Striker concern for Spurs


Emmanuel Adebayor - Tottenham Hotspur News

Emmanuel Adebayor is racing a race against time to face Newcastle on Sunday.

On-loan Manchester City striker Adebayor has been struggling with a hamstring strain picked up in Spurs’ derby win over Arsenal 10 days ago and is believed to have a 50-50 chance of playing in Sunday’s match at St James’ Park.

Adebayor has impressed since moving to White Hart Lane for the season, scoring three times in four appearances.

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    • Aside from Ade none of the strikers can play lone striker and no pair of them have a partnership worth a shite so he is vital to our EPL season.

    • We might get away without him for the odd game here and there but if you take Adebayor out long term all the strikers we have left are the flops from last season.

  1. we got defoe the born again cant score a fucking goaler and we got the tattooed ponce. Defoe actually looks better with ade but without him hes shite. Arry redknapp was better than him and arry didnt actually bring the house down…well he did in a way, he used to have a shot with no run up, like he'd lift his leg and suddenly the f'ing ball would either break the back of the net or be in the stands. Harry wasnt bad. Its so f'ing sad we sold Rodney Trotter.


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