Our thoughts on Tottenham’s humiliating defeat at Fulham


Two virtually back-to-back incidents of incompetency closely followed by panic induced mistakes meant that this cup-tie had slipped out of our grasp with barely quarter of an hour gone. The only way back for the Diddymen of Spurs would have been if Fulham had decided to empathise and show similar levels of shiteyness at the back but instead it was us who continued to carry high the Torch of Ineptness and we shipped two further goals before half time.

The stature of the Tottenham front line, especially when contrasted with Mount Hangeland meant that fiddling at the back was the order of the day rather than hit balls up to Defoe and Lennon on the halfway line. Twice this tactic caught Dawson out as he gave the ball away to Dempsey and then minutes later to Dembele. In the first instance Hutton seemed to have got back to cover as the American took an age to get himself ready to shoot but then he mistimed a wrong footed tackle. The second time, our skipper decided to complete the job himself by holding on to Dembele’s shirt as made his way towards Gomes. A harsh but understandable red card from Fatty Dowd followed and thoughts drifted towards what to do with the impending free afternoon on the 19th.

Ironically the Fulham fanzine on sale before the game had articles on how ‘big’ clubs get decisions they don’t and also on how they never get awarded penalties. Hmm.

We took an age to sort ourselves out after the sending off as Fulham threatened time & again. The back four played with a squareness Sponge Bob’s underwear manufacturer would’ve been proud of as balls over the top led to foot races back towards our goal. Luckily Johnson was regularly shepherded away from the danger area, his legendary Greg Louganis impressions could well have led to Murphy nicking a hat-trick of pens.

Gomes threatened to join in the comedy by continually bowling balls out to the feet of Modric et al and putting them under pressure as well looking like he’d forgotten how to use his hands when speculative shots were driven straight at him. Bassong it was though who donned the makeup & oversized shoes for goals three and four, his clownish defending leading to a chorus of boos at half time as the players trooped towards the doll’s house in the corner.

During the interval strains of ‘North London Is Ours’ wafted up from between the joins in the Meccano stand and it signalled a defiance that both the players and the fans showed in the second forty five. On the field the team showed skill and endeavour as they had more than their fair share of possession. Van der Vaart, Modric and Pienaar worked hard to prise an opening for Crouch that didn’t come until the last few minutes when he found space to get on the end of a perfect cross from Hutton. Did he nod it firmly and squarely back past the keeper? Did he buggery? An attempt at a chest down and swivel led to the ball being taken off his toes and comfortably cleared.

Crouch’s failure to even attempt a header on goal in that instance was the final straw for many behind the goal. We weren’t even going to get a consolation. The attempts to cheer ourselves up by singing through the second half and mocking the silence of the home fans seemed pointless when given such a clear reminder of our impotency on the field. Thankfully soon after, Dowd brought an end to a cheerless afternoon.


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  1. As long as Harry has his favourite players Spurs will not be in the top four and will be out of the C.L next round..I have said many a time Hutton is a accident waiting to happen.It happened against Newcastle and again against Fulham. No doubt he will play on Wednesday while we have one of the best right backs in Europe looking on.If i were Carluka i would pack my bags and move on. When last has Dafoe or Crouch scored,yet we have Pav.(for what little time he has played) has scored more goals.Harry expects him to score every time he brings him on for twenty minutes. I can not remember Pav. having a long run in the team.Personally i have no faith in Harry's team selection……and that is where the problem is.

  2. What can you say- it is not unusual to have experienced such stupidity from Spurs.Many have still not learnt how it impacts to lose a player at the early stages of a game.Some teams have learnt to adjust playing with 10 men & either draw or win. We are far fromit. What I have observed is that the team is dependent on some individuals- like Modric, VDV & Bale. Others contribute very little & are not prepared to learn from their mistakes. This was the only oppurtunity missed to gain some silverware. Our performance with the likes of Everton, Fulham, Newcastle etc speaks for itself. Don't bother to aim big as we need to educate our players on the subject.

  3. I’d been quite keen on Phil Dowd prior to this game, after penalties awarded for us against Chelsea and Arsenal in recent times. Now I’m forced to ask the question, is it Tottenham he loves, or just giving penalties?!

  4. I think that the Hutton experiment has gone on long enough. I think that if this kind of crap goes on much longer, the Stratford tantrum has to stop, we need to support the improvement of the infrastructure of the club, and do something significant to replace United's seemingly endless era of supremacy. Yesterday was a fucking joke.

  5. Bloody disgusting!!! Both our performance & the refereeing.
    If this is what life is like without Bale then God help us!!
    The last reserve match showed better quality all around.

    IMHO we will be pushing for 5th place and then what will happen to Modric & Bale!
    who seem to be the only two with a clue and who care

    Press us & lock us down and we don't seem to have a clue

  6. Typical spurs fans always moaning about how hard done by you are. You were poor plain & simple best team on the day won get over it.

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  8. Like i said before, Harry has got no tactical capabilities. He just puts his fav players and the most talented ones on the field and hope for them to come up with smthing! And if they don't perform, he is too afraid to make changes. If we were to progree we need smone new leading us. HARRY FOR ENGLAND!

  9. Peter Crouch isn't good enough to start in League 2. Yet 'arry keeps going back to that well. ENOUGH. There's no doubt that injuries at Centre Back have led to a world of problems. But you need to have a reliable scorer besides VDV and Bale. Try Pav for a complete game and not as a 20 minute sub. And give Kranjcar and Chorluka a go. Bentley played a great game this week-end with his new club. Never a sniff from Harry.


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