THE TEAMS: Wolves vs Tottenham Hotspur


Eidur Gudjohnsen - Header

Eidur Gudjohnsen makes his debut for Tottenham at Wolves this evening.

Wolves: Hahnemann, Zubar, Craddock, Berra, Ward, Henry, Foley, Adlene Guedioura, David Jones, Jarvis, Doyle.

Subs: Hennessey, Vokes, Elokobi, Ebanks-Blake, Milijas, Mujangi Bia, Mancienne.

Tottenham: Gomes, Kaboul, Dawson, Bassong, Bale, Bentley, Huddlestone, Jenas, Kranjcar, Defoe, Gudjohnsen.

Subs: Alnwick, Pavlyuchenko, Palacios, Modric, Crouch, Corluka, Kyle Walker.

Referee: Mark Clattenburg (Tyne & Wear)

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  1. Jenas was pathetic… Didn’t do a SINGLE thing right in the entire 1st half!!!! It was so [email protected] frustrating watching him fluttering on the pitch with that loser look on his face… The entire team couldn’t play just because of him. Kept giving the ball away, couldn’t tackle for goodness sake, broke down our attack, couldn’t track his man… ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. A 3/5/2 formation? Well that means Kranjcar will be providing creativity in behind the front two and Jenas and Hudd will be running the midfield. Which will be the defensive player as neither seem to be able to tackle!

  3. top 4??? are we really capable,i dont think so.not when every time we play jenas we lose.lack of men at spurs at times.load of OLD TOSH as u would put it ARRY.sort it out son

  4. I must say I think Spurs have been playing so well lately and have had no luck against Birmingham, Villa. Tonight though has been such a lazy performance it’s untrue. I am a big fan of Harry but the team selection has been odd to say the least which didn’t help. JJ has been a waste of time as ever. 1-0 down and we have five mins to go. The Gooners are doing us a favour like we wanted but Spurs have blown it this evening, the players have let us down big time. Man City must be laughing.

  5. Will Redknapp actually admit that we have been playing shit for weeks now? We can’t score goals! He has been saying we gave been playing well, but losing twice to Wolves is very poor. No chance of fourth and Evertin are starting to look quite worrying as well!

  6. What is that twitchy bagpuss looking c*nt going to do now? Tottenham are SH*T – a laughing stock! Champions League?? We wont even make the Europa!! And twitchy called up finishing 3rd this morning…….what a complete prick he is!! Tacticless moron

  7. i honestly would be happy if Harry got sacked tomorrow. absolutely pathetic, a team full of lightweights, terrible formation and team selection.

  8. That was the poorest performance in a long time. Just when we needed our heroes to step up to the plate they bottled it. No CL for us! Can you believe that wolves have NEVER done the double over any cunting team in the premier league. WELL THEY FUCKING HAVE NOW!!!!! Harry & the boys ned to sort themselves for sunday otherwise our season will be officially over.

  9. Ah well theres always the FA Cup. Harry, why put Kaboul at full back? It’s like you don’t even want European football. I expect moves like that from Benitez but not you. Not impressed.

  10. can someone please start a petition to get jenas out of tottenham? It worked with keane.

    redknapp has brought crap. Defoe too weak, crouch is a fucking basketball player, keane moved on so why did we get him back and bassong came from a relegated team. Corluka is a 6ft6 right back, that is not normal. Jenas is a retard like matt damon. Kaboul! i would rather have kyle walker or naughton play right back. Niko to be honest is another weakling. but owell we all know that tottenham cant beat a team where players are bigger than them in size.

  11. Don’t like to jump the gun but that performance means we definately ain’t gonna make it to fourth.. what utter fuckin rubbish. none of them deserve to wear the shirt – bunch of no hope losers !

  12. I’m now sick of this. Tired of allowing the team, manager and press to lead me to think we’re really Champions League material. I’m a fool, we are shite.

  13. What has Harry done!! Why so many changes for a game we had to win. If Charlie isn’t up to it at right back why let Hutton go? Palacios is a must for a game like Wolves and Jenas, when will Harry get the message he is crap!! A season that promised so much has been blown away against the likes of Wolves, Stoke and Sunderland. If Harry isn’t careful, going out to Bolton on Sunday will be the end of our season

  14. harry needs to learn to swallow his pride!!! has anyone else noticed how hes slowly pushing players out the team,to put in his own players..kaboul at right back instead of corluka? was redknapp hoping that kaboul would have the game of his life so he could then keep kaboul at right back and get rid of charlie eventually in the summer? look at keano,hes was brought back,and then he got pushed out the team for crouch *another of redknapps favs*..we have gomes in goal and redknapp is still insisting that james is his preffered number 1.does alot for gomes confidence doesnt it?? pav comes off the bench against leeds and is one of the better players that game,but is soon dropped..harry dont know what hes doing.hes a hypocrit!! he criticised ramos for dropping players and ignoring them,and hes doing the same with pav and co.bring back jol!!! seriously!!

