Tottenham fans react to Sissoko ‘performances’

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For some reason unknown to man, Moussa Sissoko still continues to find himself named in Mauricio Pochettino’s starting line-up.

How many more chances will the £30million midfielder get before the Tottenham coaching staff realise that he’s nothing more than a laughing stock among the fans.

In one glimpse, he goes from looking like an international player to a pub footballer (sorry Sunday league footballers to compare you with him). Tottenham fans have been reacting to his recent performances on social media.

Who can forget that opportunity when he was more or less clean through against Dortmund in injury time? It was almost as if he was playing FIFA and pressed the wrong button on his controller for his ‘finish’

And what about that shot against Swansea that nearly took down the arch?

Here’s some general musings from the Tottenham fanbase and the wider Twitter community:

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  1. I really don’t think there is any point picking on one player (Sissoko) Spurs have a real psychological problem concerning Wembley and as professionals they have to get in their heads that this group is white hart lane. BELIEVE!

  2. I agree with Steve. The whole team has a problem as professionals . Yesterday, Dier was more pathetic than Sissoko(just one example – there were others too!) . Given support, he has the ability to be a well balanced player. He plays out of fear (perhaps the fans) and does not freely express himself. Subject over. It’s the slow lethargic game we play. The mentality is that we have God given right to win – and we only realize the truth when it is too late. To be honest, 1 more draw or loss in next 10games (yes 10) – our season is over. Also the players talk too much but don’t walk the talk.

  3. Agree with all comments except steve connors

    We paid decent money for him and because of that we either have to take a big loss on him which danny boy aint guna like or try playing him hoping he either comes good which is good for the team or good for his resale price.

    Personally i liken him to a car that keeps breaking down on you do you carry on hoping that it eventually comes good or just get rid.

    If it was up to me i’m the sort of person that would get rid get a new one and start again and just take the hit.

    But i aint poch or levy so what do i know

  4. Watched the match from up in the gods! Disappointing result without a doubt. Biggest issue for me was the predictability of Spurs tactics. Swansea just packed the edge of the box with their well marshalled defence, with midfield stiflers in front of them. Given Spurs preferred intricate ball-work approach Swansea just baulked them out. We needed to use the width of the pitch, and do it quicker. Trippier was hampered by Sissoko, and Sonny at left wing-back? Nah! Bad team selection to start off with, tactics were changed at half time, but given Swansea’s lack of attacking prowess, did we REALLY need three centre-backs in the side? Only positive for me was Hugo’s clean sheet!

  5. I think Poch thought that ANY team he put out, would beat Swansea. And they should have.

    Swansea parked the proverbial bus but they rarely looked uncomfortable and under pressure.

    We should have learned from this (remember the games before last season when Spurs dominated

    teams at the Lane, only to lose or draw) and altered our tactics after the first 20 minutes.

    We were far too slow in our build-up, as though we thought ‘we’ve got plenty of time to beat them’.

    Actually, we NEVER altered our tactics at all, even after bringing Llorente on (so much for another ‘way’)

    so he must be wondering if he did the right thing, turning down Chelsea, if we’re going to ignore him.

    Never have I seen so many of our players shooting high and wide so often (was the ball too light, did it bobble

    before shooting? ..No, Harry Kane’s free kick apart, they just committed basic errors in shooting technique).

    But it was the lack of imagination in breaking down a stubborn defence that worried me most.

    Sometimes I think we’re close to the best in Europe, when we’re in that final third, and then I think

    would Barca, or Bayern or PSG or Real end up goalless against that Swansea team yesterday?

    Alli has been poor since the start of the season (careful old son, those super agents may be put off),

    and we need him big time. Eriksen looked off too.

    It’s no good making Sissoko the scape goat. They were all, bar one or two, off their game despite

    the energy and intensity they put in.

  6. yesterday defeat was a Pochettino issue. Poor team selection from start. He underestimated the Swans. awful selection. Why not maintain the winning team of Wednesday if no one was injured. I tot sissoko took a hit and least expected him around the team. Dembele on bench??? yes we probably won’t be screaming had Kane scored the sitter but on whole we played very poor even if we had won. we are very slow and predictable in our build up. We lacked ball sense and movement.

  7. Very disappointing result and performance overall. I think KWP should have started at LWB as Davies needed a rest but I think Sonny done well considering. The Swans hardly attacked us so there wasn't really much of a problem with Son playing LWB. Sissoko seems to always get the criticism but he was not the only one who didn't perform, Dier and Dele didn't do much either and I actually thought it should have been Dele who came off for Llorente and a lot earlier in the game too.

    If Llorente and Aurier came on earlier we could have put a lot more pressure on them from crosses into the box. All we needed was one goal and the flood gates would have opened, but fair play to Swansea they did what they had to do to get a point.

  8. We the fans are sitting worried – not again the same lazy tactics, lacking ideas … etc Do the players / Management care? After 2 good or reasonable performances (perhaps), we will be back saying how awful the team is analyzing pros and cons! We are just the quality where people worldwide could talk "Tottenham" !


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