Tottenham Hotspur Player Ratings vs Arsenal


Michael Dawson - Header

Gomes (9) – Three unbelievable second saves in a five minute spell

Kaboul (6) – Maybe a bit harsh on a man playing out of position but some of his passing was so lazy and careless. Charged forward ahead of Bentley several times at the end leaving the space behind him exposed

Assou-Ekotto (7) – Did well against the Nou Camp bottler when he came on. Nice save on the line in the first minute

Dawson (9) – Terrific I thought. As well as solid at the back, one of the few who was careful with possession through the whole game

King (8) – Fine performance from our one-kneed skipper. Next appearance Old Trafford ?

Rose (7) – Seemed to lack confidence apart from when sliding into tackles and thumping home 25 yard volleys

Modric (8) – Showed his class in the second half especially. Worked non-stop. Nearly broke through from midfield a couple of times

Huddlestone (6) – A real struggle for him but kept working and helped make the second goal

Bale (7) – Took his goal brilliantly but failed to show his best form going forward. Lots of good defensive work.

Pavlyuchenko (6) – Did ok given very limited service. Didn’t work enough when we didn’t have the ball.

Defoe (6) – Clearly lacking a spark at the moment. Had one opening in the first half which was straight at the keeper. Lovely pass for Bale’s goal.

Bentley (7) –
On at half time for Rose. Played with discipline. As usual so much better when he keeps things simple.


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  1. Sorry, what planet were you on … did u see the game??? Hudd a 9, like modric he worked non stop in the middle, Pav was outstanding and should also be a 9, he worked non stop to create from nothing and the limited serviced he received. Bale was a 8 again he worked non stop considering most of the play was on the other side of the field, always getting into a good position and getting back double quick when needed…. get a life or at least watch the game again with your eyes open … prat!!

  2. If Michael Dawson doesn't go to South Africa it will be a disgrace.

    He's been at the heart of the 3rd best defense in the Premier League and has to be considered before the likes of Matthew Upson.

    Tottenham's player of the season, with Gareth Bale only missing out due to his early-season injury.

  3. Bale deserves more than a 7 – he scored effectively the winning goal – whilst being completely in an unexpected position – practically centre forward in the instant. He ran and ran. He doubled up well with Ekotto to keep track of Walcott when he came on. You cannot expect him to do those same runs when we were playing in 'protect the lead' mode. Even so, he did those runs when possible.
    I think Defoe deserves an extra mark for that assist alone.
    Bentley 6. I deduct a point for trying a hopeful shot against a defender in the last minute – fortunate to get a corner. Think man, think….corner flag!!!
    Gomes why not a 10? 83 minutes of boredom (for him) then he springs into action preventing certain goals.

  4. MattyBoy – Dawson will not go to South Africa. It is not that I wouldn't want it, but international managers go for experience (apart from Sven and Walcott!!!). Upson is there by default – very annoying but true. He is in a defence conceding goal after goal, and most of us can see that he is not having a great season – but that goes out of the window. They see Dawson as 3rd choice at club level behind 2 English players ahead of him – who also won't go to the world cup. If fit, Brown amd Lescott will also go – due to versatility. Hopefully Capello was there – although not many Englishmen in the Arsenal team!!
    My players of the season – Gomes, Bale (half a season, but what a half), Dawson, Lennon (what a first half of season?). Defoe was out of the blocks, but slowed up as he normally does – but still improved. Although not a universal favourite, but Hudd deserves praise for a great first full season.

  5. We can all argue about the points above but every single player should bE praised for outstanding work ethic. I thought huddlestone was brilliant. He was so hungry and battled throughout. Him and modric were excellent in the middle. Andy gray said our spine throughout looked strong an that’s what they were. Excellent. Absolutely fantastic!

  6. Modric showed he can hold his own, he's even winning the occassional header! so hardworking and incredibly clever in possession, top class. Dawson was excellent, especially intercepting from their passes. And Gomes is looking like the best keeper we've had for a long time. I think we can play a lot better… tottenham are starting to find a winning mentality over the top 4…
    Top 4. Gomes. Modric. Dawson. Bale

  7. For me Gomes is a 10, we would have lost the game if it was not for him, and the back 4 excellent, with BAE linking well with Bale. I could not believe Modders work rate in the middle, and on the whole they all did us proud, and the atmosphere, the best since we thrashed them 5-1 in the carling semi.


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