Tottenham legend reveals new stadium opening date

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur have been plagued with delays when it comes to their new 62,000 seat stadium this season.

Spurs played the entirety of last campaign at Wembley to allow building to commence on the ground, which is on the same site as the old White Hart Lane.

They even played the season before that with a chunk out of the side of WHL to give builders a head start.

The aim was to always have the stadium finished by the start of this season, however the club first announced that the Fulham game would be moved to Wembley to give them an extra week or two.

September 15 against Liverpool was announced as the new opening date, but that too came and went, with fire safety system issues blamed for the delay.

However, the manager assured fans it would still be ready in 2018… until the club confirmed it wouldn’t be.

The latest update comes from Tottenham legend Paul Miller, who talked to LoveSportRadio about the new ground.

He said: “When it’s ready, it’s ready. The expectancy was it would be fired up and for whatever reason it didn’t get done. But it will be done very soon.

“You see it every day on the social media. It looks magnificent.

“I’m sure it’s not a long way off. I’ve certainly been informed within the club that we’re looking at February as the start date.

“It still gives us three months but if you look at when we came out of there, it will have been 21 months.

“To build a stadium of that size and structure on the same site in 21 months is wonderful. It’s a great thing for us all to look forward to.

“You’ve just got to get on with it. The players are okay there.

“But it doesn’t help when we’ve got a decent crowd there of 50,000 but it still doesn’t make a lot of noise because it’s such a big place!

“The fans and everybody else want to leave but we’ve got no choice.

“We’ve got to get on with it and we’re playing every game away which makes the results even better.”

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