Stadium contractors reveal when new pitch will be laid

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur’s brand new 62,000 seat stadium is slowly but surely inching towards completion after multiple delays over the past few months.

The stadium was supposed to open against Liverpool on September 15, but issues with the fire safety system made this an impossibility.

Rumours have it now that the ground will not be finished until early 2019, with Tottenham’s Wembley stay already extended to December 15.

However, some good news for Spurs fans, building contractors Mace have apparently announced that the new pitch is to be laid in October, which is now just a week away.

A permanent artificial NFL pitch has already been installed in the base of the stadium, with the retractable pitch trays now extended out across the ground, waiting for the Spurs turf.

Big metal structures have also been seen over the top of the retractable trays, which are said to be Stadium Grow Lighting systems, there to help the grass grow once it arrives on site.

Keep your eyes peeled on Spurs Web for images of the new pitch in the coming weeks!

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  1. Well, they have just parked all the grow lights (4 were still viewable on Saturday). So, it certainly looks like turf delivery could be imminent. The right side of the pitch (viewed the North stand) has been separated from the other 2 pieces today (Sunday) and the separation is clearly visible.

    From what I have seen of the grass pitch (when it is rolled in to the stadium) is it arrives from under the South stand in the 3 pieces and then slides sideways to form the complete pitch.

    Looking forward to seeing the pitch being laid.

  2. Anyone who really believes that the stadium opening date was delayed because of faulty wiring is a fool, they still don’t even have a pitch laid, other parts of the stadium are too far from being able to hold a Premier League match, even the paving outside hasn’t been completed, that alone was too dangerous to have thousands of people coming and going on uneven ground. Daniel Levy knew this would be the case weeks ago, if not months but still took peoples money for season tickets that have also gone up considerably, no mention of refunds or compensation, what a way to treat your own fans. Daniel Levy, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. This pitch being laid shouldn’t take too long before play would be allowed. Now, the grow system is a good thing I suppose. I remember teams laying new turf and playing within around 10 days in the past.

    The building itself is another issue. How the fans are being treated is another issue (I have two nephews that are season ticket holders are are both very ticked off with how Spurs have handled the delay, “refunds” and the general mess of trading one ticket in, to then buy a different one at Wembley etc.

  4. ..and if you pooled your intelligence with the collective consciousness of the Borg, your IQ still wouldn’t reach double figures. You clearly know nothing about project management.


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