New Stadium may not be ready in time

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

According to The Mirror, the club may be forced to play the first few games of next season away from home as we face a race against time to get their new stadium ready.

The clubs hierarchy remain adamant that our new 61,000 seater White Hart Lane stadium will be ready for the 2018/19 campaign however the article adds that they are now making contingency plans.

The article adds that this week the club posted video footage of a new 600 tonne roof being put on the new stadium but there is other extensive building work yet to be completed.

It goes on to say that Liverpool were forced to play some of their opening games away from Anfield until a new stand was completed and it adds the Premier League will give Tottenham the green light.

The article also adds that the club told a supporters’ forum group: “It was always envisaged in the construction plan that it may be necessary to play early games away from home.”

We have of course used Wembley this season while construction work continues but that is only in place for one year, such is the confidence that the new stadium will be built in record time.

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  1. It is an appalling article by a useless Arsenal supporting journalist typical of the Mirror. It has not been picked up anywhere because it states nothing new. The stadium is on track and there is leeway to play a few away games first. Cross is a twat of the highest order. The Mirror is a worthless rag

    • mark the stadium is 3 weeks ahead of scedual the mirror is just another shit newspaper who hate spurs and do anything to sell there crap paper

  2. Whether the stadium is ready or not,It is a remarkable piece of engineering and Daniel Levy should be praised for his commitment to the future. Don’t worry about what papers say.


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