be wise in transfer department & that means Bellamy on loan for a season. Why pay for a 31 year old who may get injured & you left in the ditch, when there is strong possibility City will loan or sell players?

    • Why loan him to us if that's the case?, City wont do that anymore than we'd loan Keane out again. Age and transfer fee's mate, one goes up the other goes down!

  2. Well it was all going well until I read " According to the Daily Mail", I then picked up my Beano and scoured the back pages for more accurate information.

  3. What are you lot on about? Bellamy is capable of turning any game with his explosive pace, goals or assists.
    Granted he's a prat and injury prone, but £4million for him is a snip and I can guarantee you'd all be loving him when he does perform. He's one of those players who you hate when he's on the opposing side.
    Get him in Harry for that price.

  4. stuart: belamy is quicker and better than half our stike force and would be a good impact player. £4m good value, snap him up

    • Not who I think will help us win something major.The manager feels he must sign somebody and as the others haven't come he's settling for second best.

  5. Seems like a shocking lack of ambition being shown by the club this summer.

    We finally get to the holy grail of top 4 and Champions League but we are not investing !

    We should have invested in the squad at the start of the summer if we really want to go further than being a UEFA Cup club.

  6. Stop blooming whinging and start believing. We have a very good team in general and a load of promising youngsters, plus some such as Keano and Pav who have a lot to prove and are therefore almost like new signings anyway. I think Bellamy could be an asset although I agree he is a 'character.' but even if we don't get a 'big' signing, we have a squad that we can build great things on. COYS


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