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Tottenham are linked with all sorts of players during the transfer window, some realistic, some just plain stupid.

We all hear the gossip in the papers, but now we want to hear the transfer rumours that you’re hearing from your sources, maybe you’ve seen someone arriving at the training ground.

Each day we’ll pick the best transfer rumours and include them on here, every day.  To send in your transfer gossip, click here.

Spurs Til I Die: I have a friend who works within the club and is friends with people not at the top but within the board and expect two transfers.  The Real Madrid stuff is utter rubbish, but on Monday there is a meeting with the agent of Ashley Young, and later in the week with Kyle Naughton the full-back,  I’ve been told other than that there will be one striker in and out and thats it.


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  1. Yeah I also have an aunt who knows a guy with a blue hat well this guys Dog is friends with someone that works in a fish & chips van at the Lane well that bloke has a mate and his name is Fulla shitalot he reacons that he’s mates with Levy’s great grandmas pet snake & you guessed it the gran gets a secret a phone call from Danny Boy himself asking for advice on who to sign, so the Gran shut the door and looks round to see if anyones around. Nope nothing, but the snake is under the sofa,,,sissssssss,,, well this snake reacons he heard his Gran say,,,,,,,, you should bring back David Ginola & Tedddy Sheringham (in an old voicey kinda way) so thats it…… You heard it here first we got that winger were after more than anything (including Right Backs) and a replacement for Bent wooooooohooooooooo


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