Tottenham Hotspur Player Ratings vs Chelsea


Luka Modric - Header

Gomes (8) – Only one world class save needed from him today. Best chant – “Gomes for England”.

Kaboul (5) – He’s not a full back basically. Beaten regularly by Zhirkov and Malouda and at one point appeared to be given defending advice by Bentley.

Assou-Ekotto (8) – Had a day where everything came off for him. Was targeted by Drogba in the second half and remained untroubled. Some lovely snappy accurate passing.

Dawson (9) – He can’t fail to have impressed the watching Capello, especially given Terry’s discomfort in the same game.

Bassong (8) – Excellent alongside Dawson. Carried the ball out of defence nicely a few times.

Bentley (7) –
Very disciplined defensively. Too slow to take advantage of some good attacking positions and his corners and free kicks were a mixed bag.

Modric (9) – A superb display of skill and awareness.  Some lovely passes into space for the front players.

Huddlestone (8) – Worked non-stop and formed an effective midfield barrier/partnership with Modric  especially given that they were outnumbered again.

Bale (9) – A fantastically energetic and powerful performance. Great goal, should’ve had at least one more perhaps.

Pavlyuchenko (8) –
Led the line really well. Always available to receive the ball and skilfully make use of it. Should’ve scored a couple of times.

Defoe (7) – Not over his injury yet, nowhere near his sharpest. His miss shortly after the break that would have put us three up was a bad one. Great penalty.

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  1. 5 for Kaboul is a bit harsh… Thought he did alright to be honest, deserved a 6 or 7 in my eyes. Other than that fully agree.
    I haven't got anything very insightful to say, just wanted to say that Bale is an absolute hero, can't believe how good he is. He just doesn't stop running, absolute f*****g legend. COYS!

  2. I agree – Kaboul did a reasonable job.and Bale was magnificent and Huddlestone was a revelation. Dawson also played a captain's game.

    However, how you can give Pavlyuchenko 8 is beyond me. I deliberately watched him – he won no headers , he lost the ball on countless occasions, was totally selfish and missed two sitters that Sandra could have scored. Just imagine the vitriol if that had been Crouchy !!!! All style no substance.

    • Totally agree jones comments re Pav – he missed two absolute sitters at the end
      and a couple of other decent chances earlier on. He never wins headers and can’t control the ball in open play. His passing is also not great. I hope we sell him and get someone who offers more.

  3. Well played Spurs – need to watch that pass from the right into the box which brought both goals by Arse and Chelski. V unlucky not to be in FA Cup Final.

  4. Kaboul ISN'T a RB but he is trying damn hard to be one and he improved as the match went on.
    Yes he was shown up a few times in defence, but then would Corluka have done any better?
    or even Hutton? And let's not forget poor Walker.(still only a kid)
    In addition, he showed more pace and better passing/crossing in attack than Corluka.
    and as the game went on his interplay with Bentley really improved.
    Right now he is our"jack of all trades" player but he could make RB his own IMO and good luck to him.
    IMO he is less of a risk at RB and he has all the strength, drive & skills required.

  5. antionan, are you out of your f****ing mind. Charlies been the picture of consistency in defence all season you f****ing halfwit. Better passing than Charlie? Again, HALFWIT!

  6. wow im astonished that people on here are critizing pav this harshly. Yes he shud have scored but he lead the line superbly and is 10 times the player crouch is. Him playing makes us play better as a team.

  7. Kaboul was poor but he deserves more for his sticking at the task- he is not a right back- thank heavens Dawes covered most time. This for me was our best game of season- even though we missed a hatful of chances. I hope the boys go to Old Trafford and perform- we can't trust Ar2ena1 will do us a favour & beat City. We must seek to compete for the whole game….something Ferguson is aware of and will be confident against us. Do we believe in miracles? Why not? Many think we are punching above weight…I think the team/squad has MORE to come!

  8. Ekotto deserves to be docked a point or two for some hairy moments late on that people seem to have forgotten… I am not a Kaboul fan, but even I feel he deserves a bit more than 5. Marking Goalkeepers is difficult. But I feel that you should give them 10 at the start, and then deduct points when they disappoint. In that case, Gomes deserves 9 or 10 in last 2 games.

  9. we have had 11 heroes against scum & scummer, stop trying to run them down, i would have taken 2 points from these games, to take 6 is living in fantasy land, bring on the mancs.

    • Well said mate. I dont know whay people have to find something to complain about. 2 excellent and season shaping results in 4 days against teams above us!!! Everyone involved in those two games deserve full credit. Best Spurs performances in years.

  10. Posting as a guest here…..
    I'm a life long Chelsea fan and will always be. However, I now have enormous respect for you yids. You were excellent yesterday and your atmosphere at the Lane was awsome. We were gutless but you probably would have got a result however we played. Well done….any chance you lot can do the same to United? Please?

  11. Some of these comments on here are a joke! Pav did win his fair share of headers (the header and won and then chased himself for terrys first booking) and his link up play was great especially when he set Bale away for his goal. Fair enough he wasnt as sharp in front of goal as he should have been but when eveyryone is fit and available to choose from our best partnership up front is defoe and pav by a long way.
    The Kaboul rating was unfair aswell, he is not a right back but i thought he did more than an adequate job to cover for the team whilst charlie is out injured. Dawson was awesome again and if someone like matthew upson gets on the plane to south africa before him then its a joke!

  12. Agree with EssexWHL. 2 wins against superior London rivals in a week is awesome, unbelievable. It's a team effort. Low ratings will definately demoralise the individual concern. When we lost to Portmouth, do we change the whole squad? Do we slam the whole team? C'mon guys, be passionate.

  13. Kaboul was cringingly awful. Pulled out positon and caught ball watching too many times . Didnt track his man and had to be ushered by Bentley to see where the danger was coming from. As for going forward – I could of got into those postions and my delivery would of been just as bad.

    I shouldnt moan, but through the whole game he was my only concern. GOD SPEED CHARLIE!! Does anyone know if he will be available for UTD? I can see Nani d*cking all over Kaboul.

  14. I think you all need your heads tested,the whole team deserve 8 or 9 because of the work rate put in by them all was brilliant.

  15. Dean, please try to not be a rude moron when you comment as this is all about opinion and you have shown that you have one and no more. I have followed THFC for 58 yrs and I stand by my opinion as above. Corluka is TOO slow IMO and is often outpaced by a fast opponent and he does NOT put in as many crosses as did Kaboul. I rate Kaboul to a degree but he always scared me in front of our box. As a RB he could find his niche, As for Corluka: he is competent if slow and he has played RB for a lot longer than Kaboul and so he should be. I did take Kaboul's inexperience into my comparison but I suppose that escaped you. If you are talking about the first 20 mins or so when he was targeted then I could agree but he vastly improved as the match wore on.
    I guess that I can never understand why some people have such fragile egos that they can never handle a difference of opinion. Personally as far as RBs are concerned I would like to see a fit and drugfree Hutton there at WHL as shown by his recent Sunderland appearances but I guess that might re-open the sewer.


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