Tottenham owner Joe Lewis suffers big financial loss

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur owner Joe Lewis has seen his wealth dip in the latest Times Rich list.

Lewis, 81, is the main investor in Tavistock Group, which owns more than 200 companies in 15 countries. Tavistock Group’s portfolio includes ENIC (Tottenham) and the pub group Mitchell & Butlers.
Despite suffering a £700 million dip in wealth, which is said to be mostly down to currency fluctuations, still sits on a vast fortune of £3.896 billion which places him as the 32nd most wealthiest people in the UK.
Whilst £700 million is a drop in the ocean to Joe, hopefully it doesn’t impact on our club.
Lewis is a lifelong Spurs fan and lives in the Bahamas and through his investment firm and is predominately based on his super yacht.
With a wealth of nearly £4 billion and being in your eighties, why don’t you dig deep into your pockets, Joe?  Pay Alderweireld what he’s asking for, spend a couple of hundred million on the squad and see your side lift the Premier League trophy in your lifetime.

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  1. As you should know that based on FIFA fair play no team can overspend on players, expenses etc. based on the clubs revenue as they cannot make losses. If so under FIFA fair play the penalties are massive. It therefore means that the Chairman can obviously overspend on players.

  2. Yes Mark is right, FIFA fair play makes sure that no teams can overspend. They certainly can’t bend the rules, I mean just look at PSG………………………….Oh!

  3. £750 million, would just about pay for a new stadium and that doesn’t come under the fair play regulations.

  4. Levy and Lewis do it the right way.. for me, a fan And supporter I would much prefer to do it Levy’s way than buy a title/trophy.

  5. Correct Steve M. Could easily had paid for the stadium with a bit of spare change. Can’t believe these self-proclaimed experts on fair play. It doesn’t exist. It’s a joke. Man City have a net spend of about £1bn on transfers alone over the last ten years. What have the authorities done about it. Sod all! They believe in elitism ie that a few super rich clubs should dominate. They like it just the way it is.

  6. Tavistock could sponsor spurs to the tune of a billion quid. Joe hands over the billion. Bingo no ffp rules apply to the numbskulls that think they understand. Ffp is based upon income and debt. Hence man city did the ethihad naming deal that allows them to overspend. After all the owner of ethihad also owns city. Easy was to funnel in cash. End of story. I do agree with the author, why not plough in a billion and leave a proper legacy for us going forward. You never gonna eat a billion quids with of oysters and wagyu beef in a lifetime


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