The tiresome talk of a Spurs exodus

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I would like to say a few words, about the constant speculation being printed about 2 or 3 Spurs players, being sold to bigger clubs in the not too distant future.

At the moment due to his continued goal-scoring achievements, Harry Kane is the main target for this futile speculation, that he will leave next season, or even earlier.

What most of the people making their various remarks, like “for all his goal-scoring prowess, Kane has no ‘silverware’ to show for it, and ultimately he will want to leave to win something, if he doesn’t win something with Spurs this season”, what these people fail to take into account, are some very important and fundamental differences with this current Spurs side.

  1. Spurs are no longer a ‘Selling Club’. In case some pundits with point at K.Walker, he wasn’t prepared to fight for his place at Spurs, as it was becoming an obvious losing battle with K.Trippier.
  2. Their current manager Mauricio Pochettino (in my opinion) is without a shadow of a doubt, the best manager they have every had since Bill Nicholson, and he’s relatively young and like his team can only improve, as he and they already have been.
  3. This current team has a much stronger squad, and play some of the most exciting attacking football anywhere in Europe, but at the same time, they have one of the best defences too, and until moving to Wembley this season, they had conceded the joint least number of goals last season in the PL.
  4. Not only are Spurs building a new stadium, to accommodate all the fans regular and plenty of new ones, whom they have been attracting with their style of play and success, but together with Pochetino’s plans for a bigger more successful international club, they are also building a new team and ethos. Attracting very good players who want to be apart of this ‘future’, and are willing to give the club time to see this come into fruition.

Perhaps I will be proved wrong, and that if Spurs to do not win the EPL or a trophy, players like Harry Kane, Deli Alli ,Toby Anderweireld or any others for that matter, might indeed depart. However I do believe, that as long as Spurs finish in the top 4 in the PL, have a good run in Champions League, and perhaps reach a cup final, or a combination of 2 or more of the above, this current group of first team players will stay.

In my mind a move to either of the Manchester clubs, is a sideways one, Man U are not the force of old, and the way the club is run, players like Kane would just be a rotated like a piece of meat, another ‘asset’, sitting on the bench for half the season, or incurring the displeasure of those players which he forces out on the bench. City are relatively ’new kids on the block’ at the top end of the EPL, as Spurs keep progressing I think they will soon outshine City. They as Man U,  do have more finances at their disposal than Spurs, but in the not too distant future, another season or two, and Spurs could find themselves achieving more than both these Mancunian clubs. One of the keys issues for Spurs in keeping their best players, and to enable them to fend off other clubs, looking to buy these players, is what most pudits have mentioned, is for D.Levy and Spurs, to increase the ceiling on their salary structure. 

A move to Barcelona at this present moment in time, would not be ‘clever’, given the hostile political climate, with the strange idea and their possible aim, of actually joining the EPL anyway. Of course to play alongside football legends like L.Messi, must be the dream of most players, but every player which goes there is required to adapt, not only to their style of play, which by the way, I don’t think would suit Harry Kane, but players must adapt to a completely different lifestyle, not to mention learning to speak a foreign language. So probabaly he would be used now and again, as an alternative striker, spending most of his time watching from the bench.

A move to Real Madrid, would more that certainly guarantee players trophies and titles, but at what cost ? Look at the hellish time our ex-player Gareth Bale has endured on several occasions since his arrival there, and that is ongoing despite his success there.

 To me Real Madrid and their fans are like big spoilt children(I know one fan personally), they are on a player’s back as soon as he shows the first sign of being out of form, or perhaps a striker not scoring in a few games. Imagine Harry Kane playing for them in August this year, he’d would have been benched before you could shout “ole !” With most of the fans telling him, in no uncertain terms, to get back to England, and sharpish !  

What it all boils down to in the end, is if this current crop of players lose patients and belief in the great future they could have at Spurs, or they simply want more money, at whatever personal sacrifice to themselves, then they will leave of course. 

I do believe the younger players such as Alli (21) and Kane (24) should stay at Spurs, at least for this and the following season, before making a move if they feel the Spurs ‘dream’ cannot be realised earlier enough for them, as they will still have plenty of playing years, in front of them.

I know it’s an international break now, but I for one would appreciate it, if the media stopped speculating about Spurs players in particular, in a form of ‘fake news’, and that they would write more factual accounts of what’s going on in the world of football, but it’s probably asking too much I know.


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  1. What a great artice you have written Steve Smyrk, the media is obsessed that every good player who plays for Tottenham has to leave, i didnt hear Merson & his cronies shouting Harry Kane is too good for Tottenham when he was struggling & constantly being loaned out, where were they when Alli first came to us? now suddeny those muppets have become a Kane expert, they all talk garbage, you speak so much sense

  2. They won’t stop because they know they have to do as much unsettling and chipping at the squad now, before the new stadium comes online and revolutionises our finances and ability to be more competitive with wages.

    For the record, I think Harry would give it at least two, maybe three years in the new stadium, without real success, before he might look to leave. He would still only be 27 and in his footballing prime. And if we are successful, I think he might just carry out his threat of remaining at the club his whole career and breaking all kinds of records. And, again for the record, I believe we will win things under Poch…and I don’t just mean a minor trophy or two. So I’m not really that worried by this nonesene story based on twisting what he actually said.

    COYS ?

  3. Like what is written here. Totally agree. We are in a process of improvement, which is shown year on year. With the right signings and new stadium i think we will be a strong force for years to come. Took fergie a while with utd of old. I think poch is of the same mold. Most fans see the future is bright and i imagine the players k ow it even more….

    • Great article all round, I think the only pull for anyone to leave is money but I feel things are going in the right direction for the club .COYS ..


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