Tottenham Hotspur have disowned those who allegedly racially abused a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Hoddesdon, a town in the Broxbourne borough of Hertfordshire.

Protests against systemic racism have erupted across many parts of the UK following George Floyd’s murder in the United States two weeks ago.

One such protest that took place at Hoddesdon was reportedly interrupted by an angry mob who were seen shouting hateful slogans at the protesters, including cries of ‘go back to Africa’ (Hertfordshire Mercury).

It has been claimed that those opposing the event were there to protect the town’s war memorial after seeing statues being defaced in other parts of the UK.

Videos have also appeared on social media showing the angry mob throwing hateful abuse at the peaceful protesters. One individual could be seen wearing a Spurs tracksuit:

When questioned on what action the club would take on the alleged Spurs fans who were part of the mob, the club responded swiftly to distance themselves from those engaging in racist behaviour.

They also insisted that they would be taking action against any ‘so-called fan’ involved.

Spurs Web Opinion

This is the right response from Tottenham as there can simply be no room for racist or discriminatory behaviour. The club should investigate what happened and, if any Spurs fan is found to have racially abused the BLM protesters, they should be handed a lifetime ban.

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