The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust has now released a statement on the club’s decision to reverse its original furlough decision.

Spurs had originally announced that they would cut the wages of 550 non-playing staff down to 80% while placing them on the government Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

This was met with harsh criticism from around the footballing world, with the THST leading the cries for the U-turn on the furlough decision.

Today, Tottenham announced that they would now be paying non-playing staff their full wages for the months of April and May, with the board being the only employees to take pay cuts.

The club also claimed that they would no longer be using the government job retention scheme after they realised how against in the Tottenham faithful were.

The Supporters’ Trust have now raised the club for showing maturity and humility in reversing their decision, thanking the directors for finding an alternative route forwards.

They said: ‘It takes maturity and humility to reverse such a contentious and public decision and we’re pleased that, rather than doubling down, the Club’s Board has listened to the fans on this occasion and ultimately done the right thing. As we said in our statement, no organisation is going to get everything right in these unprecedented circumstances and the eventual outcome is what matters.

‘We’re delighted for the Club’s non-playing staff and we thank the Club’s Directors for finding an alternative way forward. This is the first step, but a big step, in restoring relations between fans and the Club.

‘We should now focus on the range of other measures the Club is delivering to help the NHS combat the COVID-19 pandemic; measures that can go a long way to making us proud of our Club once more.

‘Difficult days are ahead but, with everyone playing their part, we can come through the many challenges we are all facing.

‘Stay home, stay safe, support the NHS.’

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