‘The stadium’s great, unlike Tottenham’s long-term prospects’ – Ex-Prem star launches into bitter Spurs rant

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur opened up their brand new stadium for the first ever competitive senior match on Wednesday night, and it’s fair to say that it caught a few eyes.

Players, pundits, managers, and anyone in the footballing world has been raving about the new ground this week, with most of the credit going to chairman Daniel Levy.

This stadium and training ground have been part of his 18 year plan to take Tottenham to the next level as a business and as a club.

The hope is now that Spurs can take the extra revenue from the stadium, invest it in quality players, and push for titles.

They have currently been without a trophy in over a decade, something fans are desperate to put a stop to.

However, despite the positivity running through Spurs at the moment, ex-Liverpool, Newcastle, and Man City player Dietmar Hamann claims that Spurs do not have long-term prospects and will likely fall into a melt down.

These ridiculous and un-founded claims have no basis or facts behind them, and come across as bitter and pessimistic.

When asked if the stadium would take Spurs to the next level, Hamann said (talkSPORT): “I doubt it. In fact I’d be more inclined to lean towards some sort of meltdown rather than moving to the next level.

“Pundits are getting way, way too carried away by Spurs, who are basically over-achieving. They aren’t winning trophies and nor would I have expected them to – but other pundits seem to.

“They are over-achieving because they have a fantastic manager in Mauricio Pochettino but he won’t be there forever.

“He wanted to be around for the move to the stadium but some bigger jobs will come along again.

“And as for the players, if Tottenham don’t win the Champions League or don’t even qualify for next year’s Champions League, some of their stars will be off. And they don’t actually have too many.

“Great clubs are built on squads of 20, 21 or more players; Spurs have 12 or 13.

“The stadium’s great, unlike Tottenham’s long-term prospects.”


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  1. People can talk about bitterness and jealousy if they want, but he’s merely offering a valid opinion of the current state of Spurs. Kane is still a top player, but he’s pushing 26, while players like Alli and Dier, who looked like potential superstars a couple of years ago, have stagnated to the extent that they’re only fringe players for England (and since caps are now free with every five gallons, that’s saying something!). Son is STILL in and out of the first team; Eriksen is running on empty, Alderweireld is off – the list is endless. And the promising young players we’re always hearing about? Onomah? Edwards? No one from the academy has become a first team regular under Pochettino apart from Winks, and he wouldn’t get a sniff at City or Liverpool. Spurs need serious money spent on the team very soon if the ‘project’ isn’t to end where it started five years ago, and no amount of sneering at Hamann will change that reality.

  2. I refer to Hamaan’s comments on Spurs long term prospects. I think that Spurs can only improve from herein on. We must buy some new
    Players and continue to develop the youngsters, that is true. However, in the short term Toby and Christian Eriksen must be given new and much improved contracts. We


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