  15. Why make 2 changes in defence and play our very average new signing out of position? Why start with Eidur when the guy hasnt played a proper match for months? Why doesnt someone tell Bentley not to aim for their goalkeeper/corner flag? Why does jenas still wear our colours? Why is huddlestone so overated? WHY have we just been beated AGAIN by a team who will probably get relegated???

  16. I have stuck up for harry all season but tonight’s team selection was a fucking joke like he thought we would walk it so easily. The man has lost my support totally. I cant understand why we bought back the twat Kaboul, he always was and always will be useless and then to pick him ahead of corluka.




  18. we need to get a martin jol chant going at the next game.maybe then redknapp will know hes under performing!! martin jol got us 5th place and playing football how we like it 2 years in a row!! it was only when he was undermimed by levy and that twat commoli that we got shaky!! i can only imagine what martin jol could do with a team like ours now!! youve only got to look at hsv in the german league to see how good a manager jol is!!!….words of confidence can only get you so far in football,harry aint got the tactical knowledge to overcome teams like wolves bolton stoke etc..god help us sunday!!

  19. It’s our first poor performance since the Liverpool game, but it was really important night for us, we had to win. We can’t seem to handle the pressure when it really counts can we? Where was the fantastic performance that we put in against Villa on Saturday?
    It was such a strange performance this evening, not one shot on target. That is the complete opposite to how we have been playing after creating so many chances, playing great and not scoring…maybe the players thought about that to much and it’s the cause for this performance this evening? Or they were paid off…LOL It’s weird to say the least! The players were so lazy this evening. I always thought 6th spot would be where we finish, 4th was always a pipe-dream for us…remember where we were last season lads it’s a massive improvement and Harry has made that happen. City are in pole position if they win their games in hand.

  20. them team should always be the team that beat wigan 9-1

    and i would like harry to leave tottenham alongside jenas. we aint gonna get top 4 with him. id prefer a young manager who has a brain like arsehole wenger back in the 90s

  21. Some of the fans are so fickle though over one game, win tonight and we would be 2 points clear in 4th. We have lost and stay 6h and people saying they have lost faith with Redknapp! LOL! Have a word with yourselves. To even be in this position fighting for 4th is something not many of us expected.

  22. Don’t start tetter under his Jol crap all over again. Yes Harry has made a big mistake tonight but come on lets get real. We are now playing against teams who hardly want to attack against us. We miss Lennon who can open teams up. With him and Bale in the team we will continue to get better. For the Twat who wants to start Jol chants, stay away or get behind your team and the management

  23. dont defend harry or say spurs fans should not be so harsh. Losing to wolves both home and away is pathetic and the manager should be fired for just that one loss.

  24. The few fans who want a new Manager must realise that would set Spurs back yet again. Just like it did when we sacked Jol and nearly cost us big time. Harry has been fantastic for us! We need someone in charge for years to get anywhere..remember we bought Ramos in to get us 4th…..(yeah that worked didn’t it!!!), got rid of a perfectly good Manager in Jol to do so and then thankfully Harry sorted out the horrible mess and tooks us right up the league not to mention taking us to Wembley. We are currently sitting a point of 4th, so please think about what you are saying. Harry got it wrong tonight with two players starting, JJ and Kaboul. The thing is the team should have played better, they are to blame.

  25. well we allowed ourselves to dream again we have been let down again. looking the team selection for tonight i had to wonder if arry had lost the plot, i really can’t understand it, did he pick his team because he was resting players for fa cup?.i have always defended arry, but you have to wonder is he a top four manager because when he has tested this season he has come in poor second. i haven’t seen any interviews but i fully expect to be reminded of where were when he came. thats the usually the one that comes out when we get a crap result like tonight.

  26. So Mancini should be sacked for losing to Hull, and sack the Chelsea Manager for only getting a point at Hull, because we beat Hull 5-1. Sack Wenger for not winning anything for nearly 4.5 yrs while you at it! What nonsense.

