Our thoughts on the draw with Sunderland


A frustrating evening for Spurs. Much of the squad rotation has been forced on Redknapp by injuries but no amount of spin can disguise the effect it’s having on quality. Tonight we once again suffered from our continuing inability to stick the ball away in league games. Harry can quite rightly point to the saves made in the first half by Gordon from Van Der Vaart, Bentley and Modric plus the close things from Pav, Kaboul and Huddlestone and a couple of near misses from VdV in the second but the fact is that we’ve now scored only 14 goals in 12 games.

Redknapp’s own frustrations showed after the game when he answered a question about the crowd’s reactions to the performance with sarcasm rather than understanding. He should know that everyone’s desperate to support and lend a hand but to witness points slip away whilst so many passes are misplaced, crosses hit the first man and shots fly at row Z is bound to be dispiriting and cause a reaction.

I personally thought, given the low-key stuff going on on the field, that the crowd and the Park Lane in particular made a good job of creating an atmosphere and getting behind the team. At the end though it was the unintelligible murmurings of the away contingent that were most audible. Theirs was one of the smaller allocations but the fact they filled it on a cold November evening was still notable.

David Bentley managed to end the evening as the most unpopular man on the pitch with the home crowd which was an impressive achievement given the display of Howard Webb. “World Cup and you f*cked it up” was the song at one point aimed at the man in yellow. His kit was the only object of that hue we saw during the first half. He was lenient from the outset allowing Sunderland to trip and foul unpunished. The first card was awarded after an hour to Bentley for a dive which was at the other end of the field from me but every match report I’ve read insists it should have been a penalty. Modric was later fiercely clattered by Cattermole who received also received a yellow. Amazing that the two incidents receive the same ‘punishment’. Webb had a poor season last year and appears to be carrying on the bad work.

Bentley was unlucky to receive as much focus from the crowd as he did given the abject performance from Gareth Bale on the other wing. (I’m not suggesting the fans should’ve got on Bale’s back by the way). Whether faced by one man or two, the Welsh wonderkid could not find a way through and by the end seemed to be reverting to getting rid of the ball as quick as he could. Ten million will have come off his price as fast as it went on last week and possibly some of that may have been passed to Onouha who had an excellent game.

Where would we be without Van der Vaart? He was hugely influential in the first hour and scored after a neat headed knock down from Crouch. Suicidal defending gave away the equaliser after Kaboul and Gallas left a pass from Wellbeck to each other and Gyan was left free.

We went flat after that and created little else. Harry made no changes to try and spark things into life again. The evening could in fact have been worse. Some more arseing about at the back led to Gomes making an untimely challenge on Malbranque inches outside the area with a few minutes to go. Luckily the lino got it right and a free kick was awarded.

Few players emerged from the evening with added reputation, Van der Vaart as usual and I thought Assou-Ekotto and Modric had good games as did Kaboul and Gallas apart from the goal.

Given the injuries and new territory in the Moneybags League one shouldn’t get carried away after a disappointing result and make over the top comments. It is though with more of a sigh than a cheer that Saturday’s visit of Blackburn is anticipated.



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  1. I think that at every ground in the country when you lose at home the crowd groans, we are no different. Harry should not draw attention to it no other manager in the country does.
    Harry has to realise that we are some of the most pationate fans in the league, thats why we are able to create the atmosphere that everyone talks about at the Lane. But he has to accept that we also expect the team to match our committment.
    Note to Harry: dont take it personally if fans boo, it is only through frustration.

  2. I didn’t even know we played. i looked at Newsnow yesterday at least 4 times and didn’t notice. Was a weird feeling when i found out, first time in at least 5 years i didn’t know we had a game. And why the fuck did we have a game? It’s a joke

  3. "…every match report I’ve read insists it should have been a penalty". How may times do I have to say this? The results of matches between these kind of teams will ALWAYS come down to the ref. ALWAYS. And I completely agree with Tony Pulis (Stoke manager) that refs should be reviewed because we have conceded so many goals due to poor decisions – Portsmouth (least season FA cup), Man utd, Everton, Bolton. I can't blame all our crap results on referees but they will always be a large factor.

