Spurs won’t fill new stadium if they aren’t competitive warns TV pundit

Image: SpursWeb

Football pundit Andy Gray believes that Tottenham Hotspur are facing a crucial phase in whether they are able to continue their progression.

The club are currently in the process of constructing their new 62,062 seater stadium, however, delays have meant that it won’t be opening its doors until 2019.

Tottenham initially aimed to move into their new stadium for the Premier League game with Liverpool on 15 September but that deadline was missed after issues were found with critical safety systems.

According to The Independent, the stadium has already gone over budget on the development and have had to borrow an additional £237million to cover the ever increasing costs.

The former Sky Sports presenter has claimed that the Tottenham hierachy need to decide on whether they spend money on stregthening their squad to compete with the likes of Manchester City and the rest of the Premier League elite, or face not filling the new stadium if the club aren’t pushing on to win silverware.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side became the first in Premier League history not to bring in any fresh faces since the inception of the summer transfer window, but the Spurs boss has previously revealed to ESPN that he is aiming to recruit in January.

Gray told BeIN Sports: “I think between now and the end of the season, Tottenham have got to make a decision,”

“A – do they want to be with Man City, United, Chelsea and Liverpool? Or do they want to be in that bracket below.

“They will have a wonderful stadium, but just enough players to keep them in the top six, maybe the top four. Although they’ve invested hugely in the stadium, the only way they’re going to fill that stadium, is if you give the fans the team to fill it.

“If you have a wonderful, beautiful stadium, state of the art, but your team aren’t competitive, you aren’t filling it.”

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  1. What does he know? Seriously! Spurs fans obviously want their team to achieve as much as any fan of any team does but the Spurs fan is also hugely loyal and will still go and watch their team when the going is not so good. The attendance records speak for themselves.


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