Spurs to land £14million international in January?


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Tottenham are expected to tie up a £14million deal for Internacional midfielder Sandro in January, according to press reports.

The 20-year-old Brazilian international was heavily linked with a switch to White Hart Lane during the summer but was refused a work permit.  He has since made his debut for Brazil as a substitute in a World Cup qualifier against Chile on September 9th which should ease his path into the UK.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are also said to be interested.

Do you think Spurs will sign Sandro?

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  1. Hard one to call as we know so little about him and he is untested and is Brazilian so seems a big gamble but who knows could be top rate but wish we would go for Sandro as he seems a good bet although again untested but someone will get him and i wish it could be us as he seems to have a bit of flair about him.

  2. This is another silly transfer the lad has got talent but so has Dosantos TAARABT BALE BOSTOCK MASON TOWNSEND BENTLY and they cant get a game.To many cooks spoil the broth and we have plenty ,Harry is struggling to keep the players we have happy another disgruntled players is the last thing he needs

  3. DAVSPURS – Well Taarabt, Bostock, Mason, Townsend may have talent but they are no where near Sandros current ability.

    Taarabt – Very talented but until he increases his work rate significantly and helps the defense he can’t play regurarly in the PL.

    Bostock, Mason and Townsend may be ready for regular PL football in 2-3 years but need to develop a lot before that’s possible and we all know how difficult it is to take those final steps to become the top end product.

    Bale is a backup player to BAE who is far better than Bale defensively and is currently as good going forward. He is still young though and will get his chances if he stays.

    Dos Santos is on the verge of getting his chances soon in the PL as he has progressed a lot during the last year. Too bad about his injury in the League cup.

    As for Sandro – We are talking about about a hardworking mf with better technique than Palacios here with huge potential. Former U20 captain and now a full BRAZIL international. Yes he is unproven in the PL and will need time to adapt to the pace in England but to compare him with players like Bostock, Mason and Townsend et c who arent’t even regulars in the England U21 starting XI is not really relevant. I hope we buy him as another top central mf is what we need, Hudd is too slow and Jenas too inconsistent for us to really challenge the top clubs and I think that’s there for all to see. A mf of Modric – Sandro – Palacios – Lennon would be fantastic in my opinion.

  4. Davspurs i disagree with you – none of the aformentioned are suited to the role of strong central midfielder, either as backup to or alongside Wilson. I would prefer we signed a player from the Prem or Europe but if he is a potential world class player I would take the gamble (assuming Harry’s team have looked at him and think he’s the genuine article).

  5. leonardo you where a great player but a shite manager at milan so having two defensive Midfielders nullifys your attack. We have one of the best Selection Lennon Palacios Huddlstone Moderic when they have played together for a full season will be magic speed ball winner creative passer and Wizard is a complete midfield in my humble opinion .COYS

  6. Eric i cant agree with your assumtion that BEA is better than Bale the injured Bale yes but a 100 persent Bale no way we have only seen a tiny bit of this unfotunate talents abilaty .Fergie sent Giggs to try and get him to sign for Utdbut he chose spures Bae recently has started to make mistakes and his last good game was against liverpool only because he scored . Bale has bean wales man of the match against Germany Russia so dont judge these two till they have played the same ammount of games fully fit .


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