Tim ‘Robin Hood of’ Sherwood

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Robin Hood went through Sherwood Forest and stole from the rich and gave to the needy. Well our squad are the rich ones and we are the needy ones. Thank god we have our very own Robin Hood of Sherwood, Tim Sherwood!

New job, Christmas, cold weather, blah blah blah. Those are just a few excuses for not writing recently but that’s not to say I haven’t been following Spurs as close if not closer than ever. It’s been a bit tumultuous recently, new manager, new system, some guy called Emmanuel Adebayor……

So let’s start with the big one. Bye bye AVB. Sad face…..

Well sort of a sad face, I feel for the guy but for the life of me I just can’t understand why he became so stubborn. It was so glaringly obvious that Soldado needed a partner up front and as for his treatment of Adebayor, well it seems harsh. His stubbornness was, in my opinion, his biggest downfall at Chelsea and after last season I though he’d rid himself of it. However, having been given the money for players he wanted, he failed to get the best out of them and in doing that he made us boring to watch.. In fact, if he’d actually been more stubborn during the summer, he could’ve kept Bale. Just putting it out there. Anyways, onwards and upwards.

So, step up Mr Sherwood, whould’ve thunk it? His sheer determination to get the job was fascinating. It was like he was on the Apprentice or something, Mr Sugar would definitely approve. Levy giving him an 18 month contract was a shrewd move in my opinion because in reality I think it’s a 6 month-then-we’ll-see contract. However, he fairly took the bull by the balls didn’t he? Very attacking performances, albeit we let ourselves down in the cups. First thing he did, stick someone upfront with Soldado. Adebayor turning in not only goals but work rate and proper performances, there aint a transfer window open is there? Perhaps I’m too cynical. Either way, we are finally great to watch again. I liked his honesty after the Saints game when he said he had no idea Paulinho was capable of that type of performance. Just a shame the little cunt that is Charlie scumbag Adam got a hold of him and now he’s out for a month. Other people have stepped up but Younes Kaboul can’t come back soon enough because Michael Dawson is a total liability. He has the turning circle of a train and hasn’t got enough pace. In fairness he makes some cracking blocks and sticks the body on the line with last ditch tackles but prevention is better than the cure! Don’t get yourself into those situation then you don’t have to deal with it.

The wingbacks continue to be a problem. In the Arsenal defeat in particular, Kyle Walker’s positioning was appalling. There is talk of Benoit coming back in to do a job but personally I don’t see it. Danny Rose looks back in contention which gives us a better option at left back, unfortunately he is pretty much our only option.

Lamela has put in a few decent performances but nothing to shout about. I just hope he gets the time he obviously needs to flourish. Even if it takes this and half of next season he is well worth it. It took him a good year to settle in Italy and then he was explosive for Roma.

Moussa Dembele has upped his game (apart from his challenge for the Palace penalty) and Eriksen is starting to show some real quality. Whether this is just the effect of a new manager or the effect of Sherwood personally, I just don’t know. I do know that over the festive period he can’t have had much time to train with the guys, hence the introduction of Bentaleb in midfield, bit of a masterstroke. Who would have thought we actually needed another midfielder?

So I’m not gonna talk about individual results and matches but it was very disappointing to lose to West Ham in the manner we did and Arsenal were just too good for us. We got very lucky against Man United in terms of refereeing decisions but we are more than overdue a few decisions against them.

So our league games are going very well, 13 out of 15 points is a great return from Sherwood and with injuries coming back in, it can only get better. Only 2 points off Champions League spot and with only the Europa League to occupy us outside of the league it should be obtainable.

Only 8 points off top spot………


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