Spurs unlikely to do any business in January


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Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has played down talk of him signing new players in January.

Redknapp has been told that he must sell first in order to strengthen his squad, but claims that he’s happy with his players.

He said: “I haven’t even got anybody in mind. I have got a good squad and sometimes you can give yourself more problems (bringing players in).

“I have got four terrific centre-halves and four terrific centre-forwards, so I am not sitting here thinking we need a player in this position or that position.

“We have good cover so I don’t see us having to bring anyone in.”

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  1. If Arry and Levy think our squad is good enough to maintain a push for that all important CL place, then they are very deluded. We just have not the quality in depth, just look at our performances while missing Lennon, Modric and Defoe. Now is the best time to rid the club of the deadwood and bring in the quality for us to put in a serious effort from now to the end of the season.

  2. I must admit it tickled me when I heard Harry say:he wasn’t looking to bring anyone in next month,

    Somehow I can’t see there being such an absence,can you?

  3. Yes Engnor because in Modrics absence Nico has been shit hasn’t he? Any team in the league would struggle to replace Lennon like for like but Jenas, Bently, Naughton can all do a job. Keane and Pav are both good strikers. There is no need to buy anyone unless it is someone who is going to improve the squad available at a good price. I am sure Harry is basically saying, we are not desperate and if we don’t buy anyone it won’t be the end of the world. I agree with him, the squad we have can finish top four

  4. I think we can keep going but push for 4th ,no i think we need cover in midfield as Jenas and Bentley are crap lets face it and Pava and Keane are both for different reasons a problem.If we could get Parker and Sandro that would cover the midfield and someone like Baloletti and Jones would give us a strong squad going into the second half of the season which can in the past be our worst .We need to keep the main part of the team just little additions here and there would be good.Jones could work well with Defoe and yet if there was a problem we still have Crouch to partner him ,Baloletti would give us a serious player who would with his pace and power scare all defences .Parker and Sandro would be cover for Wilson and the thudd or as a replacement for the thudd who i thought was very wasteful today in his passing and was when near goal always looking to brake the net when in truth it was more like braking someone in row 99.He needs to watch a few videos of giggs and scholes from a few years ago and keane(manure type) to learn not to always be trying this and to do the simple things instead.The game today showed me one thing with Modric we are slow when he has the ball but when Nico replaced him we became more direct and dangerous.I think to loose him would not be the big thing we all thought it would be to be honest and if we were to get a offer of 30ml+ for him i for one would snap at it.I thought today other than the goal he did very little and i know it was his first proper game back but he lost the ball so many times which having watched him in the past is something he does quite a lot but gets away with it.To get 4th we will need a few more players and a lot of luck.

  5. Davy41- shut up. Don’t sell Modric, he was the best player last
    season and has been sadly missed. And talking of dead people, get
    rid of Keane- he is a complete waste of oxygen. send him back to
    Leeds- they deserve him. Don’t buy anyone, just get rid of the
    professional Irishman…

  6. Agree with Paul. Can’t sell Modric. He’s propably our only “world class” player. Could possibly make a case for Lennon, Defoe and Gomes but he is the only sure thing we have. With him in the team at the start of the season we won our four first matches. In the period that he’s been injured we won 6, drew four and lost five…that’s middle of the table.

  7. By the way. Would like to see more of the following players: Dos Santos, Bale and possibly also Bostock (if he is a real talent we need to give him 10 min at the end of some games). Would also like to see Tarabt brought back and given some playing time.
    Would not mind the following players being sold: Keane, Bentley and Pav. Personally I like Pav but Harry doesn’t so there’s no need to have him rotting the bench if u can bring someone else in.


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