Stan Collymore tells people to stop ‘talking a load of old cobblers’ about the new Spurs stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur held their very first test event at the new stadium on Sunday, as their under 18s side beat Southampton 3-1.

However, the visit wasn’t really about the football match, it was about the supporters finally getting to lay their eyes on the new ground, and their bums on the new seats.

Fans were originally told that the stadium would open on September 15 last year against Liverpool, but delays after delay pushed the date back further and further.

This also created a problem surrounding where the club would play, as they ended up continuing at Wembley, as well as playing a cup match at Stadium MK.

Some have argued that the Premier League has been too lenient in granting special permission to Spurs, as they become the first Prem team to use three separate home grounds in a domestic season.

However, Stan Collymore has now told these people to stop ‘talking a load of old cobblers’ as the new stadium is not an advantage to Tottenham in his opinion.

He said in The Mirror: “I’ve no idea why some people are still bleating about the timing of Tottenham’s stadium move. About the integrity of the Premier League competition being compromised or this, that and the other.

“Yes, Harry Kane might up his performance by 10 per cent in every game Spurs play there for the rest of the season. The same might go for several of his team-mates, too.

“But if you tell me that visiting sides’ players won’t be buzzing to perform at the new ground as well, then I’ll tell you you’re talking a load of old cobblers.

“I had a couple of mates who went to the first test event on Sunday and they were raving about the way their beer glasses were filled, about concourses you can drive a juggernaut down and the magnificent, sweeping new stand.”

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  1. Also, doesn’t the theory that we will now play much better, which I hope happens, also show that we’ve been at a disadvantage for 2 years. So why the hell shouldn’t we finally get a proper home stadium back?

  2. The same moaners and groaners were saying the complete opposite about Spurs moving to Wembley 2 seasons ago. Then it was seen as a distinct disadvantage to Spurs with many claiming that we would sink faster than a lead balloon. Do you think that these people hate Spurs and our magnificent new stadium, do you feel the envy????


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