The Ugly Truth


Now that the dust has settled after another wonder goal from Bale,which secured us three points in our chase for a place in the Champions League, I can imagine most of us who went, watched or listened thought that we barely deserved to win due to another uncreative & lackluster performance.

There have been quite a few matches this season where we’ve gained points through doing just enough & just as many occasions where the opposition have had a decent period of the match, creating chances along the way.

We’ve managed to cling onto or snatch a goal towards the end of games & whilst Villas Boas did learn from conceding too many late goals to defending very well in the last ten minutes, it seems we’ve had to rely far too much in those last ten minutes to gain anything from the match.

Many will swap that euphoric feeling of snatching a win when all seems lost. The Bale goal on Saturday epitomize that point. Team playing poorly, resignation amongst us all, that the mob down the road will out do us again. Then up pops the welsh maestro to send us into apoplexy. Is that one moment of genius better than watching us play Southampton off the park & comfortably turning them over, say 3-0? Not in my book, as I don’t want to spend 80 mins worrying about the teams performance just to go ballistic when we sneak a win but through out this season that’s basically what we’ve had to endure. May be not the 80 minute scenario every game but it took until late November against West Ham before we put in a consistent performance over the whole 90 minutes & I, unlike last season, can’t remember games where we’ve totally out played the opposition.

I’m not a Redknapp apologist but I do recognise that under his leadership, Tottenham played some of the best football I’ve seen at The Lane since the heady days of the early eighties when Hoddle, Ardiles & Hazard continued the philosophy of our great club. The game, is, about glory & the Tottenham way & Redknapp brought it to us. Those famous quotes From Nicholson & Blanchflower are engrained in our ethos. We don’t want to become a club that grinds out or nicks a result . We don’t want to become exactly what we hate.
Yes it’s great that we’re still up there and it’s in our own hands to secure top 4 position but surely we don’t want to see the same style of football like that next season.
Redknapp took his eye off the ball & there lies his downfall.

There’s no, one, person responsible for our downturn in entertainment, the finger can be pointed at Levy, Villas Boas & the players respectively. I’ve said since the start of the season we’ve missed Modric & articles by fellow fans support my view. He left a massive hole in midfield which Dembele, despite his impressive start in a Spurs shirt has failed to fill. Would Moutinho have filled the void ? who knows but one thing we do know is that we need a creative midfielder who regularly picks a great pass. There is class at the club and we need to add that or we’ll struggle, like we have this season, to boss a game.

It sounds fanciful but Levy needs to do his business early and allow Villas Boas the time to work with the new players. I like the manager, he shows both passion for the game & our club but there have been times when I’ve wondered what exactly has he said to the players before the match or at half time that they have played exactly the opposite to what they did in the first half, good or bad. Southampton comes to mind. Totally out playing them in the first half clinging on in the second.

We’ve had countless sound bites from the players about what they need to do & how important the last few games are, then they produce performances like Wigan & Southampton.
It’s a combination of all these points that have had us playing so mundanely so it’s up to all those concerned, Chairman, manager & players to up their game if we’re to avoid the same scenario next season.

Clinching CL next season isn’t vital but will help immensely if we are to compete with our rivals, as we all know they will be investing heavily in their squads.
Getting 2-3 top players in & keeping our Welsh crown jewel has to happen or we may well get much of the same next season. Without Bale we will struggle but with him & some exciting signings then we can look forward to next season.

I know everyone above has the best interests of the club to heart but I’m getting pretty tired of being the also rans & continually getting mocked by those goons & their increasingly irritating keeper so, as for now with three games to go I’ll take 3 ugly wins but as for next season that’s a different matter.

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  1. Bollocks. AVB is teaching Spurs how to defend!! – At f***ing last.

    For all your crap about 'glory', where was the glory in being mid-table every year throughout the 80s and 90s cos we had a go but regularly got outplayed?

    Redcrap pretty much inherited the best squad we have had in a long time and under achieved with it, because he, like you, thought, I'll send out rafa and modders etc and they will get it done, generally, they did, but when they didnt where is the plan B?

    I am lovin AVB! –

    If he makes 4th with a squad that has had no:
    scotty unavailable until new year
    benny unavailable until new year,.



    • Agree. The squad we had then was superior to the one we have now, but unfortunately for us we never saw its true potential as it was POORLY managed. In Tottenham we LOVE. Bring on Chelsea!!!!

