This stat reveals the biggest problem with Pochettino

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

One of the biggest issues with Pochettino, I believe, is his refusal to make changes early in a game when things clearly are not going the way Tottenham need them to.

Poch is undoubtedly one of the greatest managers in world football right now, and Spurs are lucky to have such a coach at the helm.

However, every manager has things they can work on, even the best, and Pochettino’s is arguably substitutions.

The match against Arsenal yesterday is the key example. Emery was able to make three subs and completely change the game, as well as draw level and retake the lead, all before Poch even made one change.

He could see that Sissoko, Davies, Kane and Alli were struggling with the number of minutes under their belt this week, but still he didn’t introduce some fresh legs.

I looked over every Spurs Premier League game this season and calculated the average time of Poch’s first substitution in each game, not including those forced by injury.

The value I got was 72 minutes. The average time for Poch to make a sub this season in the League.

That leaves said sub only 20 minutes or so to change the game if needed, which in my view is not enough time.

If Pochettino had brought on the likes of Winks and Moura on the hour mark yesterday, Spurs may still be in the top four.

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