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Here are some facts. Spurs are fifth in the league. They’re unbeaten in five (seven in all competitions), and are two points ahead of Arsenal, one behind the champions.

They’ve just beaten United at Old Trafford for the first time in 23 years. And have been booed off at home three times this year.

AVB’s taken a bit of a kicking in the press (notably Saturday’s ‘mutiny’). But who’s come out of this looking more like dicks… us or the media?

I know I’m preaching to the congregation here: blog-reading Spurs fans aren’t your average knuckle-headed boo-boys pining for ’Arry.

But before we can point fingers at the press, we should look at ourselves.

Following the Newcastle game, I remember a Spurs fan telling me he was positive we wouldn’t win before United, “and there’s no chance we’ll win there.”

I know it’s the small majority of fans. But it’s about time we got behind the team and the manager.

Saturday was unbelievable. Let’s forget about negatives in the second half (Friedel’s distribution, Walker’s defensive errors, us sitting deep): the first half was Inter Milan-at-home good.

Vertonghen is a beast, Dembele too, and Defoe is born again. Once Adebayor and Parker return to fitness, we’ll have strength in depth.

It’s difficult to change our shape or reinforce our dominance when we don’t have another ball-winner on the bench, or a big frontman.

Watch us fly when these two return. One thing that AVB is proving is that he’s smart enough to adapt.

He wants to play his way, and his way alone. But he’s willing to tweak systems and tactics to suit us and thwart the opposition.

This Sunday, when we’re 0-0 at half-time, struggling to break down Villa, and White Hart Lane has fallen silent, it’s worth remembering: we’re injury hit, AVB is still new, and we’re still settling.

Remember the wonderful victory at Old Trafford – and get behind the team.


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  1. Things are looking good, no boos please just singing and dancing : ))
    Not sure it is "small majority" maybe "small minority"!!

  2. The articles in the Spurs web are great and entertaining but are often met with a barrage of thoughtless negativity. It is easy to throw in some aimless comments on how the glory days are past and how bad the team and manager is. So howcome we are not managers, chairmen and pro`s?

  3. I worry that AVB is still only a loss or two away from the boo-boys rearing their ugly heads again. Onwards and upwards… Hopefully.

  4. Couldn't agree more. Why don't the rest of us just start singing louder when those idiots start booing? Why don't we paint signs saying you not fit to support us (that may be a bit strong!)? Why don't we invent a song specifically for the boo boys. They're a bunch of imbeciles who think that Redknapp is brilliant just because he sounds like them. They forget the collapse at the end of every season, not just last. They forget that we hadn't come from behind to win in TWO YEARS. They forget that despite his "amazing" man management skills every single player who wasn't playing (which is the real judge of man management skills) hated him and said so publicly. They forget that with the money we spent we should have been coming 4-6th (and that Martin Jol did just as well, and Ramos actually won a cup, which is more than Redknapp – I have to laugh at that last point!). They forget that Redknapp publicly demanded a new contract days after Levy suffers a family bereavement, tax evasion, scum bag, blah blah blah. All they hear is "geezer, geezer, geezer" and it's all forgotten. God I hate that man

  5. You guys are missing the point. I do not condone booing. But they had just seen a half of poor football. They ARE behind the manager…but a poor half is a poor half. The Norwich game was THAT bad. It really was. The QPR game was not great. Spurls – the reason why Spurs had not come back from behind in 2 years is because Spurs were taking the lead a lot more than usual. Before that, Harry's Spurs had a fantastic record of winning from a goal down. Harry got criticised for that too. Somehow now you turn it into a positive…. I support ANY manager that gets our boys to perform. Harry did that, so I supported him. AVB is the manager now, and if he gets the team to perform, then I will support him too. It is a simple as that. I do not understand people who go down to the personal level. It is time to drop this anti-Harry stuff as it is completely disrespectful to our most successful manager of the Premiership era. Move on.


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