Tactical Nuke At The Lane

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It’s clear for all Spurs fans to see that Mauricio Pochettino values work rate more than any other boss in the premier league. To some, this may come as a sigh of relief, the stressful thoughts of a lethargic Paulinho or an error prone Kaboul are long in the memory and surely won’t be troubling the minds of our fans as long as the Argentine is in charge. However, the lack of flair to be signed up and placed into the dressing room this summer may have a few fans on edge. And rightly so…

The pros and the cons of the transfer window so far result in what is an unbalanced squad. In some aspects we look strong, very strong, maybe strong enough to push for that all important fourth spot. Yet, in some areas, we look weak, ordinary, and quite simply below par.

Transfer business carried out by Pochettino and Levy so far (and maybe Baldini) has significantly improved the confidence of the fans regarding our defence. All three of our signings so far are set to bolster the back line. Wimmer, Trippier and Alderweireld all come with great pace and a solid share of premier league experience, bar the Austrian international. A mixture of the both will surely enable them all to fit straight in to Mauricio’s high pressing, high tempo and hopefully high quality game.

However, there are also quite a few faults in our transfer doings thus far. We haven’t signed an attacking player, an exciting player, someone who will get the Tottenham Hotspur faithful on their feet. Yes, we have Harry Kane and yes he scored thirty plus goals, but is one twenty one year old really the key to the Champions League? I think not, and I’m sure many spurs fans will see eye to eye with me. Mirallas, Iturbe, Sissoko and most recently Veretout are all just a few of the names that have been rumoured to be an item on Levy’s shopping list, but with two weeks to go until the trip to Old Trafford, does Mauricio Pochettino have something else in mind?

The lack of transfer activity by the Spurs board in recent weeks is exactly what brings me to my theory, Tottenham’s ‘tactical nuke’. When recognising that we now have five attacking full backs and a worrying lack of midfielders entering the lane, is a new and diverse formation on the cards at N17. A three at the back set up is what springs to mind. Toby, Eric and Jan at the back, Walker and Rose bombing up and down the flanks with less defensive duties. Nabil Bentaleb and Christian Eriksen pulling the strings… it sure is a dream to think about but would still require a dream partnership. Harry Kane and… Timo Werner, Javier Hernandez, Saido Berahino? That, perhaps, is a debate for another day.

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  1. "It’s clear for all Spurs fans to see that Mauricio Pochettino values work rate more than any other boss in the premier league"
    No idea how old you are but if you want articles/opinions taken seriously, you need to avoid such OTT nonsense

      • Remember the words of George Bernard Shaw:

        "Those who can – do.
        Those who can't – teach"

        To which I have added, "And those who can do neither – criticise" .

        Not bad for 16. Good luck.

  2. Timo Wermer would be another over-priced mistake. Very few goals for very many games. No EPL experience. Very poor shot accuracy.

    Austin and Berahino would be great.

    • Yes I agree, Berahino would be my preferred option but wouldn’t be surprised to see Austin come in on deadline day

  3. I quite liked the article, and the idea it puts toward.

    The only thing is that Pochettino is highly unlikely to have any plan, except for the very same one he had every week last season – and everyone knows what that was.

    • Yes I know where you’re coming from, I believe the new formation is unlikely but the possibility is quite exciting, not a fan of our predictable 4231 week in week out

  4. When the transfer window closed "

    "We almost sign this player, that player"

    "We have seriously been in touch with Aubameyang, Hernandez, Berahino etc"

    " We could not met with their asking price, they wanted another 2 million Euros"

    same old excuses!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good point, we need to take a gamble upfront, big money! But then again that’s what we did with Soldado and that hardly planned out well…

      • There are a whole number of variables that need to be considered when buying a player. Spurs could afford to spend £50 mill on a player, but the knock-on effect of that is you may need to pay a player in this price range £250k per week. Now consider the effect paying a player that sort of money in a team where the next highest wage earner is a bit over £100k? He might be an Aguero or he might be a Torres. But whatever he is, how does the team tell players on say £40-50k a week that they only deserve a fraction of those wages.

        And that's the problem that most people who think "gamble upfront big money" probably never really consider. The club has to be ready to absorb he consequences of the transfer, whether it succeeds or fails, because even if it succeeds, it will have a huge knock-on effect on the rest of the team financially.

  5. Good thinking Jordan and everyone has their unique opinions otherwise the world would be a boring place,keep writing how you feel,I do think we’ll get Berahino and a DM before the season if not wouldn’t surprise me to see Alli at DM or even Dembele COYS!!!

  6. Good article, I agree that we can't just rely on Kane.

    We need more fire power. Another two forwards would be ideal, I'd bite your hands off for Austin and Berahino. Also looking at the midfield, there isn't a great deal of experience in there. The fact that our midfield pair have just two and a half seasons worth of experience between them is worrying. I like them both and I think they are both very good players who can be excellent on their day, however I think another one is needed. Schneiderlin (sp) would have been perfect, but it wasn't to be. There is talk of Sven Bender, 26 year old German international, has a bit of Schneiderlin about him. If we got those three, I would be a very happy Spurs fan.

    • Thanks, and yes like I mentioned we need more firepower! Whether it’s the result of new signings or a new tactic, I don’t mind either way!

      • I think it has to come from new signings. If Adebayor and Soldado go (even though I like him, it just hasn't worked out), we need another two to replace them.

  7. Poch and Paul Mitchell were brought in for a reason.

    Poch is a specialist in improving young players very quickly and Mitchell in selecting the right players to go forward. (It was no accident that Southampton could sell so many players and continue without missing a beat)

    Both Deli Alli and Alex Pritchard have been exalted by the coaches they have played under and by the fans they have played in front of.

    Did you predict this time last year that Kane would go on to score so many goals. Who did? Right!

    • I agree a lot, maybe another young player will surprise once more, but like I said we can’t rely on the unexpected we need players who we know are consistent and we know will perform week in week out – though I do appreciate it’s not always easy to find a player with those credentials

    • Have to take issue with your post regarding Poch. I do not see that he has any track record for anything. Soton sold many of it's crown jewels when he left, but still theyb improved after he left. His total tenure at Soton was a mere 18 months, and it's difficult to say that he improved them and this was not natural progression.

      Regarding Harry Kane, I am among the first to say that when I saw him make his EL debut, I wondered why he was on our books, but following the run-out that he got from SS, I recognised that he was going to be good (though not 30 goals worth). I couldn't for the life of me, see why Poch was not making him first choice, and to be honest, I think if Soldado and the Wage Thief had shown anything, Kane would still be in the "Cup Squad". That sums up my view of Poch and "young talent". There is no way that he should have been third choice behind those two.

      At this moment in time, and based on what I have seen so far, I see nothing to tell me that he is the new Messiah, but I would love to be wrong. However, if current form is anything to go by, I think he will go the way of his predecessors, and it is only then, that everybody will notice that unlike those who went before him, his greatest achievement as a manager, was one MOTM.


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