    I think on the whole though, refereeing has been really really poor this season. I feel for Stoke fans who had to see the player THROW the ball out the other side's goal after it went passed the line and nothing given! No goal, no penalty, no red card. And what about the newcastle lad who had his leg broken in 2 places by de Jong and not even a free kick.

  4. we all felt that disapointment at the final whistle, two points dropped. But booing? really?? this team has taken us to places we have only dreamed of for 20 years. By all accounts we played ok last night and the effort couldnt be faulted. No doubt our moron supporters will take to the airways later to say that harry is rubbish and the team are rubbish. But I'll tell you whos rubbish, our moaning fans. Anyone who expected us to waltz into 4th again need to get real. Top 6 for us any season is a good season, especially in a year we are experienecing champions league for the first time. Sadly our club has a moronic vocal minority. It seems that they expect us to be chelsea or man utd and its just not realistic. They make me cringe with embarrasement to think they support my team.

  5. Barring that we couldn’t put the ball into the net, I thought we played well. Understandably disappointed supporters are within their rights to boo; and I’m within my rights to think it is a thoughtless and stupid reaction to a poor run of results. We need to get behind Harry and the lads. They tried very hard and had no luck.

  6. We all felt a twang of disappointment at the final whistle, knowing we had dropped two points but as shannon said, if fans are entitled to boo then im entitled to call those fans idiots. This team has taken us higher than anyteam for 20 years, we have some outstanding players and we are in the champions league. Realistically what more do you want?? to win the league?? I said realistically !! By all accounts we played ok last night and the effort couldnt be faulted so i think Redknapp’s comments about the fans were spot on, unfortunately we have a idiotic but very vocal minority. No doubt all these morons will take to the airways today to say harry is rubbish, the team is rubbish, we wont get 4th again, etc Who in the first place thought we would get 4th again anyway?? Total insanity. Top 6 for us any season is good but especially in a year we are playing champions league.

  7. lets be honest we're a not bad middle of the road side. Shit like Bolton and Wigan and Sunderland plus the hammers can get points from us. Squad rotation is bollocks; keep the side game in game out.
    Anyway we are crap.No way we're winning the Chjampions or even getting close

  8. We have been besieged by injuries to our key players it’s hasn’t helped at all. I don’t agree with the booing but understand. The signal problems & train delays didn’t help the mood. However the side we put out is an expensively assembled one, & should be capable against Sunderland. Harry has to be criticised, Modric was getting knocked about by C(L)attermole. Bentley shouldve been withdrawn & put Willy in there. I’m sure he wouldve been alot harder to knock about. Yes Defoe is back in a few weeks but it’ll prob take him till Jan to get started. We need more firepower. Harry’s rant last night spells out he’s under pressure. I hope we batter Blackburn it would be best response, I’d rather bow out of champions league now than lose Bale, Modric & possibly Van Der Vaart in the summer. It’s got to b sorted, thankfully we r not quite at a third of the season yet. Come on u spurs

  9. This isn’t a surprise is it ? Excluding the CL games we’ve been very ordinary for the majority of our games this season especially at home (and sometimes really poor).

    We can’t break down a team that plays 10 men behind the ball and we always look suspect at the back without Dawson and Led so can always concede the freak goal. Yes the injuries are hurting us (is it bad luck coz we always seem to get them every season) but we’re supposed to have strength in depth. I don’t see it since whenever we’re forced to play one of our second string we always struggle.

    Forget CL, we’ll be lucky to get top half of the table the way we’re playing

  10. The comment from Gary “we are crap”, “no way we are winning the the champions league”, sorry which team do you follow again? I sincerely hope you don’t have or you haven’t purchased any of the team replica shirts because you’re not fit to wear it. If you ever went to any of our games you would see our club motto which is “To Dare is to do” which means we never give up. So please do everyone a favour and take your negativity somewhere else like maybe the Emirates I’m sure you could find a home there with you sentiments.

    Simon king. Very well said sir. I agree with you all the way these refs are destroying the game with their ineptitude to actually officiate a football match, never more so highlighted by the shocking display by Mr Howard Webb who is meant to be our best. You know that chant that goes up when the ref cocks up you know the one ” the referee’s a @@nker” yeah that one well I’m inclined to wholeheartedly agree. Lillywhitetilidie


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