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Harry Redknapp

Living in Christchurch I have had the pleasure on numerous occasions of meeting Harry as he lived in Purewell during his Bournemouth playing days.

Harry has always been approachable and sat in the local bookies would chat all day long with the customers, ( give the tips a miss ).

Next season he leads us into the Champions League which for all of us will be our first experience in this competition. What we must remember is that it’s his first time too and most of the players, so the best way we can help is show as much patience as possible during the games as although not easy I am sure we can go a long way in the competition.

World Cup

How sad to see our players struggle in the World Cup, hopefully we can turn it round but at the pace the English team is playing at I think Tom spraying the ball around would have been a big help. For the money Capello is getting I’m sure he could have changed Svens team a little. Being a top seeded team should almost guarantee a quarter final place so the 6 million a year is to go further. Now lets see what you got Capello as your money comes from the grass roots of football and leaves every kids team with a bit less money.

Top Top Moment of the World Cup so far.

Heskey  trying a step over against Algeria, One of the funniest things I ever seen.

Please, please somebody get it on YouTube!

By Steve Turner

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  1. it's fairly easy giving opinions when it really doesn't count or you have an axe to grind. The media will be out in force crying for Harry, England and St George, should everything go the shape of a Bartlett on Weds. But in reality would Harry really do anything differently ? because safety first has been the downfall of England managers since time immemorial. We play in England an expansive game, fast ,hard and direct, in fact better technical imports have had to adapt to the English style rather than stamp their own style on us. FIFA hate England and our style, giving them the opportunity by way of refereeing and rule changes to prevent our game from taking over from the more cynical, tip tapping European style of play. Hence any England manager is always cautious in the Euro's or World cups simply because of the fear from suspensions and reduction of players during the match itself. Well Weds its the English way or England are out……….Got to get them by the throat and rag them till the move no more!


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