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We have heard various people talk of what a great result it was for Tottenham to beat Real Madrid. It was a pleasure to watch. We have also heard praises from several quarters about how good the Tottenham team is. The team fills me with pride after over 30 years as a Tottenham fan. We have even heard Jose Mourinho giving Tottenham a back handed compliment by saying no one is giving him (Jose Mourinho) credit for his team, Manchester United, winning the match against Tottenham. Winning against Tottenham is by no small measure a big win for Jose Mourinho, but more importantly, that is the extent to which he considers Spurs as a true competitor for awards and plaudits he wants. Thank you for the compliment, but no thank you, Jose. We do not want you seeking praise for winning against a very good Tottenham team. We want to see you make excuses for why your team lost to a great Tottenham team over and over again.

All the Tottenham players were magnificent in both Real Madrid matches but, having said all that, for me the star of the show is Mauricio Pochettino. If you did not see his post-match (Tottenham v Real Madrid) interview and you want to get an insight into the man, then watch that interview.

It is not about what we have already achieved, however, big it may seem. It is not about the fact that we have beaten Real Madrid, it is about what we achieve at the end of the season. Real Madrid has a trophy cabinet the contents of which we want. We want to show the world that we have earned the trophies and not simply that we played well or that we were magnificent in one or two matches or even almost all matches. For me that is what Mauricio Pochettino is about. He does not want to get carried away with small glories and that for me, in addition to all he has done for Spurs makes him exceptional.      

Mauricio Pochettino has put together a managerial team, he and his managerial team have chosen the players they believe can do the job, and they have worked with those players both individually and collectively to achieve the quality we see on the pitch. This is a man with an objective and everything he said in that interview shows that this is a man who keeps the players’ feet firmly on the ground. I would like to think that even if we won nothing during Mauricio Pochettino’s time at Spurs his presence has made Tottenham a better club. However, that would not be enough because a squad like we have and a managerial team like we have and above all a manager like Mauricio Pochettino, the star of the show, deserves to win, one, maybe even two trophies starting this season. Let’s wish the team well and hope some good fortune shines on us as well as their hard work we have all seen produce results on the pitch.

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