“You’re talking about a £30m deal”


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp doubts that Tottenham will be able to sign Scott Parker.

The Spurs boss believes that a move can be ruled out for the West Ham striker due to the finances involved in a possible move.

“If you take into account the fee of around £8m, signing on fees and wages you’re talking about a £30m deal,” Redknapp told the Sunday Mirror.

“There is no way the club would sanction a deal for a 30-year-old who would have no resale value at the end of his contract.”

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    • We're Spurs not Man City or Chelsea, also we need to get some out before getting any in, and Keane is hardly busting a gut to move on?

  1. There’s an acute difference between being able to afford and being able to justify an expenditure. Parker has no residual value. Although he’s a decent Prem player, is he what we need? Diarra in my opinion represents a far better alternative in terms of talent, age and investment for the long term benefit of the team. But is this even the area we should be looking at? When Sandro returns from injury, would we not have too many of the same type in our ranks?

    • Hudds can play there as well. Remember we still have sergeant Pal and Jenas. If all fails, King has played there before as well.

  2. What is wrong with our deluded supporters?? This decision makes 100% sense and is a complete waste of time and money. Diarra is a way better option. Grow up and support the team instead of moaning. Do you want a financial unstable club??


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