The mysterious case of Daniel Levy

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Daniel Philip Levy. No chairman seems to divide football opinion quite like Mr Levy, but why is this? Why does the longest-serving Premier League chairman come under such scrutiny, routinely around January and June?

Levy joined Tottenham Hotspur in 2001, and still retains his chair at the forefront of the club. He has overseen some momentous leaps and bounds forward in his time as Tottenham chairman. Levy helped to bring Spurs back onto the European stage in 2006, and since then, Tottenham have only missed out on qualification once in 12 seasons.

In 2010, the Lilywhites finished in the top four, winning entry to the coveted Champions League for the first time ever. Through the following season, the North London underdogs battled their way past both Inter and AC Milan, making it all the way to the quarter-finals on their first attempt.

Tottenham are now Champions League regulars, which is no mean fete in the modern Premier League. Spurs have challenged for titles and trophies consistently since the arrival of Pochettino, despite falling painfully short each time so far.

Levy held off bids from Premier League rivals for midfield maestro Luka Modric in the summer of 2011, and when he, Gareth Bale, and Kyle Walker made their preferences to leave abundantly clear, Daniel Levy managed to negotiate over £170m for the trio.

Levy then employed managers like AVB, Tim Sherwood, and Pochettino, who all believe strongly in giving youth a chance in football. Despite selling some of the club’s biggest players, the likes of Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Eric Dier, Danny Rose, Kyle Walker, Harry Winks, Andros Townsend, Ryan Mason and Nabil Bentaleb were all integrated into the first team with huge success. Levy also helped champion a new ruling regarding the number of substitutions permitted, which has now been adopted across the league and serves to encourage the progress and inclusion of young players.

The chairman managed to secure Tottenham a move to the historic Wembley stadium, home of the England football team, while Spurs’ brand new £800m stadium was under construction. It is this new 60,000+ stadium that Tottenham will now grace in the 2018/19 season.

During the season at Wembley, Spurs managed to finish in third place, despite having to play 38 games away from home. Tottenham set a new Premier League attendance record that year, making their way to another Champions League quarter final, beating Borussia Dortmund and holders Real Madrid along the way.

Off the pitch, Levy recently attracted big sponsorship deals from Nike and AIA, bringing in new funds to pay towards the stadium.

Daniel directed the planning and construction of Tottenham’s new state-of-the-art training base in 2012, a training base that Brazil would use in the preparations for their 2018 World Cup bid.

The club also looks to create a positive impact on the community, and the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation now employs over 200 staff to better the lives of those in the area.

In November 2017, Levy was named CEO of the year at the Football Business Awards.

This man attends every Tottenham Hotspur game. He celebrates every goal like a fan. So why is he mocked a ridiculed by so many?

Levy has always run the club as a business, looking to make smart financial decisions to drive the club forward. New facilities and giving youth a chance has provided a golden generation team for Spurs, and more importantly a settled squad.

When he has the funds available, and the right players at the right prices, he has been more than happy to dip into the transfer market. Over the past two years, Tottenham’s wage structure has been called into question, and so during this transfer window, Levy has started to pen new deals for the top players, offering them wages comparable to other big clubs.

So, should he be hounded for trying to get the best deals and do best by his club?

Would you like Levy to do more, or do you trust him to take the club forward?

Besides Kyle Walker, who has been beautifully replaced by Kieran Trippier, Tottenham have retained their biggest players across multiple Premier League seasons.

Despite not buying any players in the current transfer window, and the possibility of losing Toby Alderweireld, by now, does Daniel Levy deserve the trust, patience and belief from Tottenham fans, and the general footballing world?

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  1. 100%.Responsible for waisting Bale money. Colossal overspend on new stadium. Late opening of new stadium despite stating otherwise. Failure to bring in quality signings and bringing in cheap alternatives… The list is endless including nkoudou, janssen. Llorente who he can’t sell to fund new signings. Failure to back managers leading to their sackings and instability at club.. And if he sells alderweireld to man united without martial in deal then worst failure of all

  2. Like a fan .. Daneil Levy us a Spurs fan who was a Spurs supporter long before he was involved with the club .I witnessed first hand our esteemed chairman threaten a two Bob scumbag hack ….and has since made enemies of the press as a result….I’d sooner have Levy at the helm than anyone else and most certainly wouldn’t want a return to the Sugar days of bottom half mediocrity or the Scholar days of bankruptcy thanks

  3. Point of information – Spurs did not make quarter finals last term, but the knock out stages.
    Regarding Levy – much that you write is true but he has also overseen the longest period in post war history that Spurs have gone without a trophy. That remains an albatross around his and the club’s neck. It could be questioned that when the time is right to step up and invest – to take the opportunity to rise – Levy is negligent. He also without question dithered far too long in a smallish stadium knowing full well that the club had amongst the biggest historical fan bases in the country.

    • Can we expect perfection?

      When compared to the shortcomings of other chairpeople, does he stand head and shoulders above the rest?

  4. I support Tottenham because how well this club is run.. I am hugely amazed at how Spurs is able to compete at the very top with so little cash spend on the players… I am surprised how Spurs able to juggle the players with wages so well controlled.. I believe everyone out there Jaw DROPs when you see the transfer fees PSG paid for Neymar.. One must imagine Spurs is with the financial investment like Man C and PSG does but still competes at the very top.. “What if” there is? The thing is, even if there is, I dont think Spurs will not spend crazy money because we are building a generation not a moment of success.. One Marque player signed, dont you think it will affect the current harmony of the squad? If Gareth Bale was to return, who you think he will replaced in the starting eleven? Wouldn’t other players be red-eyed when he is playing just because he is marque signing regardless of whether he perform or no. ie to say, Levy transfer policy is simple, to sign potential and not signing.. Potential is the key to maintain the harmony of our current squad, if not, half overhaul need to be done..

  5. The only way that the new stadium can pay for its running costs as well as the repayment of the construction loans is by continued success on the pitch,and that means trophies,This season is a marker and the preparation is a shambles, young players leaving,futures of 3 long term players in doubt,no back up striker.manager using ludicrous excuses for his team’s performance,doubts about the money available for transfers and finally the aloofness of the owner which suggests that if you do not like the way he runs HIS club go elsewhere.No doubt there will be new signings on Thursday…… of the range…..or basement bargains.

  6. I do not believe we are a club of Levy haters, quite the opposite. I believe most supporters believe he has done a great job leading us to financial strength and a better position than when he came. The fact is there is a huge but here and that is that we are still trophyless and what matters most to ambition should be winning! I’m not sure who writes these articles about Levy as if he is under attack but they don’t look that genuine to me. The other day we had somebody doing something similar claiming he had a W17 postcode and blue blood running through his veins. The post code is N17 and I’ve never heard a Spurs supporter claim he has blue blood running through his veins, maybe white.
    Most of the emotion is coming from pure frustration of leaving everything to do with transfers to the last minute. Letting the best centre back in the country go to a rival when I reckon he’s got a good 5 years left in him, letting good transfer opportunities slip through our hands because of seemingly holding out for the best possible deal all add up to massive frustration. Maybe rather than writing lots of articles trying to defend Daniel Levy when there is no need to it would be be better served for somebody to explain why we are doing these strange things. If Alderweirald goes we have no time for a replacement which leaves us in a very fragile position. Rather then defend Daniel Levy’s business acumen can somebody explain that one to me.

    • As much as I like Levy, I think he is coming under attack, through frustration or hate, who knows. But all you have to do is search #LevyOut on twitter or check the comments section here to see the opinions of some, maybe a minority, but the opinions are there.


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