Tottenham Hotspur are just one day away from what could be the biggest night of the club’s history, as they prepare for the Champions League final.

As a result, thousands of fans are flocking to Madrid on flights today in order to attend the final, or just soak up the atmosphere around the stadium.

Unfortunately, only 16,613 Tottenham supporters were actually granted a ticket for the match (BBC), however, around 70,000 total Spurs and Liverpool fans are still expected to make the trip (Daily Mail).

Being one of the biggest London airports, Stansted have well and truly put their Spurs colours on today, as they gave their departure boards a much-needed makeover.

The flights out to Madrid have all been labelled with quotes such as ‘Come on you Spurs!’ and ‘To dare is to do!’, while the departure numbers have been replaced with the Tottenham squad numbers.

The airport have also posted good luck messages to the club ahead of the CL Final.

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