  27. CT and Rick jog on the pair of will be moaning come end of the season when we are 8th!!! chelsea,united,arsenal,liverpool,city,villa will definately finish above us..and birmingham and everton arent far off if u look at april when we have to play arsenal,chelsea and united all in a row!!!! get real guys!!! top 8 is looking ok at the moment,but considering AGAIN the money we have spent,and without the distraction of the europa leaugue why are u settling for a top 6 position!!! we should be definately pushing top 4 ESPECIALLY if a well season professional manager like redknapp thinks we can get 3rd place!!!! rafa benitez says liverpool will get top 4,i believe him..redknapp saying we can get 3rd.i laugh!!! and too many times have spurs been a laughing stock!! what do u think arsenal fans really think of us after tonight,they beat liverpool to challenge the title,we lose to wolves to lose touch of the top 4 completely!! after having the chance to go 8 points clear in 4th IF we had beat liverpool!!!?? and now look,city have 2 games in hand on us and they are above us by a point.we are well and truly gone!!!!!

  28. We have to except this year we need 50 points to avoid relegation and at the moment the bottom is climbing up our arse faster than a virgin Jet. Normally i would be ranting in a mental state banging on about energy drugs .But after all my warning”s not one fan has mentioned a fucking thing.So now like our team i have give up and excepted we are not going to get in the champions league because all our players are spoken for .That is why no big clubs bought a lot of players Utd Madrid Barca CITY and the ritch Liverpool owner some mega Indian worth a lot more than Abramovitch is buying the club and on the shopping list is Bale Defoe Moderic Kranjcar Lennon Huddlestone .I said this is the Chinese year of the Wolves and we have had our arse bit twice something no team did last year.Its funny i would sulk drive my wife mad with the words i don’t believe it the Energized bastards this would be before we have kicked of and she would say how do you no and i was right. So god noes i tried to tell you Football is the new Drugby League And thiss year is the worse because of the dept and all the Early job losses the look on Micks face at Birmingham said it all. Save your money and back the worse team on paper and i promise you loads of money tonights treble Everton West Ham WOLVES would have stung the bookies sad sad sad dav

  29. jj should jog on!!! BUT as a manager whos paid alot of money he should see that jj is a waste!! so to put him in a team that is expected to win is a critical error on the managers behalf.and hes making too many which is costing us our fourth spot!!! we had it cemented if we beat liverpool.but again we flopped!!! hes biased..redknapp is BIASED…pav and defoe should be up top until crouch rediscovers his goals,he hasnt scored in i duno how why is he still playing? kranjcar was playing brilliant!! but modric comes back and walks into the team??? sorry mate but call me wat u want,redknapp has blown our chances by demoralising players who can do a job! yes we miss lennon..but theres 10 other men on a football pitch and redknapp cant get the best out of them at times! bottom line is..a team wanting top 6!!! should be beating wolves on the double,along with stoke,bolton,hull.end of

  30. The main problem Spurs have is the lack of mental strength when it comes to handling pressure. This needs work and you need a Manager in charge for a long period of time who can build this up.
    Harry has done wonders with Bale and Bentley in recent weeks, he must be getting the message through there. Harry has been getting the best out of the players, we just haven’t taken our chances.
    I agree I like Pav and think he could be good, but would you play a player who is pleading with you to leave the club? Tricky one that. I also agree that JJ is a waste of space and O’hara at spurs would be far better, hopefully JJ will be off in the summer. Harry did give Eidur a chance but he didn’t really take it this evening, he obviously needs time to settle in and lets hope he still has something to offer the team. I hope Nico finds his scoring touch again, missed a great chance tonight at 0-0. He has been a great buy for us though. Lots of top teams this season have slipped up against Wolves, Stoke, Bolton and Hull, just look at the results. Not many teams have played City off the park or Villa twice though have they? It is frustrating but it’s a huge improvement over last year, hopefully we will find our scoring touch again quickly. COYS.

  31. Because a top 6 finish is a realistic expectation. Liverpool were always going to improve, City have got an open cheque book and have bought experience because they can pay Tevez's wages. You want the Manager put under pressure because he lost this evening? If we had of won the game you would be happy with that. QPR sack their Managers every 5 mins, do you want us to do that? Gets you no where in Football and Spurs have been victims of this. I was a big fan of jol but Harry has got us playing the best football we have seen in years…Did you see the City game? In both Villa games we were outstanidng, Wolves, Stoke, Hull at home we battered them and played great football yet somehow didn't win. Of course it's frustrating we didn't take the points. But we created 20 plus chances in each game, how can you say in your point earlier Redknapp is not delivering the kind of football we saw under Jol. It's as good if not better. The 11 players on the pitch this evening should of been good enough to win, they didn't turn up.

