Tottenham Hotspur Player Ratings vs Portsmouth


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Gomes (8) – Some good saves from Pompey breakaways especially in the first half. Good handling, no chance with the goals.

Corluka (6) – Struggled for pace. Could’ve proved an unlikely hero as the ball fell to him in the box a few times, never looked like scoring though.

Bale (8) – Had two men on him and one of the main victims of the pitch early on. Was the dominant attacking influence for the final two thirds of the match.

Bassong (7) – No complaints. He’s no Ledley King yet but did ok.

Dawson (7) – Exemplary as ever. Shockingly unlucky for the first goal.

Modric (7) – The man on the field who looked most likely to supply that little bit extra but disappeared for long periods.

Bentley (6) – Some decent corners but never delivered in open play. Far too slow.

Huddlestone (5) – Not in the game enough and too slow when he was. Suffered most with the slipping and sliding.

Palacios (6) – Played a very timid game due to the nine bookings hanging over him. He only had five minutes to go after two months on nine yellows and then it all went horribly wrong.

Crouch (7) – As usual was still trying at the end but also as usual leaves you wanting something more. Got himself into positions to score several times but never managed it.

Defoe (5) – Constantly twisting and wriggling to find space but rarely managed it. Nowhere near his sharpest.


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  1. I'd never give Crouch a 7, okay he tried, tried and tried some more, but can't cut it.
    Should have done better on a number of occasions in that match. Defoe deserves a 5, but not his fault, id blame the tactics, Harry had no answer to their defence playing so deep. He didn't have a chance to run at them.

  2. Once again your ratings are laughable.Awarding Corluka and Palacios a 6 each means they did ok. They didn't. Both dithered and were too slow. 4 each at best. Unfortunately, Palacios is not the all-conquering midfield general we need. Let's hope Sandro provides a more mobile and cultured option.
    Overall the performance lacked pace and invention, Bale and Modric aside.

  3. F-g girlie performance, I could just as well support the Arundel Belles….

    Why o why do the Pompey fans make us look like prawn-sandwich supporters?

  4. Its no good marking players who we don't know who was still carrying knocks and has for Hudds go back and watch the fist ten mins and you will see him in agony from a terrible tackle. Tthis was Grants tactics to hit the players coming back from injury hard all because they had a sympathetic referee with previous from the Leeds game we all no you cant play on a pitch like that when you have not trained and Hudds would not have bean subbed otherwise . All the marks should go to Pumped up Pompy they must have bean in touch with dazzling Bent and co for a lesson in Energizing and blocks and saves the best tactic and the most fashionable award must go to Pink makes the boys wink and all our players where staring at davinas James is top instead of scoring . The prince who flew back to Germany to see is East German coach for something to make him bigger and nasties without is club knowing . It begs the question who is running Portsmouth because Grumpy who is smiling now Grant hasent got a clue he kept saying i don't no who i can play and why have they docked us points . The reason Mr Grant is your club bought players you couldn't afford and Newcastle who paid loads of money on players where relegated and it should have bean Portsmouth and we have had to play a team on death row with players getting high marks when we know first hand they are shite welldone for playing a makshift defence like Stoke did and still beating us remarkable or i have bean right all along and these energized teams can play a donkey and it would get 8 out of ten that is the sad fact in a money driven premiership today and they are Bankrolling Pompy even sadder.

  5. Corluka was obviously unfit but tried quite hard later in the game.
    Palacios and Huddlestone both semed unwilling to run and did not back up any quick attacks.
    Crouch should have been on the bench. Too many crosses just because he's there.
    Pav should have started as he's been scoring.
    I think we wuld have been better of with FIT players and Pav instead of Crouch.
    Probably Ekotto so bale in midfield and mybe Livermore.

  6. crouch is rubbish, good guy , tries hard but thats not enough . gets too many decisions against him, the refs dont fancy the look of him obviously, also by the time he brings the ball down with his feet hes got too many defenders on him. On sunday mist of the passes were going to him thats why we lost. that and that moron ref Wiley , only too happy to play the part of the merry wizard in the portsmouth fairty tale.
    Bring back Robbie Keane get rid of Crouch

  7. Nice one dav another incomprehensible rant. Try the odd full stop, or at least a comma, then we might have a chance to get what you’re trying to say.

    • Dav is a moron! He only brings up this "energized" accusation about other teams when we lose. The difference between the teams was effort. Portsmouth had no quality but grafted as hard as they could and got lucky. We turned up, did nothing, didn't get out of first gear and just expected to win!

  8. These ratings are ridicolous. We were shit, our performance was a fkn disgrace! No passion, no pressure, no nothing…and we were playing the worst team in the league which is facing administration. Don't see us making fourth with the upcoming games. How could one seriously think we could beat the scum next wednesday?! And wehn the hell do we get rid of Crouch? Games like this one really make me sad, get your shit together lads!

  9. 57% possesion, 80% pass completion, 15 shots off target, 16 on, 20 corners…they speak for themselves. In all but score we kicked @rse.

    Crouch couldn't finish for toffee and Bentley couldn't get round mullins but other than that the lads put in a shift, dominated but just couldn't get through pompey. There were some heavy tackles from Pompey as well and on a league game there would have been some more cards handed out.

    Watching the game at wembley I was bl00dy annoyed at the lads but going back over the games (Sky+ is the mutts!) you can see some beautiful play.

    Get behind them or shut up!


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