Surely Spurs won’t sell Modric to Man City


Luka Modric - Tottenham news

Today’s press reports are claiming that Manchester City are set to enter the race to sign Luka Modric.

Although it could very well be paper talk about City ready to start the bidding at £30million for the Spurs midfielder – surely Daniel Levy will do all he can to hold onto the little Croatian, selling arguably our most influential player to City would be committing Champions League suicide.

Yes City have the money and the lure of Champions League football but just like they have done to us previously, we cannot sell to a club who we are competing against for a spot at Europe’s top table next season.

Chelsea and Manchester United are also both said to be monitoring the situation but City are prepared to treble Modric’s £55,000-a-week salary.

Modric said recently: ‘If there will be an offer which will be good for Tottenham and for me also, then a transfer is of course possible.’

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  1. at the end of the day if the player wants to go .. let him go .. just like berbatov .. .. theres no loyalties in football anymore .. he wont be the first to do it (if thats the case ) .. personally i pray he stays .. Modric is our best player ..
    if we do sell .. lets get some really stupid money for him .

  2. We can’t kid ourselves about competing with City. Their miles ahead of us and will just get stronger. 2nd last season? Our best bet is taking advantage of a possible Arsenal dismantle in the summer but, like Chelsea and United, we can no longer compete with City

  3. The clue is in the ‘£55,000 a week salary’. Just like the media attempts to unsettle him had the ball rolling by a ridiculous article claiming a £20 million deal was imminent (which is strictly speaking laughable), and other media outlets soon ran with (and some still are) a figure of £20 million. Just as the insane story that we were lining up Joe Cole as his replacement (they don’t even play in the same position), and a whole host of other media outlets were running with the same story, and some still are. With this story, the factthat he had his contract renewed, which made him the clubs top earner, probably, then, on something between £70 and £80 thousand a week), then I have no doubt that this ‘source’ will be quoted with the incorrect wage figure.

    Most of these stories are made up by one journalist (if most of these idiots on the internet can even be called that) from a ‘source’, who almost definitely doesn’t exist, or is a Manchester United employee, and then repeated almost verbatim by the rest, as though speaking Gospel truth.

    How tedious.

  4. I am getting pissed off with all this talk about our players going. What the hell are we doing at Spurs because there is no talk about the club going after anybody of any real interest. Are we going to make the same mistakes we made in the last two windows by leaving bids until the last minute, trying to get the very last penny out of other clubs. i do hope Levy has learnt by his mistakes and takes the bull by the horns this time around. As for Modric, let him go if he wants to. He is with an up and coming club with a lot of unity. Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City are not like that so if he thinks he is going to be better off then let him go for a ridiculous amount of money and replace him with someone better. Personally I would only sell him to a club abroad and definitely not City as they would not deal with us in the past.

  5. Having said that we could bend Citeh over a barrell and shaft them hard. £30,40,50mil + Adebayor, Johnson, milner etc…

    • I would take Johnson £20m Milner £20m and Adebayor £18m for modric. Those 3 players will improve the team more than what one player would do. If modric had scored 20 goals + & had 15 assists then different story. Forget the pretty football he can play , every player can be replaced.

      • You do know that we can only play 11 players at a time?
        Due to the absence of Huddelstone, late emergence of Sandro and shoehorning of VDV into the side Modric has been playing as a deep lying playmaker. It's difficult for him to score goals playing in that role, however you'll notice (if you pay attention) that he often makes the pass which leads to the assist or goal. He's probably the best player in the Prem at retailing possession, he absolutely runs our team.

  6. I want him to stay but there’s another reason too. If we allow our best players to be unsettled through the media and then let them leave it will keep happening, Sandro next summer perhaps. Levy needs to dig his heels in and maybe in future Manu and co will look elsewhere.

  7. Agree with you all, this is what all the media do they just like the elite!Supporters and fans should start to wake up and look whats going on.Do you think the prem is a fair league? Look who has won it over many years, look at the stats.ELITE!And the media lap up to how wonderful the elite do(really?)How great the prem would be if one from 10 or 15 could win it.But hey just keep paying the machine, the hype,your hard earned money in these tight times,it,s worth it right?

    • Really agree with your view and analysis here. The hegemony, the oligarchy, top four, big four, sky four, super fucking Sunday four (what a spinner that was). If you've watched the premiership in another county you'll notice that it's all about four teams. I even watched a match where in the studio they had the four badges of Arse, United, Pool and Chelsea, emblazoned under their desk. “The epic battle that has been raging since time immemorial, who will come out on top this time!?”. I spoke to a football fan in South Africa who told me that they supported Chelsea before quickly adding that they support all the big four really. We're not in the Money's interests.