    They are to blame. It was only 3 days ago we played great against Villa. Yes Harry made two errors in his team selection but we should of still had enough to do the job. If anything JJ should jog on.

  32. As much as i would blame Harry for his selection, the whole team was rubbish today. Jenas being taken off at halftime would mean that is the last we see of him… i hope. As everyone has pointed out above, team selection was very very poor. Don’t know whats going on in Harry’s head at times. We had 4 ex-Portsmouth players in our first team! Why play Guds when we had Pav? Clear favouritism on Harry’s part. Problem i think is over confidence, both players and manager. Wonder what’s Harry going to say now…”we only lost 2 in 12″?

  33. If getting knocked out of the cup means they’ll sack Harry……….so be it. Harry has taken us as far as he can. If you have a formula one driver that can only drive your car 100mph but you need it be driven 150mph, then you get someone who can drive it 150mph. Harry can not manage a team of upper tier players. We need a manager that can get the best out of these players.

  34. Ok quite simply, clueless, gutless, talentless. I suppose the team selection which left me bemused beyond belief set the tone for the night. You cannot just plonk 11 players down on a sheet of paper think it looks good, and expect them to play. Kaboul at right back, what on earth was Harry thinking. Eidur fair enough perhaps should have some sub appearances first and may need time to settle in. I cannot excuse the others – they were all a nightmare and Jenas is becoming the number one hate figure. 3 premier league games and no goals – and we are supposed to be a squad layden with top quality strikers. Last night sealed our exit from being in the running for CL and possibly even Europa League and to be fair I would rather finish 7th and not qualify for that stupid competition. I am going to bet Bolton do a number on us Saturday and that Harry gets done for tax, and finally the dagger will have been stuck in our back for the season before wilting away. It says it all when Everton are sniffing up our back sides and they had an awful start to the season.

  35. I agree with Bobbly, we need a more astute manager who can bring the best out of what everyone agrees to be a wonderful line up of players. HR is not a tactician, he just sits and hopes that the lads play well. If they dont then the answer is ready “one of thoes days” or “they defended well”. Does not he realize that when your team scores one goal in the last six PL games then you have a big problem which you should address not just only sit and hope for the best. To me CL is now out of the question and would be extremely happy if we finished 6th.

  36. Absolutely abysmal, we had 9 outfield players running around like headless chickens – Bale was about the only one of the ‘team’ to come out of this encounter with a ‘lesser’ team with any credit. ‘Arry sits there shaking his head but he’s the one who selected this motley crew. On last night’s performance it wouldn’t do them any harm, in traing, to stand in front of an empty goal and try to hit the back of the net before they’re allowed to go home or wherever. Whatever happened to the team steamrolling all before them at the begining of the season. If we’re not managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, as in recent past games, we’re now showing we can’t even get a kick on goal. Europe? Forget it ‘cos we’d be just one day wonders and that includes the Europa League. Embarrassing to watch and that includes ‘Arry and his nodding dogs making up the managing/coaching staff.

  37. Lads we played with our best team when they beat us 1-0 Lennon played the and Moderic get real its not just Spurs even the Laboratory from Italy Ancelotti is shocked at the shocks and Drugba is getting out drugged.Next week my mate is giving me money and I am going to bet on these energized teams that i no are using ? And i promise to tell you how many i get right including our game . And then you may start to smell the sweat is not real last night i predicted West Ham Everton with out two stars peinar and Fellani to win and sadly and Honestly Wolves out of the six home ties 5 won and one draw 10 men UTD.Mick out they chanted Palace in dept 3 Wolves o birmingham 2 Wolves 1 and wigan west ham have all won at Wolves explain this to me and HULL 2 City 1 Hull 1 chesea 1 what did there fans say about these results probaly the same has you abused the team.

  38. Lets hope harry goes to prison…….and takes Jenas with him as his bitch!! The team have gone from a position of having 4th spot in their grasp to an utter shambles who would struggle to beat an egg!! We don’t even look like scoring anymore, I was at the game v Villa where the Spurs fans cried “Boring Boring Villa” believe me, Villa were not the only boring team on display! CUNTS


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