    • You forgot without Ledley King aswell… It does not matter who we got in to replace them, because they were new to the Premier league or the Club and ALL the players had to get used to each other, the manager and a new way of playing. We started slowly, we got better, we went on a very long unbeaten run, we have Gareth Bale playing like a future World beater and we are looking solid. If we qualify for the Champions League, sprinkle that solidity with a little stardust and you may well have a title challenging side. We have the best keeper we have had for years, we have a centre back to rival Ledley, we have some fantastic young midfielders and we have done all this without an all round top quality striker. Just think where we could be

    • AVB teaching us to defend!!!! How many games have you seen this season!! We give away a goal every game because we can't defend set pieces properly. Got a way with murder on Saturday.Kyle Walker has improved the last few games, but he's nowhere near the level of last season. Naughton isn't good enough and BAE!!! He's been useless since he's come back from injury. Scotty Parker now looks like a poor version of Vinny Sideways…Leighton Baines would be top of my list, before any striker.

  2. The truth is, we have to be versatile enough to win while playing well, and also playing not so well. This season was always going to be one of transition following the arrival of AVB, and I for one have been very impressed with the new man in charge considering the obstacles he has had to overcome this campaign.

    Make no mistake about it, AVB is still young, and as a result, is still learning about management at this level. But what he has shown this term is that he is a willing, and relatively quick learner which will stand him and the team in good stead in the years to come.

    Our destiny is still in our hands, so lets focus on what we have to do to achieve the collective dream and return to Europe's grandest table…


  3. borris55 spot on mate was looking on another earlier the same as this but picking holes in our away form
    they should support the team

  4. I couldn't agree more with this posting. This was supposed to be a no-lose game against a Southampton side we should have hammered, but they showed far more desire to win in the first half while we were playing as though it was a practice game. They showed us time and again how to tear a defence apart which is what we seem incapable to do and we were lucky they didn't score at least two goals. We were resigned to a 0-0 draw until Bale's goal suddenly came out of the blue which saved our bacon again. For all the aspirations of getting into the Champions League, if we actually manage to get there, how far does anyone truthfully believe this squad will go before they are knocked out by teams vastly superior to Southampton?

  5. What a load of a old carp!!! Under Redschnapps we had plenty of bad games where the team didn't perform. 'arry would chuck on another striker, so we would have 3 on, tell him to, 'fuckin' run araand a bit' we would start hoofing it and we would lose! Now under AVB the team keeps playing, there are some subtle changes in formation made, and we win ;) simples!!

  6. excuse me a side we should have hammered since when a team that beat chavs,arse ,liverpooldand hadn't conceded in 4 games aay from home and add that we hadn't won a sat game since 2010 on a sat at 3.00
    ps they didnt tear us apart, what game was u watching on your laptop,yes we played badly but as u can see we are running on empty he must one of the smallest squads with the poorest backup thanks to Levy and Redcrapps [2pts from 8 games ]still what about Bournemouth 2pts from 13games got promoted
    AVB would have done a bloody brilliant job getting into the champions league and as for southampton they have a couple of players i wouldn't mind having in my team
    And as for the saving our bacon he is not even in the top five players that teams have relied on this season
    rvp,bentake,surez all above in stats so stop believing the garbage on talksport
    Instead of continully picking holes in your side bugger off to 2 pts from 8games oops he is the championship
    now that will be great for you

  7. What a load of bollocks. How often have we witnessed Spurs out play the opposition only to throw it all away and lose the match. I for one welcome the fact that we can hang in there even when we aren't playing well and still win a game. All the top sides do it so often yet it is very rarely mentioned. This is a results orientated game and I couldn't give a flying fig how we play as long as we get a result. The free flowing football will come again but with the added confidence in knowing that we have the fight to grind it out if we have to. It is the sign of a very good team when you play poorly and yet still win.
    At long last Spurs have a manager and the makings of a team who are learning how to fight and mix it when the chips are down and we can only get better and stronger as a result. Football the Tottenham way is nostalgic but old hat.

  8. Its was not sheer luck that brought us to where we presently are in the league. 5th in league 3 points away from 3rd is because we have more than 1 game plan. I understand the qualms most fans have towards the change of pace from the redknapp years. But what AVB is instilling in this squad is a sense of dynamism in the team's formation, where players can switch positions and still perform at an acceptable level. Our problem at the moment is we are lacking those dynamic players.

    Ade for all his contributions last season, has paled in comparison this season. We need our front men to score, else the winning margin will be very very slim like most of the games we've won this season. How many of our midfielders currently look like scoring a goal? Parker? nope. Mouss? nope (although the Lyon game proved he has a shot in him). The midfield is simply not chipping in and that is also a contributing factor.

    I really hope we qualify for CL next season. We must not underestimate its importance to our growth as a club. The future is bright with AVB. He is young, learning and is open to changes in the game. Levy needs to support his man or we will never ever fulfill our potential as title winners.


  9. We have a weaker squad this season, it’s amazing we are still in with a shout for CL football

    good on yer AVB whether 5th or 4th. You’ve done a good job. Rgds

  10. What no-one seems to realise is that if we dont finish in Champions League spot, then a 'number' of players will GO. Then it's back to square one trying to get a team together again. AVB is not the man either – even he said if we dont finish 4th he would class himself as a failure, i think he should start classing himself now.


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