“Tottenham Hotspur are nothing special” – radio presenter rips into Poch’s side

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

talkSPORT radio presenter Adrian Durham has launched a scathing attack on Tottenham Hotspur by claiming that despite the fact that Mauricio Pochettino’s side are enjoying their best start to a Premier League season, nothing has changed.

Ginger-haired Durham who hosts the station’s Drive show in the afternoon is known for his controversial comments to try and lure fans to phone in and rant.

After nine matches, Tottenham have gained 21 points in the league but Durham claims that they have failed to beat any of their tougher opponents this season.

Tottenham are back in action on Wednesday evening for an away trip in the Champions League at PSV Eindhoven after losing their opening two matches to Inter Milan and Barcelona, respectively.

Durham claims that Spurs have been “embarrassed” in both matches.

He told talkSPORT: “Nothing has changed, that’s why I am saying ‘Spurs…so what?’,

“What exactly have they done? Scrappy win against Cardiff, scrappy win against West Ham, I can’t see any difference.

“They come up against a decent side, they lose! People might say ‘well they beat Man United’, but Man United have not been a decent side this season.”

He added: “I would take issue with anyone who thinks things have changed at Spurs and this great start to the season. It’s only a great start based on their previous starts which haven’t been that great.

“They’re not all that, they’re nothing special!

“Their real form is being shown in the Champions League, where twice they have been embarrassed.”

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  1. Adrian Durham is a half witted wide boy. No idea how he gets his ill thought out views promoted so much.
    He fails to mention we have had to cope with multiple injuries at the same time, including half our first team with Hugo, Vertonghen, Rose, Dembele, Eriksen and Alli all have been missing for stints this season. With those players back we will only get stronger and Lamela has been looking phenomenal so far…

  2. Durham is a self opinionated twat. True Spurs fans appreciate the job that Poch is doing. We aren’t in the same money league as the two Mancs, Bin Dippers and Rent Boys, so surely, competing with so called “lesser players” must count for something. True, we need to win a trophy but it will come.

  3. Let’s be honest, Durham is a complete a**e. He hates Spurs with a passion and never says anything positive about us. Gooners have playes 2 ‘big sides’ and guess what…. lost to them both!! They same record as us apart from goals…. he conveniently forgets about them though

  4. I stopped listening to Durham when it became clear the only people supporting his show were spurs fans biting at his comments. this was about one month ago. I’ve since switched to Radio X if I’m in the car on an afternoon. I still listen to Alan Brazil though. When I got in the car last week the station was on Durham’s programme, so I had a quick listen. The first thing that came out of his mouth in to and a half weeks was a comment about Tottenham. I quickly addressed the error of my ways and switched back to Johnny Vaughan. If you’re going to fuel the fire you’ll get what you deserve. The bits I’ve heard included slating Winks, Dier and Kane
    We had more players in the WC semi-finals than any other team in the world and also didn’t buy any new players. All the said, we’ve deserved to be beaten by two teams who we gave too much respect to (Liverpool/ Barcelona) and lost in the last five mins against two we should have beat (Watford/ Inter). Had we beaten Watford which we should have done, we would be top. We provided the backbone for England again and are playing two games every week. Not that special? I’m not saying we will win every game this season but my glass is half full.

  5. Spurs are a big club with a huge and passionate fan base. He slags us off on purpose, looking for anyone to bite and phone in to his pathetic little show. He’s just an opinionated little weasel, who expresses his opinions in a deliberately offensive and antagonising way to generate business. The more you hate him, the better for him – best to just ignore the insignificant [email protected]!

  6. What a plum. We’ll see whose who at end of season. Still a long way to go. By Xmas have a fully fur squad to chose from ready for a strong finish. Coys


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