A look ahead to Spurs vs Wolves


The lull before the storm is almost over. It’s Molineux on Sunday afternoon before Milan on Wednesday, and then another lull.

Chelsea’s result on Tuesday night has dampened slightly the jollity engendered by the hilarious performance and result at Wembley on Sunday. The feel good factor produced by Koscielny the Clown and his colleagues was alive and well at half time at Stamford Bridge as it appeared Rooney and cohorts were going to both do us a favour and put another tear in Wenger’s master plan but by the end the evening had a more depressing gloss to it.

Wolves lie in the relegation zone in 18th place. They’ve suffered 5 defeats at home but have won 7 which include defeats of both of Tuesday night’s combatants. Last weekend Blackpool were thumped 4-0 which using playground logic means we’re in for a tough game given our loss at Bloomfield Rd last week. We should expect nothing else of course given our recent record against them. They did the double over us last season and were in the lead for a long time at WHL in September before Alan Hutton of all people took charge leading us to three goals in the last quarter of an hour.

Organisation and industriousness are the hallmarks of any Mick McCarthy team and Wolves are no exception. Jarvis and Hammill provide subtlety as does Doyle up front. Jamie O’Hara has already proved influential in his brief time there and his absence due to being our loanee is bound to disrupt them. Whether we can take advantage is a different matter. The Ronnie Rosenthal like finishing at Blackpool has led to much wailing & hand-wringing. Confidence is the key though and Pav & Defoe need some desperately.

Hopefully we’ll have some returnees available, Van der Vaart and maybe Hutton whose mysterious disappearance may soon be over. Bringing him back to replace Bassong is probably the right thing to do but given the form of both players it also has an air of replacing one potential accident with another.

Harry will have half an eye on next Wednesday and remembering Sunderland, may well play a slightly cut down team here. There are though only eleven games to go and now is the time we should be cranking things up not taking things cautiously. It’s hard not to have our injury record at the back of one’s mind when thinking about what side we might put out though. How much more confident we’d feel with a fully fit Bale, Van der Vaart, Huddlestone, Kaboul and King available. We don’t want to risk losing anyone else before Milan so I suspect a team similar to that at the Stadium of Light to take the field. We’ll need to start well and keep it tight early on, i.e. the complete opposite to Blackpool. Do that and take our chances and we’ll be ok. COYS.


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  1. We could just save our season if and its a big if Kolo Toure get a prober ban for failing a drugs test. For what is believed to be the energy drug Paddy Kennys Cough mixture (Ephedrine) I have bean banging the same boring drum all season about Tempo bunnies and i could have told you who is using this drug. The reason is because i reported a team three seasons ago for using energy drugs and this year high tempo defending in numbers is causing Shocks a plenty. This should give us some hope because Mad Mick said last year Wolves had to play nine out of ten performance to beat us last year. We also suffered the same manic defending in the game against Blackpool but we will get them back in the home game. This all depends on The Fa not losing there bottle and ex Man CITY chairman and the new Boss of the FA Mr Bernstien do not except he was a loan wolf. This is what happened to Paddy Kenny and he only got eight month and most of that was in the close season. My gut feeling is they will except he bought it accidently for a cold. If they do i wont let other teams beat Spurs by high Tempo illegal methods without keeping silent and will stick up for my team and this is why i never called Defoe and our players after Bolton Wigan Blackpool West Ham all high Tempoed us in shock results. YOURS FOREVER DAVSPURS NOT A LONE VOICE ANYMOE THANKS TO KOLO

  2. You cant leave my blog out or the Tempo cheats win Wolves have to slow down there tempo or we will struggle and my voice will be silent.

  3. We should win this game but this team beat utd with a high tempo performance the one thin Blackpool have used to shock teams . I have bean questioning this tempo because of what i no and no one believed me well Kole Toure has given you the answer he failed a drugs test because sadly for him his manager left him on the bench and he got picked for a drug test the fact he never run this energy off on the pitch this meant he failed a test. This has bean going on for three seasons i discovered and i hve told all my fans twe lost ttwo managers nearly got relegated and have suffered plenty of shock results on the way to replacing a team i reported the year they finished second. We should win if when we attack there is not 8 energized defenders in the box blocking saving and stopping us scoring again this depends if the team are desperate . we are playing and if the FA bottle Toure drug cheating he doesn't drink smoke he his a religious man the problem giving himself endless energy is cheating and very bad image of a Christian the only comfort for him he is one of many many players.


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