  8. agree with david. I’m getting really ******* off that every time we get close to becoming serious challengers man u come in and buy our top players. the media are just as bad overhyping to try and precipitate a move for a good back page headline. It makes me sick that football has become what it has. If spurs are bought up by some middle east oligarch i’ll be shifting my support to a tottenham feeder club like barnet or leyton orient. At least you don’t get this crap in the lower divisions.

  9. If someone want to pay 30 or 40 million for him let him go unless he really wants to stay which i doubt very much we all have to accept when it comes to wages we just cant compete and we will lose all our decent players because of this in time but i do believe its paper talk

  10. wev got to keep modric no matter wat? i thought he was 1 player we had that had loyality, he was getting linked with barca in jan and when asked about it he said ” do i want to go to barca yes in the nxt round of the chimpions leg with spurs?” it just seems all are top players want to play for man u! levy has to be strong and if he wants to go only let him go abroad!! hes got a 6 year deal wer the 1s with the power. we cant sell to man u again!! we r not there feeder club wer bigger and better than that!!!! as a replacement if he wer to go marin the young german from laverkysen??

  11. Of course money buys the Premier League like everything else these days and that’s why I view Man U and Chelsea titles with total contempt. Until Man C

  12. Sources close to the Daily Mirror are willing to offer around £1.50 for Piers Morgan’s Daily Mail Sport section. According to a Daily Mail insider, although the price seems highly inflated, both sides are more than willing to do the deal, with the Mail laughing all the way to the bank.

    Sports journalism = bollox

  13. As a rabid gooner, I’m happy using my position at the Mail to try to cause any problems I can for Spurs. Just because I am a proven liar and was sacked from the Mirror in disgrace for fabricating stories, doesn’t mean you can’t trust me. Thank you Daily Mail, it’s so nice to work in a place where our standards are equal.

  14. I'm completely disillusioned with the Premier League at football in general. I could understand Berbatov leaving because we'd just finished 11th, but we've finished 4th & 5th the last two seasons!

    This Financial Fair Play rule is the worst thing to happen in football because it will just ensure that the elite teams will remain in place forever more.

    Somebody mentioned 'feeder clubs'. Surely if we sell Modric then we are the biggest feeder club of them all!

    Would o be loyal to my club if we sell Modric and cement our reputation as a feeder club? Yes, I suppose so.

    Would I pay nearly £1,000 per season for a season ticket to Manchester United's feeder club? No chance, try about £150 at the most.

  15. If, as and when Modric decides to abandon his recently extended contract and jump ship for more money, then let him go for £30million + if needs be, BUT he must go abroad and not to any of our competitors in the Premier League. Man City would not do it, why should we?

  16. I do think we should calm down a bit here regarding Modric, and just wear a contented smile that we’re holding all the cards. Modric has 5 years, yes FIVE years left on his contract. That gives us at least 3 years before we even have to consider selling him! If he hands in a transfer request, tough! We don’t have to sell. He signed the contract of his own free will. Nothing points towards him being a possible derisive or sulky character. He signed the contract, he’ll honour it, and he’ll play.

    If Chelsea, United of City want to tap him up, then please do, lets encourage this. We don’t need the money of compensation because we won’t be selling. This time we’ll go for points deductions! (I am aware that Harry is terrible for using the media to tap-up too)

    Also the fact that we have 3 players (4 if you include the slightly older VDV) that every team wants and could easily play in their first teams is a fantastic thing and reason for this squad to stay together as Modric himself has pointed out. Happy days! Media, please do check out our badselves!

  17. Players today need to be taught what loyalty means….Modrich needs 2 b left 2 rot in the reserves and Levy shoold tattoo a cockrel onto Modrich's face, that ill teach him to mess with the spurs.

    Also time Harry realised his limitashions & left. Need to bring in a manager with more CL experience. Avram Grant got Chelski to final and he's looking for a job.

    • Hahahaha Avram Grant, you nut case! He's a terrible manager, the last two teams he's managed got relegated!

      It's well discussed that most of above is probably nonsense, there's no need to turn on Modric just yet. He's a consumate professional and easily our best player – that's why eveybody wants him!

      Carlo Ancelotti in a years time (or now) would be amazing!

      • It was only a wind-up!!!

        I was just trying to see if I could come up with the most witless comment….there's quite a lot of competition!!!


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